Prophecy and Our Lady’s View of Our Times: Part 2


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The breakdown in the societal order is not just normal decay. We are in a spiritual battle – what do we do?

How do you navigate the situation on a natural level?

St Thomas Aquinas said:

If you want to achieve an end, you require a means. The means is affected by circumstances, which affect how well you achieve your means. The end is the salvation of your soul. There are two sets of means – the natural and the supernatural.


(At 4.52)  because of modernism – the synthesis of all heresy – and because its tendency is to make the individual the principal of judgment of right and wrong, transposing it from God to us – it is the diabolic heresy as it makes us the standard of judgment based on how they feel or relate to the thing. There was a constant training in the school to judge the truth of a proposition based on themselves and how they felt in relation to it.

As to modernism in the Church, it began a long time ago. The formal inauguration of it was considered the heresy of liberalism in the document Mirari Vos by Pope Gregory XVI in 1832. Modernism gets more and more developed and it has five stages which can be read here in this article: The operative points of view, linked:

We are now in stage 5 which is the superficial stage. All the intellectual gas has run out and the stuff we are hearing is just silly and makes no sense. We are living in a stage in which modernism is just dumb and doesn’t follow any rational principles. Because of the nature of modernism and because it is pervasive and touches on every facet of the Church, there is not one single doctrine, one single liturgical practice or one single devotion they haven’t messed with. The big hold was the rite of exorcism but they got to playing with that too. It’s literally one of those things that they had to change it all but they did it very slowly and very subtly.

What this means is that because it is in every facet of catholic life, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LIBERTY OF IGNORANCE.

Importance of Knowledge

If you do not do serious and hard study of your Catholic faith, you will end up a heretic unless God gives you extraordinary grace and that is not too common. Knowledge is what is required and it either comes through grace which enlightens the mind and strengthens the will or through serious study.

(At 9.00): if you think you already have this extraordinary grace you are already deluded, and I say this as a former pastor and rector of churches in the traditional movement. Every traditionalist thinks that they have the doctrinal world by the tail and all you have to do is scratch a little bit and some heresy will float to the top. This is because a lot of the stuff in the Church’s teachings requires great precision and distinction which most traditionalists do not know.

So, for example, when you hear people debating whether the Pope is a heretic. All the saints are clear on their teaching that once a pope lapses into heresy, HE LOSES HIS OFFICE AS POPE. When you hear that discussion, no one is talking about whether he was a heretic before, when his election was valid or not, and once he is Pope, what are the distinctions and how does it work out – no one is talking about that, not even the guys who look like they know what they are talking about.

If you really think you do not suffer from imminence in some fashion, you are already deluded. It is part of original sin. The reason why modernism is such a pervasive heresy and is so difficult is because of the fact that when Eve chose to eat the fruit then Adam after her, they were choosing themselves over the will of God. That stuck all of us with a form of selfishness and self-centredness that has to be ground out in a brutal fashion over years usually unless God gives you a lot of grace (11.11). Therefore, the principle to judge things in light of yourself is there already and is a problem. There is a tendency to presume you know everything. You need to study and presume your ignorance. As Plato said, the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. You must continue working on your knowledge of the faith. Recognise some questions are above your pay grade. For example, what you do with a heretical Pope is above virtually everyone’s pay grade except for a very small hand full of theologians. Don’t even get involved in that discussion as a general rule. You need to study hard.

The Virtue of Faith purifies the intellect

St Thomas calls the virtue of faith when God infuses it – the first purification of the intellect. What that means is that the faith teaches us our relationship to God, the truth of that relationship and the relationship with the created order. Working on the faith will assist this tremendously. This also means, as a general rule, do not get involved in blogs or forums. It’s a waste of time, people just don’t get it. In the past, Canon law forbade the laity from entering into discussions of theology or philosophy without the permission of their bishop. Make sure what you study is correct – preferably the saints and what was written before the Council. It is a long arduous task. Study the moral doctrine of the Church. Ecclesiology, theology of revelation (deals with the structure of tradition) and how it works – why? Because modernism is a deviation because it transposes the objective criteria for what you believe from an external magisterium which is actually handing on objective revelation from generation to generation to oneself. If you do not understand how that mechanism works, you are likely to end up with a lot of problems. Try to obtain Spirago’s – The Catechism Explained. It’s the Catechism of the Council of Trent with a lot of explanation. You then need to read beyond this. You have to study the real theological disciplines. Read the Papal documents eg Libertas Praestantissimum, Humani Generis, Pascendi Dominici Gregis. The clarity in Church documents is astounding. Build a repertoire of knowledge about the things the Church has always taught in relation to salvation.

The importance of the family structure

Then work on restructuring your family. The attack on the family has been key in undermining the psychological, moral and spiritual development in people. The destruction of manhood, and along with it, what it means to be a true father and husband, has resulted in a huge destruction on a moral level.

The Fathers of the Church state that it pertains to the father to confirm the moral code. The mother may teach the children the moral law, eg don’t steal but it is up to the father to tell the child, listen to your mother and do not steal. He has to take on the role as the head of the household but which is not done for his sake but for the sake of his wife and his children.

