“Pray, pray, pray and recite my Holy Rosary for it is the most powerful weapon to keep Satan away from destroying your life.”


This October we need to keep reminding ourselves of the power of the Rosary and of our Mother’s power given to her to defeat the evil one, who is causing so much trouble – in our families, our government leaders, an in the Church. She tried to warn us, many times. At Fatima she warned us about the errors of Russia, which were to come if we did not listen. For hundreds of years she has been telling us to amend our ways, and to do penance, and pray the Rosary.

Now the times she foretold are here upon us. but she is still here to tell us what to do and to open our eyes to the deceiver  and his evil ways. The answer is the Rosary!

After the Mass it is the most powerful. It is the weapon which will slay the beast.

We have all heard of the incredible victories in saving nations from heresies and from invaders. But there are many of us who have personal stories. I was contemplating this afternoon about writing more on the Rosary, when I received a phone call from a fellow Crusader. In the course of the conversation, he told me about one of his experiences with the Rosary.

This man has been the off-sider of quite  a few exorcist priests. He attended many and quite often helped the priest. He told me that on one occasion in the 1980’s, there was an exorcism being done on a young man. He was a big, strong man with a big build – as most islanders  are. In the process, he was getting quite violent, and 6-8 men who were present, and who were just as big as he were, could not hold him down. He flung them away like toys. My friend, D…, had to do something. He wrapped his Rosary beads around his hand, and held it out to the man being exorcised. Immediately, the man desisted, and was humble and meek as a lamb. D…’s wife was present and watching because it was an urgent call and they stopped off while on another journey. His wife attests to it. Apparently the man had been cursed by an ex-wife. (I won’t go into the details here).We are so blessed to have the Book of Truth, which Jesus started dictating to Maria nearly  11 years ago, where Jesus Gives us the information we need. We also have our loving Blessed Mother, who is still there to protect us, explain things to us and remind us to pray.

Below are just 2 chosen messages for us to meditate on, and to act accordingly.


Virgin Mary: My Rosary can save nations

29 December 2011 @ 2:15pm; Message 0290

My child, reciting my Holy Rosary can save nations.

My children must never forget the power of my Holy Rosary.

It is so powerful that it renders the deceiver useless. He can do nothing to you, or your family, when you recite this daily.

Please ask my children to begin to say my Holy Rosary from this day forth in order to protect not only their families, but their communities also.

The Rosary is the most powerful weapon against the evil one’s plans to destroy what he can, in these his last days on Earth.

Never underestimate the lies that he plants in people’s minds in order to turn my children away from the Truth.

So many, under his influence, will kick and fight against the Truth of my Son’s great Mercy.

By saying my Holy Rosary you can protect these souls from lies.

Their hearts can and will be opened if you set aside the time to say my Rosary.

Pray now for my children to open their hearts to the Truth. Pray too that all my children will find the strength to accept my Son’s Mercy.

Your beloved Mother
Queen of the Angels


Virgin Mary: My Gift to defeat and destroy the serpent

29 November 2011 @ 9:00pm; Message 0263

My child, tell all those followers of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, that they must seek my protection at all times. Satan’s days are drawing swiftly to an end and many children are vulnerable to his temptations.

By asking me for protection and my special graces, Satan will not harm my children or draw them away from my Son.

Everyone is a target of Satan today as he roams everywhere seeking the ruination of souls. His attacks are most vicious when you are a devout follower of God and when you have a strong faith. His hatred for such souls will cause them pain and confusion.

He, the deceiver, only has one goal and that is to seduce all souls in order that they will follow him so that he can destroy their chances of eternal salvation.

Pray every moment you can spare for my protection against the evil one. I have been accorded the great Gift by my heavenly Father to defeat and destroy the serpent.

When you turn to me for help, I will always help you turn back to my Son for the solace you so desperately seek and which will soothe your soul.

Pray, pray, pray and recite my Holy Rosary for it is the most powerful weapon to keep Satan away from destroying your life.

Thank you for responding to my call, my child, for I needed to remind you of the urgency of seeking my help because you are under ferocious attack at this stage in your Mission.

Go in peace.

Your Heavenly Mother
Mary, Queen of Heaven



The evil one :

  • Plans to destroy what he can in his last days on earth
  • He plants lies in people’s minds in order to turn them away from the Truth
  • He only has one goal: to seduce all souls to follow him so that he can destroy their chances of eternal salvation.
  • He will kick and fight against the Truth of Jesus’ Mercy
  • Targets everyone as he roams about seeking the ruin of souls
  • Viciously attacks the devout and those strong in their Faith
  • His hatred for such souls causes them pain and confusion

Praying the Rosary can:

  • Save nations
  • Render the deceiver useless – he can’t do anything to you or your family when you pray the Rosary daily
  • Protects your family and communities, when you say it daily
  • Protects souls from the lies of the deceiver
  • Can open the hearts of souls who have been misled by the evil one.
  • Opens hearts to the Truth
  • Protects those who are vulnerable to the evil one’s temptations
  • Will not harm those who ask Our Lady for protection
  • Pray to Our Lady for protection because God has the Gift to defeat and destroy the serpent
  • When we turn to our Mother, she will always help us turn back to her  Son for the solace we so desperately seek and which will soothe our soul.
  • The Holy Rosary is the most powerful weapon to keep Satan away from destroying our lives


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