The Moment of Truth


The following article can be seen on a Bishop’s blog. He connects Daniel 12 with current events. He also connects other prophecies fleeing Rome, persecution of the Pope and the schism of the Church. As we have said before – it has all been foretold.

The link to this amazing site is in the title of the article. Click on it and you will find many others. We must pray continually for all our bishops and priests. Now is the time to speak out and pray – to bombard heaven with our pleas for courageous clergy to defend their flocks and to diminish the chastisements which lay ahead.


For three months, we have witnessed firsthand the evil gripping the entire world, and with the intended consequence of starving God’s children of access to the Bread of Life.

  There is no mistaking the relationship of this fact to the prophecy in Daniel Ch. 12, as the Daily (public) Sacrifice has been abolished (from within).

And now, after Benedict XVI has recently publicly asserted that he in fact retains the Spiritual authority of the Papacy (to the dismay and outrage of the Occupant) we can begin to see why the “persecution” of Pope Benedict XVI will now “reach its pinnacle.”

The Occupant will simply not tolerate a contrasting voice of true papal authority, who will use it contradict the heresy which has, and will continue to, tumble forth from Rome. For this reason, we can easily understand how Benedict “will (now) be forced to flee the Vatican”, and when he does “the Church will divide, one side against the other.”

In other words, those who will align with the Light of Truth, and those who will follow lies. But Jesus provides the solution for His priests at this time, calling on them to “(n)ever forsake your Mission…Never accept lies in lieu of the Truth,” and to ask Jesus to “help…in the difficult times ahead.” Rise, Unite and pray for the strength that THEY WILL NEED in order to uphold the Truth and the “Grace to administer the Holy Sacraments” properly.  Only in doing so will Priests be able to help Jesus feed the Church with the Bread of Life, and to remain loyal, EVEN WHEN “PROHIBITED FROM DOING SO.”

Only after Benedict departs Rome will the Warning take place. Therefore, as Benedict’s departure fast approaches, so also does the greatest act of Mercy of God, the Warning, also follow. Keep all eyes on Benedict, and pray for faith and the strength to persevere in the times ahead.

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