The August Pope Video

In the latest pope video, Francis tells us that sport is the means to bring peace!

Here is a link to the video. Take note of the look on the tennis sport player’s face below:

Why is the supposed Head of the Catholic Church making and spreading a ‘prayer video’ which leads people to believe that the answer for peace is found in… SPORTS! This is a lie and has no religious value whatsoever. In fact it leads people away from God and towards idolatry.

As soon as I saw it, i thought only Jesus Christ brings true Peace.

The BFP site commented:

“Another pagan pope video, very in tune with the world, in which sports is truly an idol today.”
Only Jesus Christ brings true peace. This is the most basic of teachings. Also the suggestion that sport brings peace is somewhat ludicrous considering the all-in violent brawls, the arguments over sports- even within families, the immoral behaviour which is some sports is almost enculturated:  womanising, drunkneness, partying, fighting, drug taking, bribing and other corruption! This is what sport has been seen to bring, through the media, to many countries in the past few decades. Even one of the carefully chosen images in this video, shows a man with an aggressive face, in competition, not co-operation. Furthermore, sports even dares to compete with God for top spot on Sundays!
This is not the sneakiest and most subtle campaign video. It is not in that category. Instead this is blatantly obvious, loud and proud and speaks to popularity. It is the most outright “obviously” ungodly video, in my opinion, in the series so far! Like all the others it is devoid of any true prayer and any genuine faith-based, Godly’ prayer intention!
Surely, anyone sensible who watches it will question “What on earth is he doing and on about?!” Yes, the sleepy Catholics should see this one. If it doesn’t make them uncomfortable, along with the Vatican approved sex-ed slideshow program, then they are not sleepy Christians or Catholics at all, but in a deathly spiritual coma, or worse still:
literally spiritually dead!
 TT replied to my email and also pointed out the connection to prophecy, saying:
“(This is) yet another satanic video designed  NOT  to save your soul, which is the primary mission of the churchcanon 1752″. The FP replaces the real God with false gods.
See the following MDM message (relevant extract only) given by Our Lord:
Saturday, 11 August 2012 @ 20:10
So many people in the world do not believe in God.
They do not honour me, his Beloved Son.
Instead they are consumed with an obsessive passion for false Gods.
What do I mean by this?
These people create heroes and idols in the world of tv, fashion, music and sport.
They then elevate them into human idols and they pay homage to them.
They then idolise them in ways which damage not only themselves but the person they have elevated.
They believe that these idols are sacred and do all they can to copy their lifestyles, their way of dressing, their personalities and even their physical appearance.
It amounts to paganism.
All of this has been foretold My daughter.
The world will idolise false Gods….
Only the truth can save them now.
They are being given the Book of Truth but will they listen?
And Our Lady delivered God’s peace plan (for world peace) from heaven at Fatima, to three young children in 1917 (the centenary of which we have almost reached). Do you know the story?
The Peace Plan sent from heaven can be found here:
Extract from the Book of Truth taken from:

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