Cardinal Pell – “may the holy angels escort you to Paradise.”


Today is a sad day. I heard this morning of the sudden death of our dearly beloved Cardinal.

Because of certain events in his story, on hearing this news I was suspicious. But it seems that he had a cardiac arrest after surgery, whilst chatting to the Dr. The last public statement I read about him was his tribute to Pope Benedict XVI after his death

Cardinal Pell was out much loved (and hated by some) Cardinal. He was a faithful disciple of Jesus. He always told the Truth, even though this was not always welcome. It was bitter sweet, that, after he was cleared of all charges, that he went back to Rome.

His 3 volumes of his memoirs in prison are compelling reading.  See Cardinal Pell’s  story (and prophecy about him) here:

Our website has many articles about the cardinal. Some of them include:

  • Are the prophecies True? 22. “…Terrible miscarriage of justice…”

This story reveals the prophecy, and all the events involved. It , including the Vatican finances he was asked to sort out. It was when he had asked for a world-renowned Audit company to get involved, that the charges against him suddenly appeared. Read about these charges and how his case was mysteriously a copycat of another one in America .


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Paul Collits, on his substack writes:

“On George Pell – A Personal Reflection

Jan. 11, 2023

“Following the sudden death of Cardinal Pell, innocent of all charges against him are now at eternal rest, I am republishing one of my many articles on the Cardinal (July 2020). I have written over fifty thousand words on his trials, Victoria Police, Louise Milligan and related subjects. Many of these are freely available at The Freedoms Project and at Quadrant Online. Requiescat in pace.

Now the dust has settled.  All the protagonists have had their say following the Holy Week exoneration of George Cardinal Pell by the High Court of Australia.

Victims groups released their statements, tinged with bitterness.  Supporters of justice for all, like Frank Brennan, drew their legal conclusions.  Politicians now utterly consumed with their own, other, crises, like Daniel Andrews, got their little jibes in.  Julia Gillard, whose half billion dollar Royal Commission had finally been shown to have missed its primary mark, mumbled something or other faintly to console the victims industry, now aggrieved afresh.

The chief media prosecutors, …

Scott Morrison said nought. 

Despite the conspicuous and ringing endorsements the Cardinal had earlier received from two of Morrison’s eminently more worthy predecessors, Tony Abbott (a Catholic) and John Howard (not a Catholic).

Cardinal Pell granted an exclusive interview, no doubt watched by millions, to Andrew Bolt, one of the Cardinal’s most vigorous supporters out of season.  Bolt is used to abuse from his many opponents, so no problem there.  He had a great platform and he used it to the max. 

Bolt was not the Cardinal’s only persistent supporter in the mainstream media.  But there were not many.  …  Keith Windschuttle at Quadrant broke new stories on the case – like the connection with the Billy Doe case in the USA – and provided rigorous insights on all sorts of issues related to the “evidence” of the case.

Others writing at Quadrant supplied some of the bits missing from the mainstream media.  Like Professor John Finnis.  A previously unknown theological researcher in remote Wales called Christopher Friel emerged from nowhere, and wrote over one hundred forensically researched essays on the Pell case.  His insights were incredible, really.  He totally broke the story of Lyndsay Farlow and unlocked the twitterati’s conspiracy to get Pell.  This was astonishing journalism, to say the very least.

Another figure from Pell’s past, the indefatigable John Macaulay, contributed much intel to the international Catholic media, especially to EWTN.  ….  One figure stands out, though.  … George Weigel, Pope John Paul II’s biographer and a compelling truth teller.  Writing mainly at First Things, he prosecuted two cases.  One was that his old friend George Pell was innocent, and absurdly charged with offences unthinkable to us all, including to Pell himself.  The second was that the whole charade had put Australian justice on trial in the international court of public opinion.  He was a strategic supporter of Pell, decidedly out of season as well.

I have argued before that the broad Pell (small d) defence team had two objectives, and four strategies.  The two objectives were to get him out of gaol, and to restore his decimated reputation.  The four strategies were – prayer, public witness, communication with the Cardinal, and monetary contributions to his legal defence. 

First, Cardinal Pell received thousands of letters of support while he was in gaol, and these expressions of faith must have deeply affected the Cardinal.  Just as the apparent expressions of support and connection for him from fellow prisoners must have provided much needed reassurance during his dark days of solitary confinement Even though he routinely reported to his friends that prison was merely an elongated “retreat”.   …

The American journal First Things, such a defiant source of international support for the Cardinal,  has ongoing significance in the Pell story, post-exoneration.  For the Cardinal has just recently published in First Things a reflection on his time in prison.

Fr Fessio of Ignatius Press has predicted that the Cardinal’s book on his time in prison will prove to be a “spiritual classic”.    …

The Cardinal had allies in prison, including the prison boss who urged him to continue with his legal appeals when he himself doubted their value.  Astonishing.

The Cardinal concluded:

My Catholic faith sustained me, especially the understanding that my suffering need not be pointless but could be united with Christ Our Lord’s. I never felt abandoned, knowing that the Lord was with me—even as I didn’t understand what he was doing for most of the thirteen months. For many years, I had told the suffering and disturbed that the Son of God, too, had trials on this earth, and now I myself was consoled by this fact. So, I prayed for friends and foes, for my supporters and my family, for the victims of sexual abuse, and for my fellow prisoners and the warders.  …

Cardinal Pell is a pragmatic pastor and a pragmatic thinker.  He is a serious intellectual, of course, what with his Oxford doctorate and his many spiritual tomes such as God and Caesar, Test Everything and Contemplating Christ Through Luke, and his reflections on prominent twentieth century Catholic philosophers like Elizabeth Anscombe, who he knew personally.

But Pell’s spiritual writings and his thinking are infused with a down-to-earth Aussie realism and groundednessHis homilies, as evidenced by his Be Not Afraid, inevitably reflect a rare combination of the spiritual, the reflective and the practical. 

His engagement with the earthly issues of the day, of course, have caused him grief with the elite worthies who played such an active and vindictive active part in the attempt to crucify him. …

His rise to number three in the Vatican confirmed Pell’s gravitas and his international reputation as a serious player in the Church.  His appointment by a new pope (Francis) with whom he might not have been seen as a natural theological ally only confirmed his reputation as a can-do, reforming truth-teller.  (He was given the assignment to clean up the Vatican’s notoriously corrupt finances.  An assignment he assiduously accepted and proceeded to execute, only to be thwarted by what some have argued was a Vatican-Victorian police joint operation


What we now have unleashed is not an ageing prelate bent on revenge against his many enemies and on personal vindication, but rather a deeply reflective pastor and spiritual giant of a man concerned to live out his remaining life in service of his God and of truth, leavened by endless compassion.

Not a bad model for those of us afflicted with far lesser burdens”


This article by Paul, has many other details. To read it in full, go to:


There is no doubt that he was a (white) martyr, especially considering the prophecy which could only apply to him. No other bishop has been so badly treated and maligned.

He bore it all with patience and Faith.

He loved Our Lord .

He was a saintly man.

He has been taken to his reward.

Please pray for his soul. +++










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