New Tools for Evangelization


We have updated our Home page with some downloadable and printable booklets. They are in pdf but are meant to be printed as ‘booklets’, NOT A4 size

We have distributed them in our prayer group and also at our general meetings.

The booklet on Our Lady and the Saints is meant as a stepping stone for Catholics who are very resistant to the Book of Truth, but they are usually quite open to standard “Catholic prophecies”. Priests who are anti Book of Truth usually accept these.

The booklet on the papacy is meant for those who can’t see anything wrong with the pope and are hesitant to criticize.

The last one is for those who are ready for the Book of Truth. It contains small excerpts of messages categorized into the important events – the Warning,  the Anti-christ, etc.

Use them to spread the messages according to the needs of the people around you.

Now click on the link to get back to the Home page.

God bless +++

Remnant Survivor and Donna Liane




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