“A Child is born to us … whose government is upon His shoulders”


Today is the Octave Day of the Nativity and the Feast of the circumcision of Our Lord ( in the Traditional Latin calendar) and the Feast of the Mother of God in the Novus Ordo.

Introit from today’s Mass: (Isaiah 9)

“A Child is born to us and a Son is given to us, whose government is upon His shoulders: and His Name shall be called the Angel of Great Counsel. (Ps 97:1) Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle, because He hath done wonderful things.”

and the Offertory Verse: (Psalm 88: 12, 15)

“Thine are the heavens, and Thine is the earth, the world and the fullness thereof  Thou hast founded: justice and judgement are the preparation of Thy throne.”

Communion verse: (Psalm 97:3)

“All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.”

These prayers sum up what is important for us to consider in these “end times”. Jesus is our King He governs us;  Justice and Judgement are His. No matter what 2021 throws at us, we can be at peace, knowing that He is always with us and in charge. We know Who will win.

Excerpts from Book of Truth”

  • “…Now to ensure that humanity understands the Truth, I come now to reclaim My Kingdom. By doing so, I have incurred the wrath of Satan. His plans to hide the Truth are elaborate and sophisticated. Cunningly, he has infiltrated My Church in this his last attempt to deny Me the souls I have come for. The souls who have a natural right to the Glorious Kingdom I promised them. This time he won’t win. But many souls will be deceived and as such, will be cheated out of the Greatest Gift given to humanity by My beloved Father. To live a life in the Glory of God with a perfect body and soul for eternity is yours. All of you. Do not squander this by allowing yourselves to be blinded to the True Word of God.   Your Jesus”  (12 Dec. 2013)  https://missionofsalvation.com/message-0990/


  • “… the world is being prepared for My Second Coming, and there are two separate entities involved in paving the way for this day.

My enemies have created many elaborate plans, which include genocide of the innocents, without their knowledge. While many wicked acts are being orchestrated against the human race, because of greed and a desire to control, the most ambitious act will be seen when they finally seize control of My House.

…  Black masses will become rampant thereby giving great powers to satan and his hierarchy. They will devour all that is holy and will go to extraordinary lengths to destroy Christianity, in what will be the greatest deceit in the history of My Church on earth.They will do this by pretending to embrace Christianity. Nothing will be as it seems and only those who are blessed with the Gift of Discernment, will see what is really happening.

The sins of man will be elevated before My Eyes and placed before My Altars, as a gesture of defiance.  … . I am to be mocked, not only through mere words, actions and changes in Holy Doctrine, but by carefully staged rituals, which will take place on My Altars.

The day will come when My Father will intervene and stop this final desecration. Attempts by My enemies, to inject life into their new pagan ceremonies, will be futile. They will present sophisticated and entertaining events of ‘worship to God’, but no good can come from it because the flame of the Holy spirit will be missing. Instead, all that will be seen will be the smouldering fumes of a fire that could not be lit. This is the smoke of satan and it will choke God’s children. Your Jesus” (28 November 2014 @ 11:50pm)

See many more details in this message at:

Message 1277

And Tribute to our Blessed Mother of Salvation:

We entrust to our dearly Beloved Mother ourselves and our families and loved ones, our priests and bishops – that all may be receptive to the Graces which are being poured down from Heaven – to be strong and faithful to our Lord and King – and also to envelop our countries under her mantle and return our countries back to God.

 Help of Christians, guard this land,
From assault or inward stain;
let it be what Christ has planned,
His new Eden where you reign.

2.Teach us that in Christ your Son
Lies the wisdom to be free;
For the Cross, which we would shun,
Is man’s Tree of Liberty.

  1. Should the powers of hell arise,
    And our peace be trampled down,
    In that night of blood and lies
    Show us still your twelve-starred crown.
  1. Take from us the coward heart,
    Fleeting will, divided mind,
    Give us sight to play our part,
    Though the world around is blind
  1. Image of the risen life
    Shining in eternity
    Glimmer through our earthly strife,
    Draw us to your victory.

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