The Importance of the Eucharist: Part 1 – Our Lady’s Apparitions


CCC on the Eucharist:

No. 1324:The Eucharist is ‘the source and summit of the Christian life.’(Lumen Gentium 11) The other sacraments, and indeed all ecclesiastical ministeries and works of the apostolate, are bound up with the Eucharist and are oriented toward it. For in the blessed Eucharist is contained the whole spiritual good of the Church, namely Christ himself, our Pasch.”

Part 1:

Many of Our Lady’s apparitions have a Eucharistic component (as messages, healings, or events).

Garabandal  1961-1965


  • Our Lady told them the children that they must visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently  and often led them there.
  • Our Lady told Conchita that it was a greater grace to receive Jesus (in Holy Communion) than to see her.
  • In the last apparition on 13th November (note the date is 13th) 1965 Our Lady said:

 “Conchita, why do you not visit my Son more often in the tabernacle? He waits for you there day and night.”

Signs and Miracles: 

  • Our Lady had promised Conchita a miracle to convince the people about the authenticity of the apparitions. It was in the end, it was a Eucharistic miracle.
  • The people often would see the children with their mouths open. They explained that they were receiving communion from St. Michael. The people of course did not see the Communion Host, except for the above occasion.
  • On one occasion, many people were gathered waiting for the promised miracle. Conchita had her mouth open (as usual) to receive Communion, when suddenly a white host materialised on her tongue. This event was filmed and photographed by the people which had gathered there to witness the promised miracle. Footage of it can be seen on videos explaining the story of Garabandal, and just recently in “Garabandal – Only God knows” and “Garabandal – Unstoppable Cascade”.
  • Our Lady promised that at a later date, there would be a great miracle. This would take place at the pines (the pine trees on top of the hill near the village, where many apparitions took place). It would be on the feast of a Eucharistic martyr and Conchita would announce it 8 days beforehand. People in Garabandal at the time, will be healed. It would take place within 12 months of the Warning .

Other Eucharistic influences:

  • The Garabandal visionaries are most active in promoting obedience to traditional Catholic teaching on marriage and on Eucharistic and Marian devotionsthan on future events.
  • The visionaries and the villagers have grown closer to God and lead their lives in strict orthodoxy.

Fatima 1917

Eucharistic influences:

  • The miracle of the sun is usually interpreted as a sign of the Eucharist.
  • During the third apparition, the Angel of Portugal appeared holding a chalice. The children were asked to say an Act of Faith in God. Into the chalice fell drops of blood, suspended above it.
  • The angel then left the chalice and Host suspended, and prostrated himself with the children repeating the prayer to the Trinity, requesting the salvation of souls and reparation through the merits of the Body and Blood of Jesus.
  • The angel took the chalice, gave the Host to Lucy, and the contents of the chalice to Jacinta and Francisco saying  “Take and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, who is horribly insulted by ungrateful men. Make reparation for their crimes and console your God.”

Knock, Ireland   1879

This apparition on the 21st August was seen by 15 people over a period of a few hours. The age of the people ranged from 6 to 75, and included men and women. The public vision included Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist (as a Bishop), and a Lamb on the altar, with a Cross behind it; angels hovering around it. No words were spoken

Eucharistic signs and events:

  • The Lamb on the altar and the Cross behind it was the central focus of the apparition. This symbolised the Sacrifice of Calvary taking place at each Mass. This was the brightest part of the apparition.
  • The angels hovering around the altar is a reminder that they are present at every Mass.
  • Our Lady, St Joseph and St. John were in an attitude of prayer, positioned on the side.
  • Archdeacon Kavanagh, the Parish priest, had been saying 100 Masses for the souls in purgatory. The apparition took place on the day of the last Mass.
  • The apparition took place on the gable wall of the parish church which points to the Eucharist.


  • Many miraculous cures have taken place at Knock. Marian Carroll was instantly cured of Multiple Sclerosis in 1989 after receiving Holy Communion during Mass, in the Basilica at Knock. She had been placed under Our Lady s statue. She could not walk, had partial use of only one hand, had partial sight in only one eye, her swallowing and speech was affected and she was doubly incontinent. After Communion, she could walk and speak and had full use of her arms. 

Father Gobbi: 1973 – 1997.

Messages to Father Gobbi (an Italian priest) occurred whilst on pilgrimage to Fatima;- while he was praying for priests who had given up their vocations and who were forming themselves into groups of rebellion against the Church’s authority.


