Pope Benedict – What comes next? (Prophecies and Rome)


Today is the day of Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral.

He had endured nearly 10 years of isolation – some say “a prisoner”. The man who sits on the Chair of Peter – (elected, but not chosen) – during this time, made a point of visiting him, and even public displays of praying with him. He was forced into this position. Jesus message on the day that the false prophet was elected (13th March, 2013):

“My beloved Pope Benedict XVI was persecuted and fled, as foretold. I have not appointed this person, who claims to come in My Name. He, Pope Benedict, will guide My followers towards the Truth. I have not deserted him and I will hold him close to My Heart and give him the comfort he needs at this terrible time.His throne has been stolen. His power has not.”

About this day, it seemed to me that the date itself had to be manipulated – a mockery of Our Lady (13th) – one of many to come. I remember there were many things about this election – one was that there were more ballots than usual allowed on this day.

Pope Benedict was astute. He still managed to do things behind the scenes, even though he had “minders” who travelled between Francis’ court and the place where he lived. One thing that stands out, and that puts a smile on my face, when he collaborated with Cardinal Sarah to write a book, and published without the Vatican knowing anything about it. It was about celibacy and the priesthood. They got in first, before the Vatican could announce anything about celibacy. Afterwards, they tried to make the publisher remove Benedict’s name from the authors.


Last Humiliation: Requiem Without Roman Canon

The article below is from Gloria TV:


The Vatican has published the brochure for Benedict XVI’s funeral.

Most strikingly, for the first time since at least the 6th century, the Roman Canon will NOT be used at a Requiem for a Pope.

Also, the Gospel will not be solemnly sung in Latin – which has always been the case at such a liturgy.

Francis, 86, will not celebrate but be present in a cope. Nevertheless, he is referred to as the “presider”. His parts are labelled “The Holy Father”, but at the Eucharistic Prayer the booklet simply refers to “the celebrant” that is Cardinal Re, 88, the Dean of the College of Cardinals. (This, last part, is probably a blessing.

However, the devil does not have the last laugh. Today there will be many Requiem Masses celebrated for our beloved pontiff at the same time that it will be celebrated in Rome.

Prophesies involving Benedict and the devastation of Rome after his death.

  • POPE PIUS X  (1909)

Here is the prophecy of Pope Pius X, where he states that the “forced to flee” pope-martyr (also described by Sister Lucia of Fatima as the pope in white who will be killed) will have his name… Giuseppe = JosephThis could only be Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI:

” In 1909, during an audience for the general chapter of the Franciscan Order, Pope Pius X suddenly fell into a trance. The audience waited in reverent silence. When he awoke, the Pope cried out:

“What I see is terrifying! Will it be myself? Will it be my successor? What is certain is that the Pope will quit Rome, and in leaving the Vatican he will have to walk over the dead bodies of his priests. [This was precisely the vision sister Lucia received of the martyr pope dressed in white!

Just prior to his death (August 20, 1914), Pope Pius X had another vision:

“I have seen one of my successors, of the same name, who was fleeing over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in some hiding place; but after a brief respite he will die a cruel death.

  • OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS (1563 – 1635)

“How the Church will suffer on that occasion – the dark night of the lack of a Prelate and Father to watch over them… The lukewarmness of all the souls consecrated to God in the priestly and religious state will delay the coming of this Prelate and Father.”

  • July 7, 1880  Jesus tells Marie-Julie Jahenny:

The church will be deprived of Her supreme chief that is now the guidance. [This is the loss of Benedict’s administrative function- 2013.] The Chief of the Church will be offended outrageously.” [But “as a Lamb before the slaughter, he opened not his mouth.” ]

  • Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser,founder of the secular clergy societies in the eighteenth century: “God will permit a great evil against His Church: they will come bursting in suddenly and unexpectedly while bishops and priests are asleep. They shall enter into Italy and devastate Rome, burn churches and destroy everything.”
    • Mother Elena Aiello, famed stigmatic who was often consulted by Pope Pius XII: “Italy will be shaken by a great revolution (…) Russia will prevail over the nations, and especially over Italy, and will raise the red flag over the dome of St. Peter.”


  • Elena Leonardi, spiritually guided by Padre Pio:The Vatican will be invaded by communist revolutionaries. They will betray the Pope. Italy will suffer a major revolt and will be cleansed by a great revolution. Russia will march on Rome and the Pope will be severely endangered”.


  • Maria Steiner, mystic: “The holy Church will be persecuted, Rome will be without a shepherd.” Instead, as Our Lord said, “The Abomination of Desolation” shall “stand in the Holy Place” which can only be St. Peter’s.  Or as St. Paul said, that the “Man of Sin” “the Son of Perdition” will sit in “the Temple of God.” 