Women have to work on subordination. Get out of the workforce if you can for the simple reason that most women are happier when they are at home with their children. God structures women that way psychologically. Whatever work you do, it is far less noble work than forming the mind of a child. The reason we know this is because in the natural law it is the man’s job to work for the sake of the wife and children so she can stay home to do her work.

Children have to work on obedience and piety. The normal family structure has to be re-established. Piety is the virtue by which we give honour to our superiors. It is completely gone. The restructuring also has to find a proper ordering in relation to the spiritual life. Even though, as a general rule, women are given more grace than men, the fact is that it is the father’s place to direct the spiritual life of the family.

Fathers need to assume the headship of the spiritual life and pursing perfection himself. The restructuring of the family life is the only way to restore order in society. Men from the very beginning have treated women badly but that doesn’t mean the proper order within the family should be undone. The biggest mistake made in feminism is the idea that the work of a woman is less noble, not just in relation to the formation of the mind of the children but also in taking care of the home. Even in its drudgery, it provides a suitability to the lives of the husband and children which would otherwise be lost. The basic building block of society is the family, not the individual.

In relation to voting, there were only two people who could vote in the past; the man who is head of his household and land owners. The man used to vote and represented the basic building block of society. When women started to vote, you split that basic building block. The land owners had a vested interest in making sure that the government didn’t get out of hand in relation to entitlement programs as it would undermine his productivity in the end.

The problems of Feminism

Eventually the Church will have to condemn feminism while at the same time upholding the perfections which are proper to the feminine nature. One of the problems of feminism is that it degrades the perfections of feminine nature. The fact that a woman is more emotional for the sake of empathy with her child. Where the child doesn’t have the proper empathy with the mother in the first 2 – 5 years of a child’s life, the child ends up with disaffective disorders where they cant emotionally bond with people. Psychologists have done studies and the one thing that all mass murderer teens have in common is that they were all put in daycare. The point is that the perfections of women have been degraded by the feminist movement so they pursue those illusionary things proper to men.

If you look at the punishment that God gave Adam and Eve, He said to Eve that she will bear children in pain. That’s her punishment. So what does she do? She wants to take on Adam’s punishment – to work by the sweat of your brow. Why are you assuming both punishments? Feminism is really self-hatred, it’s a manifestation of hatred of what its really like to be a woman.


We are entering the stage where we could have this chastisement. God could do things differently but it looks like it is coming. At least from what Our Lady says, it is leading up. People ask how to prepare for it.

(At 33.45) – In Scripture, Christ presented the parable of the man who was building towers, and He noted how foolish that was because that night, he was going to die. The point is that you need to be spiritually prepared. You can make preparation but if you are not spiritually prepared, you will be a mess, no matter what you do. You will not be able to psychologically handle it.

Our food supply it is very tenuous. In the average grocery store, there is between 2-3 days supply of food up to a maximum of two weeks. That’s it. In most areas, there is not much being grown locally, and so we rely on food from trucking from all over the place. Natural prudence dictates that you should have a certain amount of food on hand. You should have some basic food storage and water supply. Don’t think that in having this that you are safe. If you have a food supply, you better also have an ammunition supply (joking). Don’t think this will save you or make your life easier.

Remember to whom the effects of the chastisement extends is entirely the choice of God. You can pray that you are spared the effects of it. Our Lady said it will affect the good priests and the faithful. It will affect all of us and all the prepping in the world will not make it easier if God chooses otherwise.

Some basic things that you need to do:

  1. You need to start reading and becoming more knowledgeable about the faith so you can navigate the problems occulting in the Church on a natural level.
  2. Get your family ordered so that it does not end up succumbing to the basic problems.
  3. Do those natural things to be able to survive a societal collapse.

The only reason our society has not collapsed is because of technology. Every other culture in the history of humanity that has become this disordered has never survived this long. We are propping it up by technology and by fraud. The reason we have a prosperous economy – we keep propping it up with the creation of money out of thin air. This cannot be done forever.

You should have a decent knowledge, according to your state in life, about what is really going on in the world. If you believe what you see on the TV is truth, you need to think twice. The people who are evil are systematically lying and manipulating us. It is a fact that in the US, the government started social experiments after WW2 to carry out operation Paperclip where they brougt scientists from Germany, whitewashed their war crimes and used them to do social engineering and restructuring. Eg the anti-smoking laws in the US were modelled on the anti-smoking campaign in Nazi Germany, and was very successful.

You need a Catholic understanding of what is going on. The knowledge will give you a perspective and the family will give you the structure to have the normalcy of life. We are living in an insane society, and the more insane it gets, the more unlike the normal family structure it will be.

We are in free fall. As the society continues to decay, and the decline will only be stopped if God puts the breaks on it, it is declining in such a manner that in the end you are going to be the one who is considered evil. You will be the one who is considered out of your mind even though you are the only sane one.

That means you are going to have to take a spiritual approach to your relationship with people in the Church and in society, which will be discussed in the next conference.

Just accept that things will get worse. You can do all these things on a natural level but in the end, you need to have your spiritual life in order.


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