The False Prophet and Civil Unions.


As always, this has caused a stir, as is the case with everything he says.

Many of us are no longer surprised at anything this man says, but there are always those trying to defend him. These people have perhaps not noticed that he never defends himself. If it weren’t true, surely a good faithful pope would be very quick to clarify and clear the air, so that the church and its Teachings may not be harmed. ( By the way, silence and ignoring situations, are a deliberate strategy.)

Not only bishops, but many priests are jumping up to defend the true teachings of the Church. And so they should. It’s their job! Woe betide, any one who just ignores it, and does not try to save their flock from the wolves.

This time, a particular parish priest wrote in his bulletin about the pope and civil unions:


“… Far from backing down on the proposal for the recognition of homosexual civil unions, it seems Francis is doubling down. The allegedly independent media office, “Rome Reports” – … reliable mouthpiece for Francis – published this piece on Thursday:

It should also be noted that in the documentary, Francis implicitly approves adoption by same sex “couples”, and the consequent redefinition of the family.

I especially commend to your prayerful study the following statements by (respectively) Archbishop Viganò, Cardinal Burke, and Bishop Schneider, each of whom affirms and defends the unchangeable Catholic teaching on the impossibility of homosexual civil unions, both from Divine Revelation and the natural order accessible to reason:

For those who had not already recognised it, this latest development demonstrates what should already have been clear, at least from the appearance of Amoris Laetitia: that there is a determination in this Pope to accommodate the sexual revolution and all that goes with it. The Catholic line that had been maintained in Humanae Vitae and Veritatis Splendor had to be surrendered, in Francis’s view. But having openly abandoned the Catholic teaching – which is simply non-negotiable for anyone who wishes to be actually Catholic, and not just in name – does Francis not understand that he has actually destroyed his own moral authority and credibility?

And that’s not all. Pastors who care about souls more than their own careers could relate the enormous pain experienced by those who accept the saving truth of Christ, and who are struggling with the help of God’s grace to break with sexual sins that have enslaved them. They do not want to be patronised by a false reassurance from Francis or anyone else that they are fine as they are, and don’t need to convert their lives. These souls are deeply demoralised and wounded by the serpentine mendacity of false compassion.

Then there is the obvious question: how can you reject traditional sexual morality and objective moral norms, but still oppose sexual abuse? Answer: you can’t!

One other thing. The documentary was released as Italy stands poised to adopt legislation that could render criticism of the homosexual agenda a hate crime, punishable by up to 4 years’ imprisonment…. Surprised? One shouldn’t be, considering that on Thursday Francis’s Vatican betrayed the faithful underground Catholics of China yet again, by extending its agreement with (by which I mean “surrender to”) the Communist government. After all, Xi Jinping and Francis have a lot in common: the suppression of inconvenient truths and people. It’s dangerous these days to be Catholic, wherever you are on the planet.

Let us pray for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the reign of Christ the King.

(signed, Fr. …)”


There should be more “Sacred servants” like this. We must thank God, and continually pray for our priests and bishops. Remember we are at war with unseen forces. We can’t ignore everything and just hide away and wait to see what happens.This is a time like no other in the Churchg, and some are only just beginning to see this.

We must be grateful, to Abp. Vigano and Bp. Schneider, who are taking up the fight, and the job of leading the faithful.


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