The Modern Day King Herod and the Thorn in his side. (Cardinal Pell)


Comment on JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting 28 Feb. 2019

Bible Reading:  Death of St John the Baptist

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The previous day, the result of Cardinal George Pell’s trial and his guilty verdict was announced in Australia.

Our journalists had a media ban, so the news hadn’t hit most people, unless they had accessed overseas news via internet. It hit us hard. All the haters came out and the news was full of them.See our previous posts on why there is such hate for the Cardinal in this country:

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I guess if you follow in Jesus’ footsteps you will always have enemies, who don’t want to hear the Truth. This creates hate, lies, fear, then bribery, and false witnesses, imprisonment and death (physical or otherwise).

One of us volunteered to open the Bible (after a prayer to the Holy Spirit). It opened up at the story of “Death of John the Baptist” (NAB version). We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. We all felt the same.

The Bible story we read included the following themes:

A King – Herod, who broke the law regarding marrying his brother’s wife.

John the Baptist who boldly challenged the king of his crime.

A king, who didn’t like being told of his sin and so had John the Baptist put into custody, although he knew he was a holy man.

The king’s wife – who was part of the crime, held a grudge against John the Baptist

The wife asked for his head in revenge.

She hatched a plan and had someone else carry it out – because she knew Herod’s weaknesses.

The persecution and trial of Cardinal George Pell had similar themes.

John exhorted people to make straight the path for the Lord, to turn from sin. He fearlessly pointed out the ongoing adultery of Herod with his brother’s wife.
Herod knew St. John spoke the truth and feared no-one but God. John served God and pointed to the Messiah. These truths made people uncomfortable.
It was for this reason he was imprisonednot for any crime.
We felt there were many similarities with Cardinal Pell whom we believe was falsely imprisoned for speaking out too much against sins against God, for challenging manipulation & falsehood and for uncovering and trying to stop corruption. Even for daring to question authority!!
He, like John, was an honest, just, God-fearing man. To shut him up, they gaoled him too.
St.John the Baptist pray for Cardinal Pell and for us also, that we may continue to speak the Truth with courage and make straight the paths for The Lord.
Pray for all priests , that they may follow in the footsteps of  the Baptist and Our Lord, Himself, to death, even to death on a cross.
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