Popes Paul VI, John XXIII, La Salette and Masonry


By TtCrusader

Paul VI’s quote mentioned in your article was on 29 June 1972, the feast of St Peter and Paul, i.e. the feast day of the papacy.

“From some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.”

3) He also said, on December 7, 1969

“The Church finds herself in a period of anxiety, of self-criticism, one could say of self-destruction. It is like an internal upheaval, serious and complex–as if the Church were flagellating herself.”

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the aforementioned “fissure” was opened up by John 23rd  when he announced the second Vatican Council,  3 months after his questionable election in 1958:

“Throw open the windows of the church and let the fresh air of the spirit blow through.” ~ 

As some, or now many, of us can very, very, very, clearly see, that, after the 50 years of grey that followed the 1933 years of black and white, the fresh air that John 23rd let into the Vatican has turned out to be, as Paul VI so correctly discerned,  the masonic smoke of satan, fulfilling the first part of the La Salette prophecy of 170 years ago where Mary said, 

“Rome will lose the faith ….”, 

and we are living through, right now, the end game of this window opening infiltration of ecclesial masonry, this final faux papacy of the false prophet of the Apocalyse, the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13, who has prepared (what’s left of) the Catholic Church for the entry of the antichrist, the first Beast of Revelation 13, after the Abomination of Desolation when Jesus will be removed from his own house, so that very, very, very soon, the second part of the La Sallette prophecy may be fulfilled, 

“… and become the seat of the antichrist”.

Tt Crusader

(TtCrusader also sent me the masonic plan as described in last post. Seems to be the same source: “From the column «Storia» of the magazine:«Teologica» n. 14 – March/April 1998 – pages 22-25; Edition Segno – Udine – Italia”)

P.S. I just noticed that Pope John XXIII said “spirit” not “Holy Spirit” (??? See masonic plan)

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