Archbishop Vigano boldly tells it like it is!


The bishop from the  abyssum  blog, posted on June 1, 2020, 2 articles – one from a cloistered sister who wrote to Abp. Vigano, and also his response .. He states:

 “Here is another masterpiece from Archbishop Vigano in response from a powerful letter to him from a cloistered sister & published by renowned Italian journalist Marco Tosatti, giving a brilliantly incisive overview of the state of things in the Church today….where it is going……and what we should do.”

It is a very powerful letter. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano spells it all out – without fear, and without holding back. He says it like it is!

In the letter, the Archbishop speaks about the epochal clash between Good and Evil, between the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness”.  He continues to explain that What is being created is a single world religion without dogmas or morals, according to the wishes of Freemasonry…”. He even boldly asserts that “it is obvious that Bergoglio, along with those who are behind him and support him, aspires to preside over this infernal parody of the Church of Christ.”

In the following paragraph, Vigano speaks about “many Prelates’ and “Catholic media”, as well as “Cardinals and Bishops”  who speak about the the presumed necessity of a New World Order”. He states that the latter enjoy protection  from the leadership of the hierarchy”. He speaks about the arrogance of these people, who no longer want to remain hidden, and whowant to impose their tyranny on the peoples”.

Next, Abp. Vigano states that  “the essential point for effectively conducting a spiritual, doctrinal and moral battle against the enemies of the Church is the persuasion that the present crisis is the metastasis of the conciliar cancer.Now this part will be difficult for some Catholics – to accept that it all stems from “causal relationship between Vatican II and its logical and necessary consequences over the course of the last sixty years” He compares the phrase often repeated about the Vatican II changes to the Church there is no going back  with the phrase used today that nothing will be as it was before.” He says that “Modernisn and Covid-19 are part of the same brand”. He also states though, that the greatest fear of these tyrants is that “we will not believe them, ignore them, and unmask their conspiracy.” With these words, he gives us strength and motivation to fight this evil .

 “This is our duty, today: to open the eyes of many people, both clergy and religious, who have not yet put together the overall picture, limiting themselves to looking at reality only in a partial and disjointed way. As soon as we have helped them to understand the mechanism, they will understand everything else.”

His conclusion arms us with confidence:

“It is possible to go back, dear Sister, it is possible to do so in such a way that the good that was fraudulently taken from us may be restored: but only in the coherence of doctrine, without compromises, without yielding, without opportunism. The Lord will deign to grant us a share in his victory, even if we are weak and without material means, only if we will abandon ourselves totally to him and to His Most Holy Mother.”

Our Lady of Good Success lamented at Quito “In this supreme moment of need for the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent.

Thank God that Abp. Vigano is not one of those. Many of the clergy sadly are. We most pray very hard for all our bishops and clergy- that they will see the darkness for what it is, and that they will not be deceived and that they will have the courage to proclaim the Truth of Christ’s teachings – that they will be true Shepherds of the flocks entrusted to them.

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