“When you do not hear the call to save your souls,…you will know, … that something is terribly wrong.”


Today is the Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun.

The message below, from our Blessed Mother seems very apt for today. Ar Fatima, Our lady warned us of many things, of the errors of Russia. of communism. Indeed, today we can see and feel the “errors” of Russia. They are alive everywhere there is tyrannical rule (where our God-given freedoms have been taken); where God has all but disappeared, and once Christian nations, are as pagans.

The first paragraph is a warning from Our Blessed Mother.

It is nearly 8 years since this message and we have indeed seen the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and we have seen them begin to declare the heresies. You know what they are. I am tired of enumerating them. That was then, but now it takes on a whole new meaning. We will soon witness heresies which will begin to be declared at the “synod of synodality” – two long years we will have to suffer through this. The FP has proudly announced that it will be a “different” Church. He spoke a few years ago of the “New Evangelisation” – is this what this will be? He mentioned that the synod has three key words: “communion, participation and mission” so that the Church can undergo a process of “change” and “healing”.

We have already seen Communion for adulterers, blessing of homosexual unions; we have seen paganism and idolatry introduced into the most sacred of places. What could be next? Remember there is a new Mass being formulated. Remember  the new “chrislam” church is meant to be ready next year. And we have the “abomination of desolation” to anticipate with dread.

Our Lady warns us once again. we need to take notice this time and be ready!


Mother of Salvation: My Son died to save your souls, not to free you from the ills of this world

5 December 2013 @ 2:00pm; Message 0983

My child, the world will witness the prophecies of La Salette as the enemies of God, dressed as wolves in sheep’s clothing, will now stand up proudly within my Son’s Church on Earth and begin to declare the heresies which I warned the world about. That time has arrived.

As foretold, the darkness has already descended upon the Church and this plan to devour the souls of the faithful will continue until the Body of my Son is desecrated in accordance with the plan of the antichrist.  What many people do not know is that the enemies of God, led by the antichrist – still to make himself known – believe in God. Not only do they believe in God, but because they detest everything to do with God, they will plot against His Plans to prepare the world for the Second Coming of my Son, Jesus Christ.

For every Word my Son declares, through these Messages, they will contradict Him by imitating what He says. If my Son says, prepare now through the Sacraments and prayer, they, His enemies, will make similar statements, but they will be different. The call to help humanity – the poor – the persecuted – will be their main focus, not the proclamation of the Word. They will not urge you to pray for your souls or for the salvation of other souls. No, instead, you will be asked to help these souls from a humanitarian perspective.

When you do not hear the call to save your souls, from those who claim to represent the Church of my Son, then you will know, within your hearts, that something is terribly wrong.

My Son died to save your souls, not to free you from the ills of this world, which will always exist until my Son reclaims His Rightful Throne, promised to Him by God the Most High. You must never forget the Word of God. All that matters now is to plead for the salvation of all souls – irrespective as to whether they are kings or paupers.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


We must listen this time and be ready. Remember, she has asked us many, many times for more prayer, fasting, reparation and penance. We must intensify all our efforts. Grace is discovered in the process. The Crusade Prayers impart incredible grace and strength for the situations that we are in and for what we need. Never forget the daily Rosary.

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