Multiple Prophecies Fulfilled: “The warnings about these days …”


“Soon Christians will become like pagans”- Introduction

I found, whilst posting a series of messages that mention “Paganism” – that not only the message as a whole has been fulfilled, but many of the finer details, (which the Book of Truth so aptly describes and has warned us against) have also been fulfilled in the process.

One such message is entitled:  “Soon Christians will become like pagans” (18 November 2014 @ 12:18 pm) There are many more incidents and events, which can probably be referenced but these I will detail a few that come to mind.

The Book of Truth is just that. God knows that we need to know and understand the Truth, and the things that we have been warned against in the Book of Revelation. In the Biblical Book of Daniel, God said that the details would be closed until the time of the end.

God keeps his promises. These are the End Times. The book is now being revealed to us.

 Daniel 10:21: … “but first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth.”

Daniel 12:9: “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end.

The Book of Truth is often denounced, and not acknowledged, notwithstanding the fact that everything which eminent theologians and learned people are trying to discern is all in there. (e.g. The resignation of Pope Benedict and the situation-foretold a year in advance, the “False Prophet” sitting on the chair of Peter; how he would be approved and applauded by the world, how he would prioritise humanism, how he would introduce Paganism into the church, etc.)

What really amazes me is this footnote (which I found in my NAB Bible:- revised Edition) published by World Catholic Press Bible :

The Scripture: Daniel 10:21

“but I shall tell you what is written in the book of truth. No one supports me against these- except Michael, your prince.”

The Footnote in the NAB Bible –

Daniel  “[10:21] The book of truth: a heavenly book in which future events are already recorded; cf. 7:10; 12:1.”)

(The imprimatur is 1986. The last revision is 2010. I don’t know how far back this footnote goes.)

The last paragraph of the message (mentioned at the beginning of this post) says:

“I have warned you of these days and they will soon be upon you. Again I say to you, My Word is Sacrosanct. These are the final messages from Heaven and are given to a world that is indifferent to Me as it is ungrateful.”


The message: *(Asterisks denote the prophecies that have been/are being fulfilled)

Soon Christians will become like pagans

18 November 2014 @ 12:18 pm

Message 1269

My dearly beloved daughter, My Voice is the only voice you will hear, in the four corners of the earth, as I prepare humanity for the great assault. You may hear many voices from the mouths of false visionaries and prophets but none will cut through your souls like the flame of the Holy Spirit.

*You must be on your guard, for the voices of false spiritualism, which do not come from God, but which will be felt in different parts of the world. 

*The influence of evil spirits will be seen in wars of terrorism, where sweet voices promoting misguided ideologies will try to justify the wicked atrocities they carry out in the Name of God.




*Soon, voices which will promote paganism, will be heard in houses, which honour Me, and they will desecrate My Altars.

*Voices, which come from the spirit of evil, will be seen as exciting interpretations of people’s aspirations who seek fulfilment in their lives.

*They will shout, praise false gods, destroy the souls of the vulnerable and blaspheme against Me. These are the souls who anger Me the most, because they are very convincing and cause great confusion. They will be like magnets as they draw many Christians away from Me.

*My enemies will blind My people to the Truth and soon Christians will become like pagans.  I will be thrown out into the gutter like a pauper and the doors of My Church will be slammed in My Face. And when I knock at the door it will be bolted from the inside by those who claim to come from Me.

I have warned you of these days and they will soon be upon you. Again I say to you, My Word is Sacrosanct. These are the final messages from Heaven and are given to a world that is indifferent to Me as it is ungrateful.

Wake up and face the Truth.  There is only one Master. You cannot remain loyal to Me if you serve more than one master.

Your Jesus


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