“I am the handmaid of the Lord and I was appointed by my Heavenly Father…”


I don’t understand, why so many people, including many priests, ignore our Mother’s messages throughout all the ages. Why would they ignore the Mother of God? They have no excuse because all these old prophecies have been approved by the Church. Many priests don’t preach about them; many aren’t even aware of their content. If they did, they would know what is happening in the world now. In this message, Our Lady herself explains why she was sent. This is a great message, to those who say “you don’t have to believe in them to be saved”. This may be so, but it is a great advantage. If God sent His own Mother to warn us, why would we nor listen? Our Lady explains these questions in the message below:

Mother of Salvation: I was sent as His messenger throughout all the ages.

9 December 2014 @ 5:00pm; Message 1286

My dear child, I am the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, and I come to reveal to you the purpose of my Mission on earth.

I am the handmaid of the Lord and I was appointed by my Heavenly Father to bear His Son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. Just as I was called upon to fulfil His Most Holy Will, through the birth of His only Begotten Son, who was sent to give eternal life to all of His children, I have been given the role of His messenger throughout all the ages.I was sent as His messenger to reveal the mysteries of His heavenly Kingdom and at all times, I came in His Holy Name to impart important messages for the world. I did not come in my own right because I would never have been given this authority. I came in the Name of God, as His loyal servant, for the Glory of God, so that He could call souls into his Divine Mercy. Now I come again in this, the final Mission sanctioned by the Most Holy Blessed Trinity in the salvation of souls.

I played an important role in the coming of the Messiah the first time and I come, finally, as His holy messenger in these the times of the endbefore He, my Son, is manifested in His Second Coming.

All through the ages, when I appeared in the apparitions on earth, a sign was given to the world. In many cases, I revealed important prophecies through the gift of inner locution but, in some cases, nothing was said at all. Instead, a sign was given and those blessed with discernment understood what it was that God wanted His children to know. It is because of His great generosity that He sanctioned these Divine Interventions for His only desire was to save souls.

My Eternal Father, who created all things from nothing, intercedes only when He desires to rescue His children from the deceptions, which are planted in their hearts. It is when the evil one creates havoc that God always steps in to open the hearts of His children to the great love that He has for each of them. Accept this Mission, dear children, with graciousness and give thanks to God for His Great Mercy, without which many souls would be lost.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation



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