Another synod.. really?


pan amazon synodSynods and Synodality

A synod is a council of a church, usually convened to decide an issue regarding doctrine, administration or application. In the Catholic Church, it is a meeting of bishops, who are governed by the code of Canon Law, which was updated in 1983. It meets when requested by the Pope. It can help the Pope to govern and make decisions that will help in the salvation of souls. Being, the Catholic church, founded by Christ, it cannot change doctrine.

Synods are a tool specifically chosen by the Freemasons to help destroy the Church. 

The wicked plan as outlined and translated by Fr Joseph Dwight in September 2013 from an Italian translation, outlines two directives about synods. These directives of the Grand Master of the Masons to the Catholic Bishops, have been in effect since 1962 (Vatican II).  They were revised in October 1993 as a progressive plan for the final stage.

The directives re: Synods is:

23. Be bold. Weaken the Pope by introducing Episcopal synods. The Pope will then become only a figurehead as in England where the High chamber and the Low chamber reign and from them the queen receives orders. Then weaken the authority of the Bishop, giving rise to a concurrent institution at the level of the priests. Say that in this way the priests receive the attention they deserve. Finally weaken the authority of the priest with the formation of groups of lay people who dominate the Priests. In this way you will give rise to such a hatred that even Cardinals will abandon the Church and then the Church will be democratic … the New Church …


30. After the Antipope has been elected, dissolve the synod of bishops as well as the associations of priests and parish councils. Forbid all religious to question, without permission, these new provisions. Explain that God loves humility and hates those who aspire to glory. Accuse of disobedience against Ecclesiastical authority, all those who raise questions. Discourage obedience to God. Tell the people that they must obey these higher ecclesiastics.

We have all seen the errors which resulted from the synods of 2014 and 2015.  We remember well ‘Amoris Laetitia’ – how these synods enabled/approved (under the guise of compassion) people who are divorced and remarried (without annulment), to continue to live together (in sin) and receive Holy Communion in this state. The idea of Synod that Francis (not the true pope) imagines is one where everyone makes up their own interpretations to suit their cultural context; supposedly pastoral application. He gives power to the Bishops to destroy what cannot be destroyed. He allows them to do what must not be allowed. He empowers them to do his dirty work because otherwise people would call him out for heresy. Instead they are left confused. The language used was “journeying”,” accompaniment” etc. This is an attack on Doctrine and the 10 Commandments. Jesus teachings were for eternity. He is God. He did not make a mistake in His teachings and forget about the future, where the culture demanded the opposite to what He taught. Many priests, bishops and clergy said it was “only” a footnote – yet somehow the ruling got into the Magisterium (through the backdoor – a “letter”).

See our article about the errors of Amoris Laetitia, and how it got in to the Magisterium despite the Dubia, at:

And the Amazonian synod seemed to approve of paganism (Pachamama)! The “pope” himself through an encyclical, gave more power to the bishops – enabling them to authorize any liturgical changes ( the Vatican would simply sign what they propose).

Now they want to have a year-long synod on “synodality’!

The following article posted by “The Irish Society for Christian Civilization”, sums up the issues  inherent in this topic.

Some excerpts from the article:

‘…there can be no synodality without fidelity to tradition and a conscious adhesion to the doctrine that the Church has always taught.

Synodality is the problem, not the solution. …

“…a possible future synod on synodality is a cause of great concern. It could validate the current version of synodality and consecrate its present practice, ... Synodality is today a password that supposedly opens every door and solves every problem. Instead, it gives rise to many problems.

“…Synodal conversion seems to precede even conversion to Christ….”

The running of the synod was prepared and accompanied by strictly controlled press statements. Television networks, Catholic newspapers or magazines known to question or express doubts about the synod were excluded from participating in events. The synod played to a unanimous and enthusiastic choir. Thus, many think that both the Synod final document (at least its draft) and the future apostolic exhortation (at least its draft) had already been written even before the event began.

“…If synodality originates from man, people or situations and not from God, it risks being functionally dependent on human structures. Thus, it gives rise to Pharisees,…”

“…Synodality is not a convention from which truth is born; it is the truth at the service of those who come together…”

Read the entire article at:


Hiding in Plain Sight: the boasts of Satan destroying Christ’s Church

There seems to be a theme emerging in some pieces of art which are approved by Church leaders, commissioned by them and/or on church property.

