9. Discerning Prophets: Messages from the Book of Truth


23 May 2011 @ 09:45am

My dearly beloved daughter, it is now time to reflect on My Sacred Messages and to ensure that as many sinners all over the world take heed of them.

Make no mistake, these Messages are being given to the world as a Gift to help save all of you, all of My children, and including those who follow different paths to God the Eternal Father.

People, especially Catholics, will be confused when I do not place them ahead of My other children of different creeds. My choice of Words are designed to be heard by all and not just the chosen few. My Love does not differentiate. For those who question the way in which I speak to mankind, through this messenger, hear Me now.

While you, My followers, understand that the Truth has never changed from the time of My Crucifixion, know then that I must extend My Love to all God’s children.

No one is better than the other.

My daughter, you must not respond or try to defend My Word when challenged, to explain why I would speak in this way. My Word is Divine. It must not be changed or amended to suit those who consider themselves experts in theological law; for My Word will be given to the world in a language which will be clearly understood by mankind today. Many will ask why these Words do not use the same terminology or expressions used by My prophets and apostles of old and I will answer them now.

Remember My Teachings never change. No matter what language I use today to communicate in a modern way, the Truth remains the same, intact.

Be wary of visionaries or seers who claim that they are receiving messages from Me, who use ancient language or extracts from the Holy Bible; for this is not the way in which I would communicate to mankind today. Why would I do that? Would I not alienate a new generation, those who are ignorant of the language contained in My Father’s Holy Book?

Simplicity is the key, My children, when communicating My Most Holy Word. Remember, when teaching others of the Truth of My Existence, that simplicity in your approach is essential. If you do not do this, you will not reach those lost souls, because they will turn a deaf ear.

My Message of Love
The Message of My Love is very simple. I Am the Life that My children on Earth crave. Explain that I Am the Truth. Make this clear. Without Me, there is no eternal life. Use the prophecies, which I reveal to this messenger, to gain the attention of non-believers. For this is why they are being given to the world. Not to frighten them, but to prove that I Am now communicating today in a way in which My Most Holy Word will not only be heard, but believed.

Your loving Saviour and Teacher
Jesus Christ, King of Mercy.


Key Points regarding Prophecies:
  • Reflect on God’s Sacred Messages
  • Jesus’ choice of words are designed to be heard by all– not just the chosen few. God’s Love does not differentiate.
  • God’s Love is extended to all God’s Children. No one is better than the other. Genuine messages contain this truth.
  • The Word of God is given to the world in a language which can be clearly understood- by mankind today. The language used is for modern man; just as ancient language was used to communicate in ancient times. This is to facilitate God communicating with us.
  • Despite this, His Teachings never change and the Truth remains the same:- intact. This is a sign of God’s true prophets.
  • Be wary of seers or visionaries using ancient languages and/or extracts from the Holy Bible. God does not communicate that way.
  • Simplicity and clarity is a sign that messages may be authentic. This is how God communicates.
  • The prophecies are being given to gain the attention of non-believers through their proof (fulfilment), so that they believe that God is communicating to the world today. This is so God’s Word is not only heard, but believed.


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