7 year old evangelizing


Saturday 8th December, 2018

My seven year old son told me, over a leisurely lunch later that day (SaturdayBoys basketball),  told me what had transpired at morning at Basketball.
He had been learning junior basketball skills at a kids’ session for an hour that morning with some other young girls and boys, aged between 5 and 8 years old.
He was wearing his scapular under his training shirt. This is worn over the shoulders under a shirt.brown scapular
Two other boys noticed it.
One of them pointed it out and asked:
“What’s that?”
“It’s my scapular,” he answered.
 The other boy laughed at him…
Without blinking an eyelid, my son pointedly and matter of factly said in reply :
 “Don’t you know who made you?”
Then the boy just walked away.
What a clever response!  I think his angel was in on that one!!

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