Mother of Salvation Feastday – special signs in South Africa and Australia


Below is message from Carmen who  is one of the organizers of our regional meetings here in Sydney. (see our previous post – found under “Prayer Group Sharing”)

Hello Everyone, M of S image and basket 4 JUne

Still on high from last Saturday?  I am  🙂    Below is a cut and paste ‘transcript’ from facebook and I had the permission to share it to crusaders for the glory of God.  Fiona has this experience on Saturday.

She is Irish by birth but lives in South Africa: 

“Fiona : Just finished our Prayer meeting and saw something beautiful! As each Hail Mary was recited, a gold rose seemed to float out of each persons mouth and move slowly to a spot where it seemed an angel was standing. At the end of the Rosary, dedicated to our Mother of Salvation, the angel had a very large bouquet of golden roses in his arms and he seemed to disappear upwards with the bouquet! I told my fellow prayer warriors and the meeting used up a box of tissues, all of us, men and women, crying!

Larry : Fiona,… what a beautiful experience

Fiona : It was so, so beautiful and one of the women Elizabeth, at Mass tonight, said she was too shy to say it in front of everybody, but she saw golden arrows around me during the Rosary!”

Further thread of this conversation which I did not include (just too long) made me realise that how they prayed the Holy Rosary was done slowly and with much devotion, as encouraged by our Blessed Mother in one of the messages.  “My Most Holy Rosary, when said slowly and from the heart, will open your hearts to the Truth of this Mission.”

The next story is about our own feastday celebration in Sydney Australia:

“Last Saturday was truly truly special (I do not need to mention here why) and we were so blessed to have been present at the prayer meeting. I know others would have loved to join that day but circumstances just did not allow it.  Prayers are still heard anywhere and everywhere!

My account is not as dramatic as the above but nonetheless God was truly present with us and in us.   We were saying our Rosary that morning and I was seated where the computer was – minding the transition of the powerpoint slides. I remember seeing the other exit door opened (the one near the kitchen), and the other exit door closest to Kay (who lead the prayers) and the Altar, closed. We finished the Joyful and Sorrowful mysteries and we were at this point into the Glorious mysteries. We were all focused in prayer, I remember, and as soon as Kay announced the third Glorious Mystery (the Descent of the Holy Spirit) the doors behind her swung open with a gust of wind!  (no tongues of fire though) but we all felt His presence the entire day in different ways.

To close, we were reminded that day to focus only on Jesus, to stick to the Truth, spread the Book of Truth, the Crusade of Prayers, and remain loyal to Jesus’ final Mission on earth. 

God bless you all.


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