Prophetic advice to the Church of The End Times Foretold through the Ages: Part 3


 Advice from the Popes (cont’d)

Pope Pius IXAllocution to Pilgrims, Nov. 27, 1871 (in Papal Teachings: The Church, n. 389)

“…this beloved Rome, purpled with the blood of so many martyrs, they [the Church’s enemies] want to cast it once more into the pit of that old corruption, make it return to the times of Nero, or better, of Julian the Apostate; this beloved Rome, sacred center of truth, they would like to make it become again the center of all errors. But they will not succeed: God is fighting for his Church. They will not succeed because the Church of Christ, built upon a rock, will never be shaken, whatever be the violence of the storm. She has the guarantees of this in the words of the God who said: The gates of hell shall not prevail… The Church can never be reconciled with error, and the Pope cannot be separated from the Church.”

(The Church is certainly becoming the centre of all errors. They have tried to separate the true Pope from the Church. This is the problem now – how to get our dear good bishops to see who is the True Pope? I, myself, just judging from the words and actions spoken, can say that the one generally accepted to be true was not elected by the holy Spirit. God has allowed it so that all the evil and darkness will be exposed to the Light. Then the Lord will act because the gates of hell will not prevail.)

Pope St. Leo II, Third Council of Constantinople, 681

“…[I]t is not allowable for anyone to produce another faith, that is, to write or to compose or to consider or to teach others; those who dare to compose another faith, or to support or to teach or to hand on another creed to those who wish to turn to knowledge of the truth, whether from Hellenism or Judaism or indeed from any heresy whatsoever, or to introduce novelty of speech, that is, invention of terms, so as to overturn what has now been defined by us, such persons, if they are bishops or clerics, are deprived of their episcopacy or clerical rank, and if they are monks or layfolk they are excommunicated.”

(produce another faith”? Well, so far, they have destroyed God’s teaching about marriage – divorce and remarriage, homosexual marriage, Seal of Confession removed in many places, introduced pagan worship, changed the teaching about Capital punishment, changed the words the Our Father (Christ’s words!), celebrated Mass with Soccer balls on altar and rainbow vestments, pagan offering on the altar, sins against “creation”, told to obey the U.N., etc. They are well on their way to achieving their goal.)

Pope Gregory XVI, Encyclical Quo Graviora, n. 10, 1833

The Church is the pillar and foundation of truth — all of which truth is taught by the Holy Spirit. Should the church be able to order, yield to, or permit those things which tend toward the destruction of souls and the disgrace and detriment of the sacrament instituted by Christ?”

(Seems that the truths being taught now are from the “spirit” as (pope Francis) often claims – but which spirit? It can not be the ‘Holy Spirit” because it permits things that “tend toward the destruction of souls and the disgrace and detriment of the sacrament instituted by Christ”.)

Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Immortale Dei, n. 41, 1885

As regards opinion, whatever the Roman Pontiffs have hitherto taught, or shall hereafter teach, must be held with a firm grasp of mind, and, so often as occasion requires, must be openly professed.”

(This is good advice for us today. We have to fight the modernists and continually openly profess the truths which  “the Roman Pontiffs have hitherto taught”)


Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Sapientiae Christianae, n. 24, 1890

“In defining the limits of the obedience owed to the pastors of souls, but most of all to the authority of the Roman Pontiff, it must not be supposed that it is only to be yielded in relation to dogmas of which the obstinate denial cannot be disjoined from the crime of heresy. Nay, further, it is not enough sincerely and firmly to assent to doctrines which, though not defined by any solemn pronouncement of the Church, are by her proposed to belief, as divinely revealed, in her common and universal teaching, and which the Vatican Council declared are to be believed ‘with Catholic and divine faith.’ But this likewise must be reckoned amongst the duties of Christians, that they allow themselves to be ruled and directed by the authority and leadership of bishops, and, above all, of the apostolic see. And how fitting it is that this should be so any one can easily perceive. For the things contained in the divine oracles have reference to God in part, and in part to man, and to whatever is necessary for the attainment of his eternal salvation. Now, both these, that is to say, what we are bound to believe and what we are obliged to do, are laid down, as we have stated, by the Church using her divine right, and in the Church by the supreme Pontiff. Wherefore it belongs to the Pope to judge authoritatively what things the sacred oracles contain, as well as what doctrines are in harmony, and what in disagreement, with them; and also, for the same reason, to show forth what things are to be accepted as right, and what to be rejected as worthless; what it is necessary to do and what to avoid doing, in order to attain eternal salvation. For, otherwise, there would be no sure interpreter of the commands of God, nor would there be any safe guide showing man the way he should live.”

(As long as the majority of people accept the pretender pope, this advice will cause confusion. This man is not the the true pope. This advice can only  be applied to the teachings of all “true” popes. Modernists will say “you have to obey the Pope and Francis is the pope. This is very deceptive. We must continue to fight so that all is exposed and so that souls will not be decaived.))

Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Fulgens Radiatur, n. 11, 1947;

“Trusting in God and relying on His ever present help, [St. Benedict] went south and arrived at a fort ‘called Cassino situated on the side of a high mountain…; on this stood an old temple where Apollo was worshipped by the foolish country people, according to the custom of the ancient heathens. Around it likewise grew groves, in which even till that time the mad multitude of infidels used to offer their idolatrous sacrifices. The man of God coming to that place broke the idol, overthrew the altar, burned the groves, and of the temple of Apollo made a chapel of St. Martin. Where the profane altar had stood he built a chapel of St. John; and by continual preaching he converted many of the people thereabout’.”

(Not the bishops, or the Pretender pope, or anyone present at the Pachamama idol worshiping ceremony  to “consecrate” the Amazon Synod in Oct. 2019, took heed of this advice. But thankfully, a few days later a young man took the idols and threw them into the Tiber River. The true believers cheered.“Roman Catholicism and that the true path to the conversion and salvation of people is not to respect their false religions but to lead them out of them into the True Faith”)

Pope Leo XIII, Instruction to the Sacred Congregation of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, 1902; quoted by Pope St. Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, n. 55, 1907

“It is impossible to approve in Catholic publications a style inspired by unsound novelty which seems to deride the piety of the faithful and dwells on the introduction of a new order of Christian life, on new directions of the Church, on new aspirations of the modern soul, on a new social vocation of the clergy, on a new Christian civilization, and many other things of the same kind.”

(This is a description of today’s Church, and today’s society. I noticed “a new Christian civilization” – is this “obey the U.N.? “new social vocation” – is this the ‘new humanism”? It seems that “unsound novelty” is the order of the day.)

Pope St. Pius X, Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique, 1910

“…the great movement of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a One-World Church which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, neither discipline for the mind, nor curb for the passions, and which, under the pretext of freedom and human dignity, would bring back to the world (if such a Church could overcome) the reign of legalized cunning and force, and the oppression of the weak, and of all those who toil and suffer. […] Indeed, the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators: they are traditionalists.”

(This is where we are headed – towards the New One World Church. Dogmas are out the window, there is lots of pretext about freedoms and dignity ( pagans, homosexuals, ). Indeed this pretender pope is the False Prophet, who is getting the Church ready for the One world Church. It is the masonic dream. They have been preparing it for hundreds of years. They have their man on the throne ( ee their “Alta Vendita”) who is preparing the way. We have to recognize the evidence all around us. Take heed of the last sentence.)


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