  • When Cardinal Manning Prophesied Exactly What We Are Living Through, Including the City of Rome Losing the Vicariate of Christ.

From: https://www.barnhardt.biz/2022/12/31/when-cardinal-manning-prophesied-exactly-what-we-are-living-through-including-the-city-of-rome-losing-the-vicariate-of-christ-anyone-still-living-in-rome-would-do-well-to-get-out-asap/

“The writers of the Church tell us that in the latter days the city of Rome will probably become apostate from the Church and Vicar of Jesus Christ; and that Rome will again be punished, for he will depart from it; and the judgment of God will fall on the place from which he once reigned over the nations of the world. For what is it that makes Rome sacred, but the presence of the Vicar of Jesus Christ? What has it that should be dear in the sight of God, save only the presence of the Vicar of His Son ? Let the Church of Christ depart from Rome, and Rome will be no more in the eyes of God than Jerusalem of old. Jerusalem, the Holy City, chosen by God, was cast down and consumed by fire, because it crucified the Lord of Glory; and the city of Rome, which has been the seat of the Vicar of Jesus Christ for eighteen hundred years, if it become apostate, like Jerusalem of old, will suffer a like condemnation. And, therefore, the writers of the Church tell us that the city of Rome has no prerogative except only that the Vicar of Christ is there ; and if it become unfaithful, the same judgments which fell on Jerusalem, hallowed though it was by the presence of the Son of God, of the Master, and not the disciple only, shall fall likewise upon Rome.

The apostasy of the city of Rome from the Vicar of Christ, and its destruction by Antichrist, may be thoughts so new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians in the greatest repute. First, Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Viegas, Suarez, Bellarmine, and Bosius, that Rome shall apostatise from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ, and return to its ancient paganism.* Malvenda’s words are: “But Rome itself in the last times of the world will return to its ancient idolatry, power, and imperial greatness. It will cast out its Pontiff, altogether apostatise from the Christian faith, terribly persecute the Church, shed the blood of martyrs more cruelly than ever, and will recover its former state of abundant wealth, or even greater than it had under its first rulers.











Pope Benedict still acts like the Pope and this gives us comfort.


Pope Benedict XVI is not afraid to speak up, when necessary.

1.Earlier this month there was  one journalist who spoke about  “bookgate”.

The book written By Sarah and Benedict undermined the announcement of the pretend pope-  the False Prophet – of his Exhortation on the Amazonian Synod. The “Instrumentem Laboris”  for the synod had been announced weeks beforehand. It was evident what was on the agenda. Pope Benedict and Cardinal Sarah took action. Their book on celibacy was written and published before the pretend pope was able to announce his exhortation.  It was reported that he was angry! He was afraid that he would lose some of the support that he had hoped for. Not surprisingly, these matters then, were not addressed directly in the Exhortation. But you have to read between the lines. He DID say, that he DID NOT NEED to go over the final document of the synod, because wqe should READ IT FOR OURSELVES. Some very naïve people, who want only to be reassured that this (pope?) has some goodness and Truth left in him, thought that a BIG MISTAKE had been avoided.

In an article describing this event( February 13, 2020 ), Br. Alexis Bugnolo wrote:

Sandro Magister has at last spilled the beans — as we say in English — that is, he has told us what really happened during the recent Book Flap over the defense of the Priestly Celibacy by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah, the only Cardinal in any position in the Roman Curia, who was appointed to his office by Pope Benedict XVI.

The Main Stream Media has run with the story that it was Bergoglio who fired Archbishop Georg Gänswein for not preventing that Book from going to press and obstructing its publication as a work of the Cardinal and the Pope.

But Magister, apologist extraordinaire for the Argentine Regime at the Vatican, in a report on his official Blog at L’Espresso, says what really happened. In a post entitled,Il silenzio di Francesco, le lacrime di Ratzinger e quella sua dichiarazione mai pubblicata in which he speaks in a noticeable intent to humiliate the reigning Pontiff by calling him by his civil name — he says that it was Benedict who first detected Gänswein’s treachery and took decisive action to circumvent his interference.

Magister (explains):

Well, the morning of Wednesday, January 15th, while pope Francis was holding his weekly general audience and Gänswein was sitting, according to the rule, at his side in the Paul VI Hall, far indeed from the Monastery Mater Ecclesiae which is the residence of the Pope Emeritus, of whom he is the secretary, Benedict XVI personally picked up the phone and called Sara first at his home, where he did not find him, and then in his office, where the Cardinal picked up.