  • Above all the cause of my weeping is the priests: those beloved sons, the apple of my eye, these consecrated sons of mine. Do you see how they no longer love me? How they no longer want me? Do you see how they no longer listen to the words of my Son? How they frequently betray him? How Jesus present in the Eucharist is ignored by many, left alone in the tabernacle; often sacrilegiously offended by them, with wanton negligence?


John Bosco (1815 – 1888)

His famous prophetic dream depicts a ship in a storm at sea. Enemy boats were trying to attack and sink the ship. The Captain dressed in white was first wounded then killed, while trying to steer the ship towards two pillars. On one of these stood Our Lady, and on the other a Eucharistic Host.

On top of one pillar is the Immaculate Virgin, with a placard at her feet which says  Mary, Help of Christians ; on the other pillar which is much higher and bigger, stands a Host of great proportions with the words: Salvation of believers.

Akita: 1973-1979

Eucharist influences:

  • In May 1973, she was transferred to a community where the Blessed Sacrament is adored in a spirit of atonement.
  • In June 1973, when Sr. Agnes approached the tabernacle, she saw brilliant rays of light emanating from it. Over the next two days it happened again.
  • On June 28, she said “Beside the light, all around the altar, countless angels were adoring the Holy Eucharist.”
  • Bishop Ho told her to be humble, at peace and to meditate well on the Blessed Sacrament.
  • On June 28, a cross-shaped wound (the stigmata) developed on her left hand, bleeding profusely on Friday, but by Sunday, it had disappeared.

Miracle Healing:

Sr. Agnes lost her hearing in March 1973, and was diagnosed with incurable deafness. On 30th May, 1982, Sr Agnes deafness was cured, after praying 3 Rosaries, as directed by her guardian angel. This occurred instantly and completely, during Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.


Our Lady and the Eucharist are inseparable. She herself was the Ark of the Covenant. She is always there with her Son. She is our Mother also, and guides us. In her apparitions, there is always Eucharistic influence, or events, or miracles.

Our Lady said to Conchita at Garabandal:

“Conchita, why do you not visit my Son more often in the tabernacle? He waits for you there day and night.”


Read  “The Importance of the Eucharist: Part 2 – What did Vatican II do to Belief in the True Presence?  in the next post.

The Events of Garabandal: NEW movie series

I have long been touched by the stories of what occurred in San Sebastian De Garabandal between 1961 and 1965. I originally watched an older, documentary style movie with black and white film footage when I was a younger woman. It had a big impact on me at a time that I was seeking to come closer to God; the film gave me much needed hope in a God who has not forgotten His people and continues to bless the world with signs and miracles– to those with hearts open enough to believe.

My mum, sister and young niece visited Garabandal in the 1990’s and no-one who goes, can help but be touched by the authenticity and simplicity of life and the Faith of this small, not well-to-do village. It was the perfect place to receive healing and answers to prayer. The many photos mum took on her old analogue camera chronicle the experience and she can recall many facts from the places she visited, for anyone who sits down long enough to hear about their trip there.

In more recent years,  new connections popped up with Spain, on a personal level. My son entered high school and quickly learnt to love his Spanish language lessons, culminating in a student exchange program to Spain, among other things. I made friends with a couple of families in Spain and I read an amazing book by Fr. Jose Luis Saveedra: Garabandal: Message of Hope”. Part of this was refuelled by a renewed interest in Garabandal and The Warning’ in particular, because it is mentioned in the Book of Truth. Very few modern apparitions are mentioned in The Book of Truth (many more warnings are given about false prophets, which in these End-Times, will surge in their thousands) but on 24th January, 2014, Our Blessed Mother of Salvation gave this message: (reproduced below the link in full)

My dear child, let it be known that I will make one more appearance at all the Marian grottos, which were approved by my Son’s Church, over the centuries.

I will make myself known in Sacred sites, which will include Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette and Guadalupe. I will also appear at Garabandal. These apparitions will begin this Spring, just as my Son has instructed.

I will be seen, by chosen souls, with the sun behind my head. There will be twelve stars encircled and woven around the crown of thorns, which was worn by my Son during His Crucifixion, placed upon my head, as a sign for all to follow my example. My role is to lead all of God’s children along the Path of Truth and take them to my Son.

When these apparitions take place, there will be no doubt, especially amongst those who pay homage to me, that I speak the Truth when I say that soon the final Path, which will bring you to my Son, in these the end times, will be through the Book of Truth.

