” …open and defiant schism, heresy and destruction of the Church…” Plenary Council Australia 2020


Way back after the synod in 2015, I read a comment by Bishop Mark Coleridge that in 2020 Australia would implement a Plenary council to put into practice Pope Francis’ reforms. He was a bishop in the  diocese of Brisbane. He didn’t seem that important. I was baffled. What power did he have to say this?  This fact was reported and published in LifeSite News on 19 August 2016. Last year however, he was voted to be the head of the Australian Conference of Bishops. Now he had the power.

So guess what happened  next. You guessed it. A survey was taken in every parish so that they could form the ammunition they needed to call this council and so that they could say that this is what the people wanted. Sure!!! And pigs can fly! Forgive me for being cynical. We have seen what these ‘surveys’ produce.

Well, sure enough the official agenda was announced recently. The first I heard about it was when I was sent a copy of an “Open Letter” by email. I recognized the name – it was someone I knew from a prayer group about 30 years ago. This person has 2 brothers who are priests.

The letter is powerful. It sounds like this Plenary Council has the same ends in mind as the upcoming pan-Amazonian synod. (The open letter is posted below)

In our post of 1 August 2019, Tony M. has written a report on the agenda of the Plenary Council after it was published. See the (last) link listed below.

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An open letter to Australia’s Catholic Bishops regarding the Plenary Council

Sat, 17 Aug 2019 05:40:30 +0000

Dear Bishops of Australia

The release of the Final Report for the Plenary Council Phase 1: Listening and Dialogue dramatically makes clear two things: the bishops have lost control of the Plenary Council and the Catholic Church in Australia is in the midst of a full-blown revolutionary crisis.

This report gives credence to all manner of heretical, blasphemous and evil ideas, including:
• Female ordination
• An end to priestly celibacy
• Communion for all
• Abortion
• Contraception
• Divorce
• Euthanasia
• Homosexuality

It is scandalous that this document has been released under the authority of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference via the National Centre for Pastoral Research. It not only fails to condemn the above and other evils but instead cloaks them with a veneer of legitimacy by claiming that they are Catholic answers to the question: What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

This document stands in stark contrast to Mirari Vos which condemned attacks on religious celibacy and liberty of conscience. There can be no doubt that in saner times the very documents of this Plenary Council would have been condemned and destroyed and the words of Pope Gregory XVI almost two centuries ago ring ever louder:

The Church has always taken action to destroy the plague of bad books. This was true even in apostolic times for we read that the apostles themselves burned a large number of books.

The Plenary Council process has now descended into a farcical and scandalous sham that, at best, will plunge the Catholic Church in Australia into a civil war for generations. At worst it will result in open and defiant schism, heresy and destruction of the Church morally, institutionally and financially.

That the Plenary Council process is now dangerously out of control of the bishops is plainly obvious.

The Plenary Council cannot change the doctrines of the Church, yet all the documents released to date are filled with revolutionary cries in relation to Church teaching on basic morality and attacks on the very nature of the priesthood, the holy sacrifice of the Mass and the sacraments. Consequently, the spirit of the Plenary Council is now one that revolts openly against apostolic authority and the laws of the Church.

The Plenary Council is harming the mission of the Church to save souls by sowing dissent, revolt and confusion by also aiding the great attacks on the family and the very nature of man that we are assailed with today.

Worse, while the Plenary Council documentation is filled with buzzwords and phrases like ‘discernment and ‘listen to the Spirit’. There has been no training or guidance given to Catholics on the basics of discernment, which is to recognize and perceive that not all inspirations come from God, but that the evil spirits are also active.

Thus the process of the Plenary Council has opened the Church to Satan himself and it is now clear that his diabolical and destructive suggestions are wreaking havoc.

The only benefit that comes from this latest report, albeit accidentally, is that it highlights the true and sorry state of the Church in Australia today: most who call themselves Catholic do not know the faith and are openly opposed to the teachings of the Church.

Therefore, there has never been a more important time for Australia’s bishops to strongly defend the faith and clearly teach it to all.

The only question is whether any will do so. It has now been four days since this report was released and the response has been mute silence in the face of this scandal.

Now is not the time for inaction, sluggishness or hiding! In moments of great crises we can be sure that God stands ready to provide great graces to those who have the duty of acting boldly and courageously to defend His Church.

There is great grace available for any bishop who stands ready to do his duty and become the saint that he was made to be.

I pray that you accept this grace. All Australians, whether they adhere to the true faith or are unwittingly or even knowingly part of the revolution against the Church need you to. God has ordained a hierarchy and unless the bishops do their duty of state all of society faces natural and supernatural perils.

The Plenary Council should be stopped. In its current form it will only endanger souls.

Will any bishop state this plainly obvious truth?

May Our Lady Help of Christians, Australia’s great patroness who has so protected the Church in other times of crisis and who has been so rudely and scandalously ignored in the Plenary Council process, guide and protect us.

Kind regards


(name supplies and withheld)



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