Modernist bishops and strange innovations.



In these last few weeks,  Archbishop Mark Coleridge has made a few more statements to add to the history which shows his aversion to Catholic Doctrine. It is fast becoming quite a long list.

He was responsible for announcing this council after the synod of 2015. See our article 31 Dec. 2016 at:  

An open letter was written in reply to this announcement which described the Council as ” …open and defiant schism, heresy and destruction of the Church…”.

This letter refers to all manner of heretical, blasphemous and evil ideas, including:
• Female ordination
• An end to priestly celibacy
• Communion for all
• Abortion
• Contraception
• Divorce
• Euthanasia
• Homosexuality

  • No seminaries

Headline: The Catholic church rethinks seminary training after its child abuse scandal

“Much has changed in our seminaries but one has to wonder whether seminaries are the place or way to train men for the priesthood now,” the Brisbane Archbishop told the Catholic online publication Crux Now in August last year.’                                        and

“But he has previously stated he is open to a priest “apprenticeship model” whereby men could receive broader training at universities and parishes while still being appropriately “formed” spiritually, intellectually and pastorally.”  (Archbishop Coleridge)

  • His most recent bombshell was that he wants to bless same-sex marriages

Headline: “Brisbane Archdiocese Promotes Blessings for Gay Couples” 

“rite of blessing” for same-sex couples and for the divorced and remarried was proposed at the conclusion of Brisbane Assembly 2019. “ (

  • A friend emailed me some more news today. It refers to the fact that months ago, it had been brought up that, because of the climate in the Amazon, some other substance (namely – ‘yukka’) could be used instead of wheat for Holy Communion. This, of course would be in contradiction to Church Law. Jesus used wheat. This, of course, was in the Archbishop’s diocese.

“With all the talk of the Yucca bread in the months preceding the Pan Amazon Synod farce, one of my friends from Brisbane (Australia) has sent me a photograph ..(see below).. of some Altar Bread that a friend of hers saw in the Sacristy of a Parish in the Brisbane Archdiocese. The lady who took the photograph was told by the sacristan of the parish, that these hosts will be used in the ‘near future’ in that parish.  (Does he mean after this Amazon Synod?)

I thought….. when my friend was describing this bread…. as we spoke on the phone…. that it would probably be like some hosts that I had seen before …with flecks of brown particles…. as in wholemeal bread.

But when I later saw the photographs that were sent to me by my friend, I immediately thought ‘NO, NO, NO….I HAVE NOT SEEN THAT BEFORE’.

How do the leaders in our Church expect us to trust & follow them when they do appalling things like this?

Is this the beginning of the New False Mass…..the Abomination of Desolation?

God help us…..please help us!!!

PS 1. I cannot verify that this is Yucca bread, but I can tell you it is yucky bread ….that they should not be using.

The traditional & pristinely white host is reflective of the Perfection, Purity, Power & Divinity of the One that this bread becomes at the point of Consecration in the Mass. And when we are looking at Jesus in times of Adoration we immediately sense that we are looking at God. These brown hosts look dirty and are not worthy of the One the bread becomes and I think are potentially even blasphemously disrespectful.

Also, the question must be asked…..even if this bread is not made of the Yucca root powder, but is made of wheat flour …..if it has impurities in it, which are not of the wheat flour… the Consecration valid?????

The use of brown or wholemeal type bread seems to indicate that the clerics using it think of the consecrated host as being more Bread, than being the Body, Blood Soul & Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In these times where such a high percentage of lay Catholics & clergy think of the Eucharist more of being symbolic of Jesus’ Presence than actually being His Presence, we must question everything we sense to be out of order in regard to It.

I have personally met a number of priests who believe it is symbolic not Real…..and I first met some of them over 37 years ago!!!

PS 2  If you enlarge the picture of the bottle that contains the hosts, you will see that they were manufactured in the EU.

God bless,

Tony M     “ (10/10/2019)

The Archbishop previously:

    • Headline:Conclusions from the Synod on the Family: Brisbane’s Archbishop Coleridge”       (Sunday, October 25, 2015 )


“Archbishop Coleridge .. at the synod spoke about divorced and remarried couples and same-sex couples, saying: “I personally think it’s just not in touch with reality to say there is no good in those relationships.”

“Archbishop Coleridge has even been described in LGBTQ media as a bishop who gets it.”

.’... And as I listened to Pope Francis speak, I thought, “this is the voice of Peter”.”

“It’s either light or darkness, good versus evil, all or nothing, and I just don’t think that’s the way human life works”

    • During the Synod on the Family in 2015 Coleridge argued against using the termsintrinsically disordered” or “evil” to describe homosexual acts
    • The Archbishop’s advent letter ( 2016)

The challenge now is not to abandon the faith in favour of the facts, but to create a new engagement of the faith with the culture of which we’re part – as the logic of the Incarnation demands….” 

and also:

and also the article in LifeSite News:

The Amazon Synod is not yet over. There will be many more bishops speaking of, and implementing ideas which are not of Christ’s Church.

We must continue to be alert and aware!  – as Abp. Fulton Sheen said (see pic. above) – the laity must remind the priests and bishops of their duties as shepherds.

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