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statol-of-marpingenI recently discovered (this will become clearer in a future post)of a shrine where Our lady has appeared in 1870’s then again in 1980’s then in 1999. I had never heard of this place/apparition, so I tried to google it. Only a few references to a study by a university academic which deemed it false. (Of course, this doesn’t surprise us!)

So I found a German website. It has a thorough account of all the apparitions and the messages which transpired. I will give a brief overview below, but I do not have the time to try and translate it all – it is very long.

There are a couple of references which indicate the “end times”.


First apparitions

Marpingen is a small village (Saarland, Germany) where Mary appeared for the first time in 1876. The apparitions lasted from 7/3 to 9/3/1876. Mary appeared as the Immaculata asking the three girl-seers for prayer and a holy life. She pointed the visionaries to a wellspring whose water was said to have healing qualities.

In 1876, 3 eight year old children went into the forest to pick berries. They found a lady, sitting on a shrub dressed in white with a white veil and a child, also dressed in white, on her right arm. The children were Susanna Leist, Katharina Hubertus und Margaretha Kunz.

The Lady announced herself as “I am the Immaculate Conception”

The Lady’s requests were:      “You should pray and not sin”;

                                                       That a chapel be built at this spot.

When the children asked why anyone else couldn’t see her, Our Lady replied that it was because they were innocent children.

Our Lady gave permission for sick people to come near and touch her. (The children indicated where Our Lady’s foot was.) Many healings were recorded.

Apparition of 1983:

In 1983 (July 16) Mary appeared to a farmer and dictated a message which deplores the negative attitude of people regarding the first apparition in 1876. She announces war and catastrophes and asks the Pope to solemnly declare the final Marian dogma of Mary Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

Apparitions of 1999:

The 3 Seers were between the ages of 24 and 35:

Marion: Marion sees Our Lady with the Christchild, but she can’t always hear what she says.

Christine: She sees Our Lady only dimly– as if through a veil, and as if she were only 2 dimensional – but she hears what Our Lady says.

Judith:. She hears Our Lady speak, but doesn’t see her.

(Their messages complement each other’s, and are cohesive).

The Appearances took place on :

17 May, 1999;      13th June;      20th June;      18th July;

8th August;          21st August;        6th September;  and  17th October.

The messages are all very detailed but some key statements of Our Lady include:

  • “I have come to heal the sick and to convert sinners”

(“Ich bin gekommen, Kranke zu heilen und die Sünder zu bekehren.”)

  • You should pray and not sin”

(“Ihr sollt beten und nicht sündigen.”)


  • “I will come again in a very troubled time”

(“Ich komme wieder in einer sehr bedrängten Zeit”)

  • “I want to begin the triumph of my Immaculate Heart here in Marpingen”

(“Ich will den Triumphzug meines unbefleckten Herzens in Marpingen beginnen.”)

Other messages:

  • Pray the Rosary for sinners and peace in the world
  • The Rosary is the best weapon against the evil one.

To read the full story (in German) see:



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