Last year’s nativity scene (2017) featured part of a church with broken, crumbling, destroyed walls and a mostly missing, broken cupola. It also featured a cracked painted portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the crumbling side wall.



Secondly,  there is the latest light show seen throughout Rome on the facade of  Santa Maria Minerva, in October 2018 . It clearly features destructions and distortions which are quite disturbing!

Watch the video below

Lastly, listen to the speeches or words of some of the Vatican approved ‘on trend’ bishops: Bishop Long has said more than once that it is time for the old church to be replaced- by a new model.

Here is an extract from a recent  address given by the Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv, to the National Council of Priests, Canberra, Australia, on 11 September 2018, and to the National Assembly of Diocesan Priests, Christchurch, New Zealand, 13 September 2018:


The separated, exalted and elitist priesthood, which is a byproduct of the ecclesiology that emphasises the perfection of the Church must be consigned to the past. This kind of priesthood has been mystified by a notion that a priest has exclusive and privileged access to the divine.

This religious elevation is suspect and unreal to say the least in the light of the clerical sexual abuse crisis. In fact, such an image of a priest has become discredited and shattered. There is no going back to the self-enclosed, elevated and exalted clerical world. Your magnificent Cathedral of Christchurch, which was destroyed by the recent earthquake may or may not be rebuilt because of the extent of the damage. We can be certain that the pieces of the old exalted and elitist priesthood cannot be put back together.

The myth of the mysterious, heroic, uncontaminated, unblemished “men in black” has imploded.

Instead of doctoring the image and reviving the mythology and mystique of the priesthood of yesterday, we can accept that what has been destroyed is irretrievable. Perhaps the end of the old world could lead to a new era and the current crisis offers the priesthood a chance to free itself from the manacle of clericalism.

The priest is not a lone and exalted figure, exclusively chosen and gifted with something which most people do not have. Rather, the priest is the presence in whom the implicit priesthood of the baptised is called to become explicit and active. In this way, we learn to discover a deeper and more holistic identity as members of the People of God and as presbyters in the sense of going in front leading people but not hermetically sealed from them.

Also recently he advocated for women priests and used words in his speech which supported the pouring of new wine into old skins, even while knowing that Jesus warns against this in the Gospels and that it results in destruction… which Long sees as a good thing. A summary of his address with some of his key statements and an analysis can be found here:

Friends of PF have described him as desiring complete and total change in the Church and as having a radical agenda which he will implement with or without the help of Synods (because after all he is also known as the ‘Dictator Pope’ by some).

George Neumayr writes in his book, ‘The Political Pope’, (according to an interview by Maike Hickson) that Pope Francis is sympathetic and supportive of the “radical political agenda of the global left” and is an “ecclesiastical equivalent of Barack Obama”. Source below:

Just search ‘radical agenda Pope Francis’ and see all the information that comes up. How will he destroy the church with his radical agenda? The answer is in the intentions and actions of the Freemasons in the Catholic Church which we can see playing out before our eyes. Here is an extract from their plan:

“Our ultimate end is that of Voltaire and the French Revolution-the final destruction of Catholicism, and even in the Christian idea… The task that we are to undertake…may take years, perhaps a century… We do not intend to win the Popes to our cause,… our principles, propagators of our ideas… Now then, to assure ourselves a Pope of the required dimensions, it is a question first of shaping for this Pope a generation worthy of the reign we are dreaming of…”In a hundred years time . . . bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter when in fact they will be following our flag . . . The reforms will have to be brought about in the name of obedience.” (The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, the Masonic plan to infiltrate the Catholic Church)


One of the more specific ways in which Francis seeks to achieve this is through synodality as explained here:

There have been many strange, anti-Christian and foreign, pagan, sometimes what appears to be demonic imagery used in surprising places in connection with the Church of Rome. The first such image “Fiat Lux: Illuminating our Common Home” was a result of the encyclical “Laudato Si”  and was projected onto the Vatican on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception: (2015)

“On December 8, a coalition convened by the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate initiative presented a gift of contemporary public art entitled “Fiat Lux: Illuminating our Common Home” to Pope Francis on the opening day of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy,…”

Related image


See the light show here:



See commentaries at:


So when you see imagery or videos or artworks featuring destruction of the Church or sentiments or ideals or imagery/symbols connected to the Church or you see anti-Christian ideals and imagery, realise that they are bolding boasting of their new agenda and preparing you for their One World Church. They barely even hide it anymore!

