Bergoglian Nuncio demands that Benedict return to Prison tomorrow!

Pope Benedict needs to be at the top of everyone’s prayer list!!

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Pope Benedict XVI departure from the Vatican had all the marks of an operation done without the approval of Bergoglio.

  1. No announcement to leading journalists of the impending voyage.
  2. Help of Gianni, former Head of the Vatican Police, ousted by Bergoglio for his daring raid on the Secretary of State’s corrupt real estate investment office.
  3. Use of Italian Secrete Police and Italian Military aircraft without any public notice in the Italian Papers.
  4. Statement of the Diocese of Regensburg, that the Pope had no immediate or definitive plans to return to the Vatican.
  5. Statement by the Bild Zeitung that there was doubt he would ever return.
  6. Speculation in Regensburg that he would remain, and how much it would be an honor to the city.
  7. Arrival of Bergoglio’s Nuncio at Regensburg on Saturday, two days after the arrival of Pope Benedict, as public display of Bergoglio’s approval.


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