It is Divine Mercy Sunday!

We all know that today is a very special Feast Day that carries with it many special blessings, but I was feeling exceedingly sad in the lead up to this Sunday. It feels like so long since we were able to receive the Sacraments and it is Divine Mercy Sunday- the 20th Anniversary. I feel somewhat abandoned by our local shepherds who have not made an effort to at least hear Confessions, which is not disallowed under current Australian laws.

I remarked to a friend that for some time now, our Churches have closed the doors to us, as prophesied; it did not happen as we imagined it might, but with God’s prophecies- our interpretation can be different to the actual event. God’s Ways are way above men’s.

I prayed about my feelings of desolation last night and asked God to help me find a solution. By morning I was sent two solutions: one was a link to full Divine Mercy celebrations online by the Divine Mercy organisation in Australia, including Adoration, Mass and all devotions.

St Mary’s Dandenong Divine Mercy Sunday Celebrations

Secondly, I was sent the prayers for a Jesus to Mankind worldwide prayer initiative. Upon opening the attachment and reading the prayers planned, my feelings of sadness and desolation turned suddenly to joy! Here are very real prayers to combat the evil in the world and to convert many sinners- and on a great Feast Day.

This is the perfect day to do battle.

May the Holy Spirit inspire you also to join in these prayers today and offer them to the Divine Mercy of God.

They are attached in English*in PDF form, if you wish to join us in prayer.

2nd_Global Crusade Prayer Meeting_ENGLISH

Rome time 3pm is the suggested time that we unite in prayer. To pray for The Church and for the world in this way, is an act of Mercy. To also spread devotion to the Divine Mercy brings with it many special graces and blessings.

May you avail yourself fully of the Fountain of God’s Mercy and make it

a way of life.

(*If you desire to join in but prefer them in another language, contact me and I can send you other options).

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