Benedict XVI expressed, in a heartfelt manner, his solidarity with Sarah. He confided in him that he had not understood the reasons for such a violent and unjust aggression.  And he wept. Sarah also wept. The phone call ended with both of them in tears.

Magister also reports that Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict then wrote up a joint Statement and had Gänswein bring it over to the sostituto of the Secretary of State,

Thus it is not surprising in the least that the communication written by the Pope and Cardinal never saw the light of day. But Magister says, that the Italian Version of the Book, was defended by the Publisher a few days later, with a public statement crafted by Cardinal Parolin himself, word for word, praising the book.

“…But the real news is this. Pope Benedict XVI is as fiesty as ever. He had no illusions about the Archbishop which would have made him hesitant to break faith with him and make his own phone call behind the Archbishop’s back. He then began direct relations with Cardinal Sarah and was devastated to hear how his former personal secretary had betrayed him in the public press.

… The events related by Magister point to a significant moment in history. That was when Pope Benedict XVI unplugged Gänswein. The Italians call it, defenistrazione, which is a colorful word deriving from Late Latin, meaning to throw someone out of their office through the window, rather than letting them resign with dignity by leaving the office through the door after a resignation.

That is really why the Archbishop disappeared. Bergoglio could not fire him. Only the Pope can do that.”


Benedict, not Francis, unplugged Gänswein

2. Pope Benedict had spoken up (July 17, 2017) at Cardinal Meisner’s funeral  when he said that

“he was moved at the dubia cardinal’s ability to “live out of a deep conviction that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.”

The Church “stands in particularly pressing need of convincing shepherds who can resist the dictatorship of the spirit of the age and who live and think the faith with determination,” Pope Benedict said in a message read by Archbishop Georg Gänswein, his personal secretary and head of the papal household. Because of this “pressing need,” Meisner “found it difficult to leave his post.”

The article also stated:

” Canon lawyer Kurt Martens said Pope Benedict’s message was an “amazing yet diplomatic form of support for [the] dubia Cardinals.”

In June 2017, Pope Benedict met new cardinals alongside Pope Francis. He had a brief message for them: “The Lord wins in the end.”


3. More recently he was impelled to correct the error regarding clerical sexual abuse at the US Conference of Bishops in April, 2019:

Pope Benedict’s letter re Clerical sexual abuse to USCCB April 2019

By Jason Horowitz

  • April 11, 2019

ROME — In his retirement, Pope Benedict XVI is apparently tired of hiding.

The former pontiff, who declared he would “remain hidden to the world” when he became the first pope in six centuries to abdicate in 2013, has released a 6,000-word letter that puts the blame for the clerical sexual abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church on the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the disappearance of God from public discourse in the West and what he considers dangerously liberal theological ideas that eroded morality after the church reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

The deeply theological and esoteric missive, which Benedict called his contribution “in this difficult hour” for the church, was written “absolutely on his own” by Benedict, according to Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Benedict’s longtime personal secretary, who is also the prefect of the papal household under Pope Francis.

In writing the letter, Benedict realized the fears of many church experts who have argued that having two pontiffs living at the same time was a recipe for pastoral, theological and political disaster and could lead to confusion among the faithful.

Although Benedict wrote that he gave his successor and the Vatican’s Secretariat of State a heads up about the letter, it amounted to the most significant undercutting yet of the authority of Pope Francis, who has instead blamed a systemic abuse of power and an unhealthy adoration of authority within the church’s hierarchy for the crisis.

Read the whole article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/11/world/europe/pope-benedict-letter-sex-abuse.html    

and also read about it here:


“The letter publicly undercut Francis, whose views on the subject had already been made public. “

4. Finally, there are other ways that  Pope Benedict XVI speaks up, not in words, but visually.

The following is taken from Ann Barnhardt’s English transcript of her video:

0:55:57 Visual evidence.

Pope Benedict continues to wear the Papal White and his Papal Ring. Pope Benedict was asked, ‘why do you still wear,’ after he had faux-abdicated and run off, ‘why do you continue to wear the Papal White?’ And the answer he gave was such a massive, bald-faced lie that the first thing that occurred to me was this has got to be a coded cry for help. Again, you don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist and all that, absolutely, but listen to what he said. He said there weren’t any black cassocks for him to wear. You announce your intention to abdicate three weeks before the effective date, so he announces on 11 February and the effective date is 8:00 pm on the 28th of February, so you’ve got basically three weeks here, and you live in Rome, a city that has more black cassocks than any city on the face of the earth. And you’re the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. You can’t pick up the phone and call one of the clerical outfitters, or whoever your personal tailor is, and say, look, I need a black cassock, presumably with red piping, or just a black cassock? It’s such a bald-faced lie that, in charity, one has to assume that he’s trying to signal. That he’s desperately trying to signal something. I’m wearing the Papal White because there weren’t any black cassocks for me to wear. He’s made this decision. This is his free choice. He could have gotten a full new wardrobe anytime he wanted in the past five and a half years, and yet every day he gets on and he puts on the Papal White. He gets up and he puts on the Papal White. And he continues to wear his Papal Ring.

