Are the Prophecies true? – 5.Summoning Mary; 6.Loyal Sacred servants to guide you; 7.They will not kneel before Me


5.Summoning Mary


When you honour My Mother, you must visit her Shrines and pay homage to her there. Those who love Me will go to her. They must never accept that My Mother can be commanded to the court of the enemies of My Church.” (14th August, 2013)

Prophecy fulfilled:

  • Just 2 months later on 13th October 2013, the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pope_Francis_entrusts_world_to_Virgin_Mary_Oct_13_Credit_Lauren_Cater_CNA_CNAFatima was brought all the way from Portugal to the Vatican. Surely, it was not so difficult for PF/FP to travel to the holy shrine in Portugal.? His inner conviction and all his blasphemies and mockery regarding Mary are testament to this.


6. Loyal sacred servants to guide us

My loyal sacred servants


“My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you on the path of Truth. These brave sacred servants of mine will receive extraordinary graces to enable Christians to see clearly, the difference between right and wrong. Take heart all of you and know that these graces are now being poured upon these servants of mine, for without their leadership you would find it difficult to proclaim the Truth.” (4th March 2014)

Prophecy fulfilled:

The first ones that seemed to answer God’s call were the ‘Dubia Cardinals.

Cardinal Burke

  • The 4 Cardinals (Burke et al,). The first step was when Card Burke told us to “stay faithful”. The Dubia was later presented to pf/fp – which was never answered.
  • Bishop Athanasius Bp. SchneiderSchneider


  • Abp.Vigano
  • Many other priests are now regularly speaking up.

Abp. Vigano is in hiding, but never lets a week go by without proclaiming errors and the Truth. Bp. Schneider, is also a regular defender of the Faith. both of them are often interviewed and their proclamations formally presented.

In addition to these, there are many blogger priests who take risks in speaking up. Some have been removed from their posts. I will not name them, but you will undoubtedly, already be familiar with them.


7. They will not kneel before Me


All homage to Me, in My Churches, will soon be reduced to a mere nod in My direction. They will no longer genuflect before My Tabernacles. They will not bow before Me or kneel, nor will they pray before My Corpus on the Cross, for it will not be My Image they will be asked to venerate. I will be scourged and made to look ridiculous. My Words will be turned into the most peculiar verbiage and the Truth of My death on the Cross will be thrown out” (19th November, 2013)

Prophecy fulfilled:

In  On 31 May, 2016, Christopher Ferrara wrote:  (in

  • “On May 26 a Eucharistic procession presided over by Francis took place at the Basilica of Mary Major in Rome. Before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar was a velvet kneeler for the Pope’s use. Francis declined to kneel upon it. He stood before the Blessed Sacrament exposed while priests and altar boys around him knelt in reverence.
  • Francis has consistently declined to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament — the Eucharistic Lord — in any context. Not even when he confects the Eucharist himself at the altar; not even during his first Mass as Pope in the Sistine Chapel.

    Pope Francis kisses the foot of a refugee during the foot-washing ritual at the Castelnuovo di Porto refugees center near Rome, Italy

    Yet he readily kneels to receive the “blessing” of babbling charismatics and to wash and kiss the feet of non-Catholics, including Muslim women, during the foot-washing ritual with which he has replaced the traditional Holy Thursday

Quoting Francis’ predecessor, writing when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, the courageous Antonio Socci openly poses the question to which Catholics the world over would like an honest answer: Father Bergoglio [as Francis calls himself], do you have a problem with the Holy Eucharist? Do you not know that in Christian spirituality the ‘inability to kneel is seen as the very essence of the diabolical’?” (In this regard, Ratzinger noted a curious detail in all depictions of the devil: the absence of knees for kneeling.)…”

Of course, we all know that many priests and servers no longer kneel before the tabernacle, nor do the faithful; they merely give a nod, or at most a little bow to acknowledge our King present in the tabernacle. This is all bad enough, but you would think that the leader of Catholics would show where his faith lies.

We would curtsy or bow or even kneel to a secular King or Queen, but our heavenly King, Creator and Saviour barely gets a nod in His direction.


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