Paganism: Messages from the Book of Truth


We will be posting  messages from the Book of Truth which speak about paganism in the Christ’s Church.  I think we were all shocked – so shocked as never before during this papacy. The events of Oct 4th- Feastday of St Francis will never be erased. But we were warned many times in the Book of Truth that this would happen. Countless events that were prophesied have come true. (see our prophecies fulfilled section – although there is much to update here.)

Many more things will take place – until the new World Church is established and based on paganism. In these messages, Jesus focusses on various aspects of paganism – how it will happen, who it will affect, the effects on individuals and what we must do to avoid being drawn in. God has always warned His people in times of danger through his prophets.  Over the next few weeks, we will be posting at least 30 messages.)

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A preview from Book of Truth messages:

Paganism will be enforced on all of God’s Churches and woe to the man who stands up to defend the Truth of God.”

“They will spread and promote paganism. God’s children, who accept their laws, and their teachings, will become infested with their evil ways. (10 October 2012 @ 9:50pm)

“It is not the collapse of the Catholic Church, which will soon become evident, which will divide the world. It will be their involvement in the creation of a New World Church, a one-world religion, which will introduce paganism and idolatry.” (13 Feb. 2013)

The paganism which has gripped humanity at this time is at its highest since before the time I, Jesus Christ, was born on earth.” ( 22 Feb.2013)

“The Word according to God will be pulled apart as paganism sweeps the Earth”(16 April, 2013)

“Paganism will thrive. But because it will be influenced and led by the evil one, it will be careful not to show its true colours. It will be presented to the world as a new form of social justice – a new form of humanism,…” (19 May, 2013)

When they curse God they hold black masses, many of which are held in secret and attended by powerful people, including those who say they serve God in His churches.” (21 June 2013)

Forewarned is fore-armed!

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