0:58:11 Pope Benedict retains his Papal name, Pope Benedict.

This is breaking all previous precedent and also the wearing of the Papal White. That also breaks all previous precedent. In previous precedent, whenever a Pope would resign, he gave up every physical indication of the Papacy. He reverted to black, he dropped, of course, the Papal name, he reverted to being Cardinal so-and-so, or Bishop so-and-so, or Abbot so-and-so, whatever it was, so that there would be absolutely no confusion about anything. And then he went very far away. So, Pope Benedict retains his Papal name, he’s called Pope Benedict, and his Papal Style. The Papal Style is the courtesy title that someone is given and in the case of the Pope it’s Your Holiness/His Holiness/Holiness. He is still called, all day every day, His Holiness Pope Benedict, or His Holiness Pope Emeritus, but as we’ve talked about, the whole notion of a Pope Emeritus is completely false. Non-existent. It’s a fiction. He’s chosen this. He could have said get me a black cassock and go back to calling me Cardinal Ratzinger, Archbishop Ratzinger, whatever he wanted. He could’ve reverted to that. Did he do that? Does he do that? No. Every day he gets up and he retains these visible signs of the Petrine Office.

0:59:46  Pope Benedict continues to reside in the Vatican, completely unprecedented.

All resigned Popes, they would either go away completely voluntarily, never to be seen again. They would go check into a monastery somewhere, and they would never be seen publicly again, or they were chased out. A lot of times these were completely contentious situations, and the Pope would be chased out, and sometimes he was even imprisoned. Pope Benedict could’ve gone anywhere. In fact, he was on the record before all of this happened in February of 2013, as saying that all he wanted to do before he was elected Pope in 2005, his big, grand plan was he wanted to go back to Bavaria. He wanted to live in a little house with his brother, Georg Ratzinger, and their sister, who was alive at the time, and his cat, and play the piano, and write, and live out the rest of his life like that. Why didn’t he do that? He could have. Why didn’t he do it? Why is he still living inside the Vatican and making public appearances as the Pope? We have this incredible visual evidence. It’s right in front of us.

Read all of Ann’s article here:

Bergoglian Antipapacy Video Transcript

5. Other signals Pope Benedict XVI gives.

The pope’s signature is usually in the format “NN. PP. x”  (Supreme Pontiff)  (Pastor Pastorum)

From  Antonio Socci  of Church Militant:


“… The signals he gives are always discreet, but clear and comforting. Not only by means of powerful interventions like the document he issued last April, but also by recalling that he – that is, the pope – is there and Catholics should not feel that they are orphans.

The latest (truly beautiful) book which Ratzinger has published, “Per Amore,” does not carry on its cover the title “Pope Emeritus” but the firm signature “Benedetto PP XVI.” These initials “PP” stand for “Pastor Pastorum” (or Pater Patrum), which is the title and prerogative of the reigning pontiff. 

Antonio Socci, also mentions in this article his “coat of arms”

Socci says:

“There are those who believe that by a mysterious design of Divine Providence, the Church is being subjected to a very harsh trial, its own Good Friday, but that the presence of Benedict guarantees that She will not be shipwrecked. Certainly Benedict is central in the Church today. And one day everything will become clearer. “


Bro. Alexis Bugnolo states (see link below):

“Notice the facts, which are indisputable:

  1. Benedict is dressed as the Pope.
  2. All continue to treat him as the Pope.
  3. He is given official escort as a Head of State by the Italian Republic
  4. He flies, not to Munich, where his brother lives, but to Castel Gandolfo, the private residence of THE POPE.

Any objective observer must therefore conclude, that he remains the Pope, and is signaling that he remains the Pope. Because he is acting as the Pope, retiring from a Vatican that no longer wants him, but NOT as a Pope who has just resigned the Papacy.



It’s no wonder then, that  the “pretend pope” (Francis) got angry about the recent book by  PBXVI and Card. Sarah!

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI may not seem to speak up very often, and it must be so difficult to do so, while he is constantly being watched, but he still certainly makes his presence felt!

He might be old, but his very presence must be a thorn in the side of the enemy!