Thoughts on Anzac Day

Thoughts from a Crusade Prayer Group member (C…) on Anzac Day. (For people who don’t live in Australia, this is a day (a public holiday) where we commemorate our soldiers who have given their lives for our country.)

“…thought I’d share the thoughts that I had this morning while saying my prayers. I came out and put the TV on for my mum and of course the ANZAC tribute was on, so I started watching for a while out of respect, and prayed for the fallen.

Then I was drawn to a picture on my wall of Jesus on the Cross, and I felt immense sadness, and the thoughts that came to me were – ‘If only mankind would show even one eighth of the media and social media coverage of my Passion every Good Friday that they dedicate to the ANZAC story, many more souls would be saved, as people would be reminded of my Passion for more than a few seconds on the news. Even though its always good to remember our dead, it causes me such great pain that the suffering I endured for mankind during my Passion is almost ignored, some of the same people who can show such compassion for the lost soldiers don’t even spend one moment thinking of my suffering, its just another holiday.’

I don’t think I’ll ever think of ANZAC day the same way again. I know most of my own family and many friends got up at 4am for the dawn service and that’s great, but imagine they were asked to go to church even for an hour over Easter. I think I can imagine the response, unfortunately, poor Jesus, he puts up with a lot from us.”