100 Year Plan of Masonry – Part 3

Part 3 – The antichrist

In the aforementioned 1989 book, The New World Order, the author devotes a whole chapter to Lord Maitreya, the coming world leader, already heralded at that stage in New Age circles and believed to have been born during a major alignment of planets in the star sign Aquarius in 1962. Promoted nowadays on the Share International website, Maitreya is acclaimed by his disciples as an “Ascended Master” or “Christ”, the World Teacher who will soon to be revealed in a special, fast-approaching “Day of Declaration” which will resemble Pentecost with instantaneous healings globally and impressive miracles (8). Maitreya’s values, of eco-spirituality, sharing resources and compassionate attention to the poor, echo the social focus of Pope Francis.

See, this is where the greatest deception will be. Most people imagine the coming antichrist as another Hitler or Stalin, but his charismatic demeanour will be quite the opposite: rather than evil, he will seem to be the Saviour of mankind! For the followers of Islam he will be perceived as the expected 12th Imam or Mahdi, for Buddhists the Fifth Buddha, for Hindus, Krishna; for the Jewish people he will be their long-awaited Messiah and for many Christians, Christ Returned. Without the discernment required for true spiritual eyes, the swindle will be so devilishly cunning that even the “elect”, we have been warned, will be deceived.

A further chapter of A. Ralph Epperson’s book also exposes the “secret destiny” carved out for America by early Masonic interests, very evident with the Republic’s inception on the 4th of July 1776. An in-depth analysis of the Great Seal’s occult symbolism is revealing, particularly the Latin inscription Annuit Coeptis – Novus Ordo Seclorum which translates as “announcing the birth of – the NEW WORLD ORDER”. And certainly, the USA has played a leading role in the post-war period from 1945, spreading around the world its doctrine of liberty, “democracy” and American might. It is also the home of the United Nations.

In 1907 an English Catholic priest, Fr Robert Hugh Benson, wrote a novel called Lord of the World, (9) in which he foresaw a global society which bears uncanny resemblance to our present times. Belief in God has been replaced with secular humanism and the world is plagued with international tension between east and west, giving rise to a powerfully charismatic figure who the author calls the Lord of the World. He is the antichrist, of course, but his name is Felsenburgh rather than Maitreya. However, the interesting touch in the story is that there is a Catholic priest who collaborates with Felsenburgh and his new religious system – and his name is Father Francis!


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(8) See 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12

(9) LORD OF THE WORLD: Robert Hugh Benson, first published 1907, reprinted 2016 Ave Maria Press Inc.