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Dear readers, Maria also asked that this be done as soon as possible. Do not wait after reading the request below. The Australian group have planned the vigil for tonight. Please join us in love for Jesus and Mary, no matter where you are in the world.

Prophecies Book of Truth

A suffering soul in the Holy Name of Jesus emailed into the Father of  Love and Mercy blog, which was approved by Jesus through Maria Divine Mercy to be shared on the blog. There is a great need for prayer to protect this Mission of  Salvation from further attacks by Satan, to save souls from damnation and for the remnant army to unite and be strengthened by the Grace of God

Here are the 6 instructions sent from a suffering soul in the Holy Name of Jesus.

  1. Jesus want us to organize a worldwide vigil where we will pray all four Mysteries of the Holy Rosary one after another without interruption.            Vigil should start at midnight, regardless of the time zones.                                    No one should feel obliged to…

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Catholic mother of seven children. Crusade prayer warrior in Jesus' Final Mission to save souls.