Are the Prophecies true? – 3. Schism; 4. Churches closed


3. Prophecy:

The schism in My Church will be broken into different stages.

The first stage will be when only those who truly know Me, and understand the Truth of the Holy Gospels, will decide that they cannot accept lies in My Name….”

The second stage will come about when people are denied the Holy Sacraments, as they are meant to be.” 

The third stage will be when My Churches have been desecrated and that will be when My sacred servants will, at last, understand the Truth contained in the Book of Revelation. (20th October, 2013)

Prophecy being Fulfilled:

The first stage of the schism: The four Cardinals (Burke, Meisner, Brandmüller, and Caffarra) who issued the “Dubia” to the pope in Sept. 2016 because they could no longer accept the lies in’ Amoris Laetitia’dubia-brothers

The second stage of the schism: Sacraments of Matrimony, Penance, Eucharist, Holy Orders and Extreme Unction are no longer the way they are meant to be. More change is still to come. Be alert for when the “new Mass” is subtly created (being planned by a commission appointed by the FP) and for changes to the meaning of the Eucharist.

The third stage of the schism: This occurred already in Oct 2019 at The Amazonian Synod, with the consecration of the synod to a pagan idol – that of the ‘Pachamama’ – which was attended by the Fp and some bishops –  and which was worshipped by them. The FP blessed the idol. It was later carried in procession and installed in a nearby church. At the closure of the synod, the Holy Altar, on which Mass was celebrated, there was placed a “pagan ritual bowl”

7pagan ritual bowl on altarjpg

. Churches have also been desecrated in other ways, and much more is to come. When this takes place, it will be the final straw. It will be obvious to all our bishops and that the church led by the FP, has abandoned the True Church and it will be in schism. Although, being the way of the evil one, they will declare that it is the faithful Church established by Christ, and which has remained true to His teachings, to be the ones in schism.Schism-690x450

4. Prophecy: Churches closed

closed church


“Then, the Churches, including all those who love God, the one triune God, will begin to withdraw their services and close their doors. The number of Churches which will close down, will be seen, in all western countries.” (17th April, 2013)

Prophecy being Fulfilled:

  • 5 Nov. 2014 Huffington Post

Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Sunday (Nov. 2, 2014) announced that nearly a third of the archdiocese’s 368 parishes would be merging, and some would close. The changes were to take effect on Aug. 1 2015.

  • 5 Dec. 2016 LifeSite News:

“L’Osservatore Romano published a report … 600-700 Catholic churches in the Netherlands will be decommissioned by 2018. In 2010, (a report) said two churches a week are closing due to lack of congregations.Of the 170 monasteries which are still in use for religious purposes, approximately 150 will close in the next 10 years… In his own diocese of Utrecht 326 parishes are being “melted” into 49 “very large” territorial amalgamations in each of which one church is to be designated as a “Eucharistic centre.”

  • The closing of churches partially and/or temporarily has been seen all over the world since 2019 due to a declared pandemic, when a ‘virus’ was used an excuse to do this. In fact, many bishops volunteered to do this before the government even requested them to do so. No-one objected. It was not a real excuse, especially when places such as gyms, liquor stores, tattoo parlours were left open. As a result, the faithful have been slowly becoming acclimatized to not attending Mass, to staying at home and watch it being live-streamed or just having Sunday’s to themselves. Masses are not being offered, Holy Water has not been used to make the Sign of the Cross. The devil is laughing at us. Eventually, with the “deadly” virus being the excuse, and the fear caused by this, remaining churches will also close. There is already a huge reduction in donations so the empty, unused churches will also become financially unviable.  It is now nearly 2 years and our churches are still predominantly closed. We had a gap of almost normal church services, but we are back to closure and lockdowns.

ChurchClosed1-1500x926This has affected the Church in numerous ways. Our Legion of Mary groups cannot function,  Sacramental classes cannot take place to prepare children for Confession and Holy Communion, the teaching of Catechism isn’t happening, no youth groups for the young people, no Adoration hours before the Bl. Sacrament, no community to strengthen, console, meet, unite or form ties; a broken body with disconnected parts.

This also seems to be creating a new class of Catholic, who do not make the effort to attend Mass, when it is available. It seems clear and probable that only a remnant will remain faithful, and therefore, many churches will close completely and be used for other purposes.

In China, and elsewhere, churches are shut down or destroyed. 

We are denied the Sacraments as foretold and in our hour of greatest need. Weddings, Holy Orders, Baptisms And Confirmations are delayed indefinitely or even cancelled, Reconciliation is not offered, Communion is not available and even the sick and dying are not able to be visited and receive the  Last Rites. And yet the underground masses or simply defiant priests, who honour God’s Laws above men, bravely continue. Herein lies the real church; spurned and castigated for ‘disobeying’ the dictatorships and for ‘being selfish’. 

The fulfilment of each stage of the schism unfolds before us; previously unthinkable. 

Next Post in this series will be:

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