Another Perspective: The Great Cover Up

My reflections on the Prayer Group’s Bible Reading:

The theme of our Bible reading draws attention to a cover up of Truth that had enormous consequences.

Matthew 28: 11 -20 The Report of the Guard

The full bible reading, in context, can be found here:
The bible reading’s theme was clearly cover up.
Non-believers will do this in our age, especially in regards to sex abuse.
While being seen to do the right thing and holding up appearances; just like the Pharisees did, who lied and did not allow the Jews to hear the Truth about Jesus’ Resurrection from the lips of their leaders, and so prevented their Salvation, so do the Pharisees of our age. A cover up with enormous consequences.
The disciples, however, were led by ‘the only One with all power in heaven and on earth’ so their message, though harder to receive, and though denied by rightful authority, spread all over the earth.
Meanwhile, the Catholic Church in the Sex Abuse Summit is admonished by its people and the Holy Ghost, to tell the Truth and not participate in another grand cover-up which effectively chooses evil over good. They are charged to be bold, courageous and trust in The Lord. These people, like the then little-known disciples, are making the truth known, despite denials and lies. We must do the same.

Now is not the time is to be silent.


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