When you follow me, your Mother, I will take you and guide you towards my Son. My Son has promised many miracles, so that He can open your eyes to the prophecies He gave the world, through my own Mission. Many do not accept that I appeared at these special apparition sites and dismiss their importance in the salvation of souls.

When I appear one last time at these sites and present myself as the Mother of Salvation, you will know then that this Mission is my last and that all apparitions lead to this final one to bring the world the Salvation, which is the birthright of every single person.

Rejoice, for these days are close and when you hear of these things, then know that this prophecy, when fulfilled, could only have come from me, your beloved Mother, the Mother of Salvation, Mother of God.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Mother Of Salvation statue cryingMother of Salvation Medal

By this message, heaven confirms that the events at Garabandal truly did include heavenly visions and messages. All the other places mentioned (Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette and Guadalupe) already enjoy formal church approval but special, separate mention is made of Garabandal. The chosen souls to whom Blessed Mother has blessed (or will bless) with another last appearance, beginning with at least one in Spring 2014, know the truth of these events.

Blessed Mother also decries in the message above, that “Many do not accept that I appeared at these special apparition sites and dismiss their importance in the salvation of souls.” We are not one of those who do this. In an effort to spread the messages given by Our Blessed Mother, to warn us, her ungrateful children, out of her great love for us, a wonderful group of people in Spain, gave up their time, talents and money, as volunteers, to produce a really credible, recreated portrayal of the events at Garabandal in narrative style. It had a small budget but Our Lord’s Blessing and its aim was to show the all the events and controversy so you can make up your own mind and be drawn to read the messages:- so that Our Lady’s messages can be better known in Spain and throughout the whole world!

The new movie: Garabandal: Only God Knows which has very recently been released for free on YouTube, after airing over Easter as a limited release in many countries. My friends, relatives, children and myself watched it at that time and felt it very much worth our time. It is also able to be purchased on DVD in many countries.

More information is available here at the official movie site:


I highly recommend this first movie in the series. It does not shy away from representing the controversy surrounding the events and I think this lends it greater authenticity.

Make sure you have time and space to absorb, reflect and take in this movie, while you watch it.  Even if you think you know the events and what happened, you will have not see it like this. Many of those who watched it were brought to tears at one or more points in the movie…a beautiful prayer group member (a fellow Crusader) said that afterwards he cried like a baby…

On July 2nd, 7pm (EST) the sequel will also air for free in Australia and some other countries for a limited time. This is the information and trailer from the promoters:

In the film “Garabandal, Only God Knows” we saw how the first commission failed to carry out a real investigation of the events taken place in San Sebastian. Through interviewing eyewitnesses, “Garabandal, Uncontainable Cascade” provides never-before-published information about the second commission and why the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal are still awaiting an authentic investigation.
On July 2, 2020 at 19:00 EST, Garabandal, Uncontainable Cascade will premiere online free of charge on our YouTube channel:

Here is the first movie: Garabandal: Only God Knows with English audio. It is also available in Spanish with English subtitles or several other languages if you search.

God bless your watching!


Marpingen, Germany – A Marian shrine.



statol-of-marpingenI recently discovered (this will become clearer in a future post)of a shrine where Our lady has appeared in 1870’s then again in 1980’s then in 1999. I had never heard of this place/apparition, so I tried to google it. Only a few references to a study by a university academic which deemed it false. (Of course, this doesn’t surprise us!)

So I found a German website. It has a thorough account of all the apparitions and the messages which transpired. I will give a brief overview below, but I do not have the time to try and translate it all – it is very long.

There are a couple of references which indicate the “end times”.


First apparitions

Marpingen is a small village (Saarland, Germany) where Mary appeared for the first time in 1876. The apparitions lasted from 7/3 to 9/3/1876. Mary appeared as the Immaculata asking the three girl-seers for prayer and a holy life. She pointed the visionaries to a wellspring whose water was said to have healing qualities.

In 1876, 3 eight year old children went into the forest to pick berries. They found a lady, sitting on a shrub dressed in white with a white veil and a child, also dressed in white, on her right arm. The children were Susanna Leist, Katharina Hubertus und Margaretha Kunz.

The Lady announced herself as “I am the Immaculate Conception”

The Lady’s requests were:      “You should pray and not sin”;

                                                       That a chapel be built at this spot.

When the children asked why anyone else couldn’t see her, Our Lady replied that it was because they were innocent children.

Our Lady gave permission for sick people to come near and touch her. (The children indicated where Our Lady’s foot was.) Many healings were recorded.

