Mother of Salvation Feastday: 4th June


Mother of Salvation copyToday was a very special day. We usually have 2 general (regional) meetings of Crusade Prayer groups per year, but we decided at our last one that we just had to celebrate this special feastday.

It was the First Saturday and in the Ordinary Rite, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart. We also had a few interstate visitors and one from a nearby country.

We prayed the 3 Mysteries of the Rosary consecutively as our Bl. Mother advised us in in one of the messages. We were advised to go to Mass first befM of S image and basket 4 JUneore we met at the venue we hired. Unfortunately, we are still quite underground here – many priests condemn the Book of Truth. We had a beautiful altar (i.e. a table)  set up with images, statues of Saint Faustina, St JPII, St Benedict, St Joseph, Crucifix, etc and lots of flowers. We had a special image of our Mother of Salvation printed, framed and put up on an easel. For Crusade Prayer 154, we each put a written list of names  into a basket before the image of Our Lady.

We spent  4- 5 hours there, praying, meeting new Crusaders. We had a great lunch, organized by various prayer groups. There were also medals, seals and scapulars to hand out to those who needed them.

At the end we sang a beautiful hymn to our blessed Mother. The words are below:


On this Day, O Beautiful Mother

On this day we give thee our love.

Near thee Madonna, fondly we hover,

Trusting thy gentle care to prove.

On this day we ask to share,

Dearest Mother thy sweet care;

Aid us ere our feet astray

Wander from thy guiding way.


  1. Queen of angels, deign to hear

Lisping children’s humble pray’r;

Young hearts gain, O Virgin pure,

Sweetly to thy self allure.


3. Rose of Sharon, lovely flow’r,

Beauteous bud of Eden’s bow’r;

Cherished lily of the vale,

Virgin Mother, Queen we hail.


4. Fast our days of life we run,

Soon the night of death will come;

Tower of strength in that dread hour,

Come with all thy gentle power.

 WE had a very restful and peaceful day, which is always the case when we are praying,  gathered together as the Remnant Army.

Mother of Salvation, pray for us!

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