Prophecies: Fatima and the Masonic Sect in the Vatican – Part 1


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neither do you remember. (Mark 8: 18)

 The  Third  Secret and the Papacy Today

The Third Secret of Fatima states: “The last pope will be under the control of satan.”

  • This is confirmed by Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi (message #406, June 13 1989)fr-gobbi

This masonic infiltration, in the interior of the Church, was already foretold to you by Me at Fatima, when I announced to you that Satan would enter in even to the summit of the Church.”

and also

  • Confirmed by (Jesuit) Fr Malachi Martin in 1998, who was present at the martinreading of the Third Secret in 1960 by Pope John XXIII. In this interview, Father Malachi Martin, when asked if the statement that “The last pope will be under the control of satan” is true and really part of the Third Secret,he replies “Yes. That is correct”.

When asked why he can’t reveal the truth IF THAT IS WHAT God asked, he replied that he has no authority to reveal the Secret. There is a structure in the Church, and he can’t take this authority away from them (Pope, bishops, cardinals). It is not his place, to do this.  See the following video- The last interview of Jesuit Fr. Malachi Martin by Art Bell in 1998.

See especially: 1h:46m:30s to 1h:47m:20s at this link–7GTffn8


  • La Salette: 1846  ‘Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist


  • Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich: “Once more I saw that the Church of Peter was anneundermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect, while storms were damaging it…” (13 May, 1820)


  • Pope Leo Xiii 18865d3e724f0d7021d003cc407e0f315cf9-pope-leo-xiii

“These most crafty enemies [the devils] have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on Her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.”


  • Third Secret of Fatima has also been confirmed in the Book of Truth:


My daughter even the final secret of Fatima was not given to the world, because it revealed the truth of satan’s evil sect entering the Vatican.
 The last part of secret has not been revealed, in order to protect the wicked sect who entered the Vatican in great numbers since my mother’s appearance at the holy shrine of Fatima.(Message of 26th Jan. 2012)    

 This prophecy explains  it all very clearly:


“The church has been infested, from the inside, by enemies of God.
They – and there
are twenty of them who control from within – have created the greatest deceit.
They have elected a man, not of God
, while the Holy Father, accorded the crown of Peter, has been carefully removed.
The details, which I revealed, are that there would be two men wearing the crown of Peter in the end pope-benedict-xvi-benediction-in-hyde-park





One will suffer because of lies which have been created to discredit him and which will render him a virtual prisoner.
The other one elected will bring about the destruction, not only of the catholic church, but of all churches which honour my father and who accept the teachings of My Son, Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world.
There can only be one head of the church on earth, authorised by my Son, who must remain Pope until his death.
Anyone else, who claims to sit in the seat of Peter, is an imposter.
This deceit has one purpose
, to turn souls over to Lucifer and there is little time for such souls, who will be none the wiser, to be saved”.
(Message of 22nd July 2013)

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