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A synod is a council of a church, usually convened to decide an issue regarding doctrine, administration or application. In the Catholic Church, it is a meeting of bishops, who are governed by the code of Canon Law, which was updated in 1983. It meets when requested by the Pope. It can help the Pope to govern and make decisions that will help in the salvation of souls. Being, the Catholic church, founded by Christ, it cannot change doctrine.

Synods are a tool specifically chosen by the Freemasons to help destroy the Church. 

The wicked plan as outlined and translated by Fr Joseph Dwight in September 2013 from an Italian translation, outlines two directives about synods. These directives of the Grand Master of the Masons to the Catholic Bishops, have been in effect since 1962 (Vatican II).  They were revised in October 1993 as a progressive plan for the final stage.

The directives re: Synods is:

23. Be bold. Weaken the Pope by introducing Episcopal synods. The Pope will then become only a figurehead as in England where the High chamber and the Low chamber reign and from them the queen receives orders. Then weaken the authority of the Bishop, giving rise to a concurrent institution at the level of the priests. Say that in this way the priests receive the attention they deserve. Finally weaken the authority of the priest with the formation of groups of lay people who dominate the Priests. In this way you will give rise to such a hatred that even Cardinals will abandon the Church and then the Church will be democratic … the New Church …


30. After the Antipope has been elected, dissolve the synod of bishops as well as the associations of priests and parish councils. Forbid all religious to question, without permission, these new provisions. Explain that God loves humility and hates those who aspire to glory. Accuse of disobedience against Ecclesiastical authority, all those who raise questions. Discourage obedience to God. Tell the people that they must obey these higher ecclesiastics.

We have all seen the errors which resulted from the synods of 2014 and 2015.  We remember well ‘Amoris Laetitia’ – how these synods enabled/approved (under the guise of compassion) people who are divorced and remarried (without annulment), to continue to live together (in sin) and receive Holy Communion in this state. The idea of Synod that Francis (not the true pope) imagines is one where everyone makes up their own interpretations to suit their cultural context; supposedly pastoral application. He gives power to the Bishops to destroy what cannot be destroyed. He allows them to do what must not be allowed. He empowers them to do his dirty work because otherwise people would call him out for heresy. Instead they are left confused. The language used was “journeying”,” accompaniment” etc. This is an attack on Doctrine and the 10 Commandments. Jesus teachings were for eternity. He is God. He did not make a mistake in His teachings and forget about the future, where the culture demanded the opposite to what He taught. Many priests, bishops and clergy said it was “only” a footnote – yet somehow the ruling got into the Magisterium (through the backdoor – a “letter”).

See our article about the errors of Amoris Laetitia, and how it got in to the Magisterium despite the Dubia, at:

And the Amazonian synod seemed to approve of paganism (Pachamama)! The “pope” himself through an encyclical, gave more power to the bishops – enabling them to authorize any liturgical changes ( the Vatican would simply sign what they propose).

Now they want to have a year-long synod on “synodality’!

The following article posted by “The Irish Society for Christian Civilization”, sums up the issues  inherent in this topic.

Some excerpts from the article:

‘…there can be no synodality without fidelity to tradition and a conscious adhesion to the doctrine that the Church has always taught.

Synodality is the problem, not the solution. …

“…a possible future synod on synodality is a cause of great concern. It could validate the current version of synodality and consecrate its present practice, ... Synodality is today a password that supposedly opens every door and solves every problem. Instead, it gives rise to many problems.

“…Synodal conversion seems to precede even conversion to Christ….”

The running of the synod was prepared and accompanied by strictly controlled press statements. Television networks, Catholic newspapers or magazines known to question or express doubts about the synod were excluded from participating in events. The synod played to a unanimous and enthusiastic choir. Thus, many think that both the Synod final document (at least its draft) and the future apostolic exhortation (at least its draft) had already been written even before the event began.

“…If synodality originates from man, people or situations and not from God, it risks being functionally dependent on human structures. Thus, it gives rise to Pharisees,…”

“…Synodality is not a convention from which truth is born; it is the truth at the service of those who come together…”

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