Apparition of 1983:

In 1983 (July 16) Mary appeared to a farmer and dictated a message which deplores the negative attitude of people regarding the first apparition in 1876. She announces war and catastrophes and asks the Pope to solemnly declare the final Marian dogma of Mary Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

Apparitions of 1999:

The 3 Seers were between the ages of 24 and 35:

Marion: Marion sees Our Lady with the Christchild, but she can’t always hear what she says.

Christine: She sees Our Lady only dimly– as if through a veil, and as if she were only 2 dimensional – but she hears what Our Lady says.

Judith:. She hears Our Lady speak, but doesn’t see her.

(Their messages complement each other’s, and are cohesive).

The Appearances took place on :

17 May, 1999;      13th June;      20th June;      18th July;

8th August;          21st August;        6th September;  and  17th October.

The messages are all very detailed but some key statements of Our Lady include:

  • “I have come to heal the sick and to convert sinners”

(“Ich bin gekommen, Kranke zu heilen und die Sünder zu bekehren.”)

  • You should pray and not sin”

(“Ihr sollt beten und nicht sündigen.”)


  • “I will come again in a very troubled time”

(“Ich komme wieder in einer sehr bedrängten Zeit”)

  • “I want to begin the triumph of my Immaculate Heart here in Marpingen”

(“Ich will den Triumphzug meines unbefleckten Herzens in Marpingen beginnen.”)

Other messages:

  • Pray the Rosary for sinners and peace in the world
  • The Rosary is the best weapon against the evil one.

To read the full story (in German) see:



“Devotions to me will be stopped in many churches…”

OUR LADY’S FACE – Statue at St Paul’s Camden

25th June, 2015IMG_1136
The following is by a member of our prayer group and relates to something that happened at her local parish.
“I can’t remember exactly what date it happened, I think it was a Thursday night so maybe 25th of June.(2015)

I attended morning Mass and the priest announced that damage had occurred to one of the statues at the side portico of the old church in the courtyard which is in between the old chapel and the new church. There was no overnight storm or even rain, and to me the strangest thing is that even though some of those blocks are quite big, yet they only took out the face of our Lady, and nothing else was broken.IMG_1133

Even Our Lady’s face isn’t broken, just removed, as you can see the face in a pot plant, but nobody seems to notice. I didn’t even notice at first. It was later that night, when I was saying some prayers, that it came into my mind about the statue. So I decided to pay more attention next time I went to Church.

Some heavy sandstone pieces seem to have fallen from a ledge on a section just above the statue. The priest heard the loud bang in the middle of the night. These fell and broke the statue of Our Lady and the pieces can be seen in the garden. A few things are very unusual about this.

Firstly the piece of sandstone which fell and struck the statue, broke only the face of the statue, which was not sticking out, but somewhat turned down. (Editor’s note: The statue was originally up on the ledge. It is not known how it came to be on the ground – and not broken)IMG_1135

Secondly, this section, which is Our Lady’s face, remained fully intact and came to rest in the garden in perfect condition. In other words, it looks as if Blessed Mother’s face has been removed; as if she has been “de-faced”.

Thirdly, there seems to have been no reason for sandstone to suddenly fall. The church is very old (100 years or so) and has weathered severe storms without damage in the past and furthermore, the weather of this night was calm and mild.

I just knew it was a message from God, so I prayed about it, and I believe it means that our Blessed Mother will be removed from our churches, which is of course very sad. But even sadder is that most people won’t even notice – just as most people don’t notice if the Tabernacle has been moved from the middle of the sanctuary, or removed altogether.

Most people I have asked, where the Tabernacle in their church is say: “Oh I’m not sure I’ll have to have a look next time I go to Mass.” And if it has been moved nobody says anything anyway, so if they can remove Jesus and get away with it, they know they can remove Mary without any fuss. God help us. …”

Another similar sign to this lady some months before:
by Donna Liane

This same lady has a holy card with the Consecration Prayer to Jesus and Mary upon it which she always carries in her wallet. She sometimes uses it as a visual to help her focus during prayer.

One morning while at Mass, she got it out as usual to find that the face of Mary had been removed! It appeared as white (erased)! It was not “rubbed off” which is clearly visible if you view the original. The spot where the face was,is shiny white – as if never printed. In addition, it is ONLY the face, in a perfect oval shape and no other part of the body or any other part of the holy card. The Crusader got a big shock when she saw it! Then later she found that the imprint of it was on the picture of Jesus. When you feel this, there is a smooth texture, nothing sticky or rough.