Remember Satan’s boast to Pope Leo XIII via a mystical vision?

“I can destroy your Church.” growled the guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, boasting to Our Lord.

Read the detail of this vision of Pope Leo XIII because it is clear in the longer and original form of the prayer that he composed, the intricate details of what he saw regarding the Church of the future.

That time is now.


devil vs Jesus

Open your eyes to that which is hiding in plain sight.


An evening with the Cardinal


A personal reflection

News by word of mouth

It all started last Sunday. A dear friend/parishioner mentioned that Cardinal Müller would be coming to address a group of priests (CCC) in the coming week. She had found out this information from a person who runs our favourite piety shop. She thought there might be a public talk. She said she would try to find out and let me know.


Two days later, this was confirmed. I was excited. This had not been widely publicised. The only problem was that it was at 7pm (quite dark during this, our winter) and it was out in the sticks- thick bush all around. I knew approximately where it was – not far from my daughter’s place. It was a fairly new Retreat and Conference centre with a beautiful Romanesque style church. I can’t drive at night – my eyes can’t handle all the lights – (guess I’m getting old!!). My faithful brother – much older than me but who can still handle night driving, could not come that night so I enlisted 2 other people (Legion of Mary members) to come with me.

The Venue

It was difficult to find. It was right away from the main roads. The road was narrow and wound around; there were no street lights and only a house here and there. I didn’t want to miss the turn off. (thank goodness for the GPS). It was a narrow road – dark and no houses –  just thick bush both sides. I spied a bit of a gap in the bush with something that stood out. We stopped to see what it was. With only the car lights to see – there was a sign – not very big – and not illuminated. This was it. There was only a narrow track – so we followed it – seemed like kilometres long. Actually very scary.

Finally we saw lights. This was it. The first thing we saw was the church – a beautiful Romanesque-style building and lots of meeting rooms, dining rooms and accommodation facilities.

There were lots of groups of priests – all dressed in their long black cassocks, standing around. We had to ask where the talk was being held. As we entered – there were freebies – the latest issue of ‘The Priest’  – the publication of ACCC; also information pamphlets and holy cards, and brochures to sign up as a lay support member, etc. There were also tables of books from our favourite piety store – fancy seeing them here!

Who was there

We were so surprised to see many people and priests that we knew. We didn’t know what the CCC was – a group of diocesan priests, all dressed in long black cassocks and white collar.

There were many young priests, as well as some old ones.

There was a young seminarian we knew

And of course there was Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, (former Prefect of Congregation of the Faith in the Vatican (2012-2017);

a local bishop andPassionist Monastery

our very own dear Cardinal George Pell.

There were priests from states all over Australia. It was their annual meeting and retreat. It was such a privilege to be there.

One of my parishioner friends commented : “Where have all these priests been hiding?”

The ACCC (Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy) promises to uphold traditional teachings of the Church). It’s what we need – more priests like this to counter modernism and relativism.

On pursuing their magazine, we saw articles by 2 other Australian Bishops – this means we know of at least 4 Australian Bishops that are part of this group.

The Big Event – Cardinal Müller’s talk on “Synodality”

Began with a prayer and (on Feast of St James) “St James pray for us.”

The talk was very academic, and it was like a lecture at uni. I guess it was really aimed at the priests. I wished I had brought another very knowledgeable professor/ parishioner along. Normally, I can quite clearly write notes, but the language and the structure was too difficult. I would write down a few words, then forget the end of the sentence.

However, there are a few gems that I can share. (may not be exact words of the Cardinal, but) quoted from my notes:

  • Synods were councils in the early Church to help teach Truths – e.g. the Creed. Now, in theses times they are used for secularization of the Church. Synods must go back to Holy Scriptures, and Magisterium.
  • Reform of the church can only be through renewal in Jesus Christ.
  • “Brave reformers” usually just end up with the same old heresies.
  • The Holy Spirit is often mentioned in terms of reform, but the H.S. was sent by Jesus. Unless the reforms are grounded in Jesus Christ and His teachings, they are not of the Holy Spirit.


  • Referring to the pope’s encyclical “Laudato Si” , the Cardinal said that environmental protection and climate change are not reasons for the existence of the Church. The Church must speak about Revelation. It is a provider of spiritual direction. It is only a placebo without the message of the Gospel.


  • He spoke of the general cultural climate – of relativism, modernism and post modernism – of “obsolete” doctrines of Faith and Morals.


