Pope Benedict XVI prays at tomb of St. Wolfgang of Regensburg, before departing

All Pope Benedict’s actions are part of the story. He has all his wits about him and is still calling us to pay attention.

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By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has often been remarked that Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to renounce the petrine ministry had a lot to do with his devotion to Pope St. Celestine V, the hermit, who himself had renounced the papal office 7 centuries before.

Thus, I think we should take note, that before leaving Regensburg, the Holy Father took an occasion to pray before the tomb of St. Wolfgang.

But who is St. Wolfgan?  You can read his biography (here at Wikipedia, here at the Catholic Encyclopedia).

I will highlight things about the Saint which are similar or associated with Pope Benedict.

St. Wolfgang was a Benedictine monk, and Pope Benedict XVI has often remarked of his admiration for the Benedictine Order.

St. Wolfgang undertook the difficult mission to convert the Magyars, who invaded and ravaged western Europe in his own day. Pope Benedict XVI came to…

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