Immediately, she told us at the next prayer group meeting and others around her.
She showed all of us the holy pictures concerned.

What could these signs mean?

The messages given to MDM tell us that when the Mass is changed all reference to Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins will be removed. Any reference to Mary’s role in our salvation will be likewise removed. In speeches and sermons, given both by priests and Francis, teachings about Christ and His Blessed Mother, as well as their Holy Names, are already being omitted, downplayed or twisted. The emphasis is almost solely on caring for ‘brother’ and the earth or other social-political themes. I have heard a priest say things like “we should not put Mary on a pedestal. She was just human like us”. On Saturday just past, a priest told his congregation that the woman in Revelation is not Mary but only symbolises the Church. Rarely, other than in a traditional church, do I hear the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in a sermon. – certainly not frequently.

But jokes and ‘stories’ are assured. Maybe God is drawing our attention to this.Her testimony is borne out in the following examples:

    “Past May the ‘Hail Mary’ was no longer heard in the Vatican”
    Posted on June 11, 2015 Updated on July 1, 2015
  • Back in 2013, when Bergoglio had only just taken the Seat of Rome and hadn’t been able to pass any changes yet, on the 31st of May, he concluded the Marian month with a Rosary. Although that’s what the Vatican press agency said. However, Bergoglio didn’t pray in front of the public – a few laymen did this.
    (On the website you see a picture of Bergoglio “praying the rosary.” He barely moved his mouth!)
  • Now, in 2015, in the agenda of Bergoglio for the month May, we don’t find any reference to the Marian Month or praying the Rosary.
    Bergoglio’s prayer intentions for May: “That, rejecting the culture of indifference, we may care for our neighbours who suffer, especially the sick and the poor.”
    On his twitter account during the entire month of May, there is not one reference to the blessed Virgin Mary or the Rosary!
    And on the video website of the Vatican Television center (CTV), there is not a single video of Bergoglio praying the Rosary in 2015!

Following are some comments :
donnaliane72 said: August 16, 2015 at 12:05 am
“To say whether someone is truly entering into prayer can be difficult to say- but if any of my children are clearly distracted (looking sideways at the camera) or mumbling the words in ‘group prayer’, they are going to be spoken to and corrected if necessary. If he can’t or won’t pray the Rosary, which is a great sign of pre-destination, we must pray it for him. And this is not the only sign, the pro-life group gave (or offered) to him the sign of all the Rosaries they had prayed on his behalf and his reaction was not appreciative, judging by his comment about ‘rosary-bead counters’. If you are not at least somewhat worried about Bergoglio, you need to pray to God about it. Ask Him what he thinks. He’ll answer you. Just be prepared to accept God’s response and direction.”

As a follow up, BFP posted an article saying that there was no major celebration planned for the Vatican on the Feast of the Assumption. I find that shocking.”
Michael M said: June 12, 2015
“You did not mention the public recital of the rosary which took place on May 4, 2013, at St Mary Major Basilica. The Rosary was also lead again by lay people, while the mr. Bergoglio remained on the side of the sanctuary, seeming to remain silent.” (You can see this on a You tube video).”

Why is there no public Celebration scheduled for the Feast of the Assumption?
The official liturgical calendar of public celebrations is at
Notice there is nothing on August 15, which is the major feast of Our Lady’s Assumption.

From the Book of Truth:
The Virgin Mary – April 14th 2013:
Anyone in my Son’s Church on earth, who leads the people, who cannot recite the Holy Rosary before his congregation, does not come from God.
And on February 12th 2014:
Soon, the “Hail Mary” prayer will not be heard inside or outside of my Son’s Church. Much disapproval will be shown to those who visit my holy Shrines and Marian groups will be criticised for many reasons, all without cause.
**Any admission regarding the authenticity of apparitions involving me, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, will not be heard. All references to me will soon be frowned upon by a newly revamped shell of my Son’s Church on Earth. Devotions to me will be stopped in many churches, under the newly appointed regime to be introduced in the future. I will be forgotten about and then despised, by those who will claim to represent a new modern, all-inclusive church, which will bear little resemblance to the Church created upon the Rock, by my Son’s beloved apostle Peter.

Editor’s note: ** I wonder ,if this refesr to the Investigation into apparitions at Medjugorje, which have been ongoing for years now, and which were handed over to whoever is in charge of this at the Vatican, earlier this year? The expected announcement has, up to now, not been forthcoming.