JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Thursday 31st August, 2017


Prayer Theme: Faith, Family Nations


  1. Bible: Nahum 1.
  2. B of T: 5th December 2012 *** See comment below
  3. B of T: 26th August, 2013

    Bible Reading: Nahum 1

    Oracle* concerning Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum of Elkosh.

    God’s Terrifying Appearance

    2* A jealous and avenging God* is the LORD,

    an avenger is the LORD, full of wrath;

    The LORD takes vengeance on his adversaries,

    and rages against his enemies;

    3The LORD is slow to anger, yet great in power;

    the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished.a

    In stormwind* and tempest he comes,

    and clouds are the dust at his feet;

    4He roars at the sea and leaves it dry,

    and all the rivers he dries up.

    Laid low are Bashan and Carmel,

    and the bloom of Lebanon withers;*

    5The mountains quake before him,

    and the hills dissolve;

    The earth is laid waste before him,

    the world and all who dwell in it.

    6* Before his wrath, who can stand firm,

    and who can face his blazing anger?b

    His fury is poured out like fire,

    and boulders break apart before him.

    7The LORD is good to those who wait for him,

    a refuge on the day of distress,

    Taking care of those who look to him for protection,

    8when the flood rages;

    He makes an end of his opponents,

    and pursues his enemies into darkness.

    Nineveh’s Judgment and Judah’s Restoration

    9What do you plot against the LORD,

    the one about to bring total destruction?

    No opponent rises a second time!

    10* Like a thorny thicket, they are tangled,

    and like drunkards, they are drunk;

    like dry stubble, they are utterly consumed.

    11From you has come

    one plotting evil against the LORD,

    one giving sinister counsel.*

    12Thus says the LORD:

    though fully intact and so numerous,

    they* shall be mown down and disappear.

    Though I have humbled you,

    I will humble you no more.

    13Now I will break his yoke off of you,

    and tear off your bonds.c

    14The LORD has commanded regarding you:*

    no descendant will again bear your name;

    From the house of your gods I will abolish

    the carved and the molten image;

    I will make your grave a dung heap.

Reading from the Book of Truth

The Pharisees scourged and murdered many before they finally crucified Me

August 26, 2013 @ 8:20pm

My dearly beloved daughter, before I was crucified, many hateful lies were created about Me by My enemies. There were gatherings held by the Pharisees, many times, to decide what to do about Me. They would not accept, for one minute, that I had been sent by God to save humanity. How they hated Me. How they screamed and tormented those disciples of Mine, who were caught by them.

The Pharisees scourged and murdered many before they finally crucified Me. Their savagery and their wickedness were against God’s Teaching and the Most Holy Bible. This did not deter them, as they hunted Me down. They would preach the Word of God and then they would defy the Word of God – all at the same time. Not only did they condemn Me, but they declared that God would never send a Messiah of this type. They looked down on humble and poor people and those they considered to be theologically ignorant. Their hatred of Me frightened many poor souls, who attended the temples. Those who asked them why they, the Pharisees, condemned Me, were themselves condemned, for daring to question their reasons for rejecting Me.

There were many false prophets preaching, while I walked the Earth and I was considered to be insane and not to be tolerated. Many of these false prophets quoted from the Book of Genesis and made ridiculous claims, which were offensive to God, yet they were tolerated and given little attention.

Although the miracles, which I performed, were witnessed, they would still not open their eyes to the Truth, for they did not want to see. The priests of the day made many public speeches, which condemned Me as being the son of Satan and warned those who were seen to associate with Me that they would be expelled from the temples. They rejected Me because they could not accept My humble origins and because I was not educated to their high expectations. Therefore, they concluded, I could not possibly be the Messiah. They thought that the Messiah would come from within their own ranks. And so, they detested everything about Me.They felt threatened by My Words, which despite their rejection of Me, touched them in some way, which they did not understand.

They were not prepared for My First Coming. They certainly are not prepared for My Second Coming, today. Anyone who dares to say that they are a prophet, sent to warn God’s children of the Second Coming, will be tolerated, once they do not reveal the Truth. But when a true prophet reveals himself and speaks the Word of God, he or she will be hated and publicly condemned. When you see outright condemnation, based on ignorance of the Promises made by Me, to come again, and when the hatred is so vicious that the perpetrators break the Word of God, you will know then that it is Me they hate. Only I can attract such hatred amongst sinners. Only My Voice stirs up such opposition.

Were I to walk the Earth, at this time, they would crucify Me again. Those who claim to love Me and who lead My disciples in the Christian Church would be, sadly, the first to drive the first nail into My Flesh.

Remember, none of you is worthy to place yourself before Me. None of you has the authority to publicly condemn My Word, when you do not know Me. You, who condemn Me, as I try to fulfill My Father’s Final Covenant, have no shame. Your pride disgusts Me. You have condemned your own souls, in My Eyes. You have learned nothing about Me. You do not believe in Holy Scripture because you deny that My Second Coming will take place.

You will be asked to count the souls you have lost Me on the final day. On that day, as you scream for My Mercy, you will be unable to look Me in the Eye.

Your Jesus


***Comment: The following reading, which was chosen today has appeared in our prayer group once each week for the last 3 weeks. I think the Lord is trying to tell us something. The first time it was in conjunction with a reading about David and Goliath.

We decided then, after some thought, that we, as the Remnant Army, and in imitation of David, should consecrate our hearts and minds each day to the Lord, by saying the following prayers each day : Crusade prayers 33, 59, 121, and  122.

At the end of each prayer meeting, the books are always presented as a pile in no particular order, and a different person has selected it each time. Any markers are first taken out of the books and CP 51 is said to the Holy Spirit before we select a reading.

B of T: 5th December 2012

Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation I will help you and your families to be consecrated to my Son.

See the full message at: https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/Message-0631/

or in our posts of JtM CP meetings on:  17th August, 25th August, and 31st  August 2017. Also re-read our post on 23rd August, where we discuss the David and Goliath reading and its meaning for us when coupled to this reading from the Book of Truth.

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