Great Day for NSW – Abortion Bill defeated


We only discovered a few weeks ago that 2 horrendous bills were before Parliament almost ready to be passed.

The bill – introduced by a “Greens” Party supporter were to allow abortion until birth. There would be no right to conscientious objections by medical practitioners; it would  prevent prayer vigils and sidewalk counselling within 150m. of abortion clinics. The latter would incur 12 months imprisonment or a max. penalty of $16,500.

One MP said it was not about the abortion, but about the RIGHT of the woman to decide. Even though this MP thought that it was quite extreme, he voted for it, on the basis of “rights”

I was first alerted to this proposed law by the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) who does a lot of good work in trying to keep our politicians true to the Christian identity of our country. There was also The Australian Family Association, which similarly had organized petitions to be downloaded and details of how to collect petitions and deliver them. They suggested that they had to be originals – not online or photocopies etc.

I was surprised that these bills got through the Lower House without people being alerted to the fact. They had been discussing, and amending this bill for nearly a year.  The media made no mention of it. Now it was at the final stages. We had to act, and act fast.

Last Saturday, we had a 2 hour Adoration and prayer vigil of Rosaries, Litanies, Chaplets and prayers for this purpose.

Luckily, also we have a good pro-active Archbishop who within a week, had organized speakers and petitions at every parish in his diocese. On the Sunday evening, representatives collected the petitions in their parishes and dropped them off to the nearest collection point that night.

The next day they were delivered to a Member of Parliament who was on our side. Discussions in Parliament could begin as early as Wednesday. A week later, Thursday 11th  May we got the breaking news (during our prayer Group meeting) – that the Bill was defeated 24 to 14Thank you God!!!

The sad part is that some states in Australia already have laws like this one.

I heard that MP’s were quite overwhelmed by the amount of petitions that were collected – 50,000 plus. They think it might be a record.

We can’t rest on our laurels, though. I am sure they won’t give in. We have to stay alert and do all we can to fight the evil that is entrenched.

We are God’s Army. We have to fight. It will only get worse.

And please – PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

Excerpts from the Book of Truth:

‘The cunning of the devil has meant that, to ensure his wickedness is accepted, every moral act and deed will be declared to be inhumane and against civil liberty. But, for those who are blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, they will still be able to differentiate between right and wrong. …

Sin today, is embraced with relish and promoted as being a civil right and therefore you are expected to respect it.  If you do not show respect towards sinful acts, then you could find that you will be guilty of a crime. Your crime will be that you uphold the Word of God and for that you will be made to suffer.   …

..very soon not one wrongful act including murder, euthanasia and abortion will be deemed to be wrong.  …

To My sacred servants, I call on you to proclaim the Word of God and to deny the wicked acts, which have gripped almost every nation that denies the Word of God. (28 Dec 2014)


“…God’s Presence is still there in your nations, but as I, the Son of man, Am being quickly dismissed, through the introductions of evil laws in your lands and soon through your churches, you will be like stray orphans with nowhere to lay your heads….”  (3 July 2013)


..”How I love My loyal followers. How much comfort they bring Me, because of their firm and loyal allegiance. The Holy Spirit is rampant in these times and was cast, like a net over humanity, as an antidote to the spirit of evil present in the hearts of men.”  (21 January, 2013)

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