Bergoglian usurpers suspend all Masses & Sacraments at Rome

The Corona Virus again.

It seems as if everything is linking together.

The   Corona virus and the fear created by it, are affecting our Faith. The Sacraments are being denied us (no Holy Communion in the hand) worldwide, and now the Mass itself has been relegated to the dust bin. It’s only a start – to abolish it in one area for a limited time – blaming the virusDr-Francis-Boyle-Coronavirus-Biological-Warfare-Weapon

How can you call Bergoglio anything but an anti-pope – a usurper. a deceiver?

The dots are being connected: – The UN agenda of depopulation, “Pope” Francis, Corona – man-made biological weapon, and prophecies .

Read the article by Bro. Alexis at the link below:

via Bergoglian usurpers suspend all Masses & Sacraments at Rome


But is it a real epidemic? (more on this tomorrow).

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