  • He spoke of neo-pagans in Christian countries with long-standing Christian traditions. These speak of the “imaginary after life


  • Enlightened intellectuals have spent the last 300 years to wipe away Christian tradition – we are in the deep waters of deChristianization. There is a battle for substantial deChristianization..


  • Cardinal Müller quoted St Paul: “You foolish Galations… “; ”time is running out”; “sound doctrines..”; “itching ears…”


  • The exterminating labour camps were hell on earth. Abortion is the Culture of Death.


  • Fools:

Say: “There is no God”’;

 Fools “change the Truth”;

 Fools “see the creature not the Creator”.


Other quotes:

  • On enticing young priests away from the priesthood –

“sweet venom of flattery”; mockery and indifference for those who want to be priests.

  • “Beware of ravenous wolves and “being dragged before commissions…”


  • “Therefore I send you prophets”. Card. Müller said “Suffering with Christ can be a blessing for you.


  • “Let your light shine..” (not modernity, etc)
  • “Don’t hide it under a bushel’.
  • There are no old Sacraments, nor new Sacraments: the Sacraments were given to us once


  • The Card. said he hoped the synod to be held here would be better than the ones held in Rome.


  • “You can’t speak about the family, without the words of Jesus”


Question and Answer Session with Cardinal Müller:

  1. The Catholic Religion requires deep water to swim. In terms of genuine renewal how do we do this?

A: Read the BIble, the decisions of the Councils, the Sacraments, Prayers, catechism, Church Fathers, Commandments, the Mass.

Christianity is an intellectual religion. You can’t love God if you don’t know Him. Know your own Faith before studying others.


  1. Relativism – young people are so fooled. How do you deal with it?

A: It is an ideology against nature. It is against logic. They don’t accept he rules of logic. They can accept “transgenderism but not “Transsubstantiation”.


  1. A lady said that there was a universal catechism”. She asked, in terms of Catholic Schools or whether you are a catechist in a public school –why did the teaching vary from diocese to diocese. As an example, she mentioned the new RE Curriculum to be introduced into the Parramatta diocese which questioned the True Presence and said that miracles od Jesus were only symbolic.

The answer (in a nutshell) – Without God, it makes no sense.


  1. The Plenary Councils/synods focus on listening to groups. What is Christ trying to say to us?

Cardinal Müller said that you can’t dislink the Holy Spirit from the teachings of Jesus Christ. No other revelation is possible. The Holy Spirit is not another Incarnation. The H. S. is of Jesus Christ, so they must listen to the Scriptures.


  1. Advice to seminarians:

“Be a priest according to the heart of Jesus Christ. Participation in God’s Will is our Salvation.”


  1. This question was based on a society with a diversity of cultures and faiths. How can we learn from the Fathers of the Church?

A. We don’t need a homogenous society but we need unity in Faith. Our philosophy now is anti-Christian.


  1. There are no exceptions in the basic commandments. Reality is greater than the idea in a papal document. How can Reality be greater than the ideas of God? They can’t be.


  1. (I can’t remember the question but here is the answer): Modernism: Is a subjective interpretation of the Faith; close to protestant theologians. For people today, the documents of the Church are very important (to defend the Faith), but we can’t force people to accept it.


Refreshments afterwards

Afterwards, we were invited to join the priests for refreshments. We spoke to quite a few. Some we knew from the past; others came to say hello to us. I had more courage than usual, because I knew that Cardinal Müller was there to stand up for the Truth.

 A few weeks ago, a prayer group member in another state, sent me a bulletin from a particular parish. It spoke about events in the Church. While speaking to a young priest, I mentioned this priest’s name and wondered if he was here. Next thing I saw this priest making a bee-line straight for me. He shook my hand and called me by name. (obviously, the young priest I had been speaking to me, went and told him) We spoke about the importance of people being aware of events unfolding in the Church.


In conclusion:

It was a very motivating and joyful experience.

I am so glad and thankful that I was able to go.

We are going to join the lay association.

It is a worthy cause  – to support these priests.

We will need them in times to come – as they will need us.


Thank you, Lord.

Keep these priests close to Your Sacred Heart

and grant them lots of Courage

so that they will not be deceived,

Enable them to continue to lead us in Your Truth and salvation.



P.S. There is also a “CCC” in other countries – e.g. the USA.

If you haven’t heard of them, google them and make a point of connecting with them.