100 Year Plan of Masonry – Part 3

Part 3 – The antichrist

In the aforementioned 1989 book, The New World Order, the author devotes a whole chapter to Lord Maitreya, the coming world leader, already heralded at that stage in New Age circles and believed to have been born during a major alignment of planets in the star sign Aquarius in 1962. Promoted nowadays on the Share International website, Maitreya is acclaimed by his disciples as an “Ascended Master” or “Christ”, the World Teacher who will soon to be revealed in a special, fast-approaching “Day of Declaration” which will resemble Pentecost with instantaneous healings globally and impressive miracles (8). Maitreya’s values, of eco-spirituality, sharing resources and compassionate attention to the poor, echo the social focus of Pope Francis.

See, this is where the greatest deception will be. Most people imagine the coming antichrist as another Hitler or Stalin, but his charismatic demeanour will be quite the opposite: rather than evil, he will seem to be the Saviour of mankind! For the followers of Islam he will be perceived as the expected 12th Imam or Mahdi, for Buddhists the Fifth Buddha, for Hindus, Krishna; for the Jewish people he will be their long-awaited Messiah and for many Christians, Christ Returned. Without the discernment required for true spiritual eyes, the swindle will be so devilishly cunning that even the “elect”, we have been warned, will be deceived.

A further chapter of A. Ralph Epperson’s book also exposes the “secret destiny” carved out for America by early Masonic interests, very evident with the Republic’s inception on the 4th of July 1776. An in-depth analysis of the Great Seal’s occult symbolism is revealing, particularly the Latin inscription Annuit Coeptis – Novus Ordo Seclorum which translates as “announcing the birth of – the NEW WORLD ORDER”. And certainly, the USA has played a leading role in the post-war period from 1945, spreading around the world its doctrine of liberty, “democracy” and American might. It is also the home of the United Nations.

In 1907 an English Catholic priest, Fr Robert Hugh Benson, wrote a novel called Lord of the World, (9) in which he foresaw a global society which bears uncanny resemblance to our present times. Belief in God has been replaced with secular humanism and the world is plagued with international tension between east and west, giving rise to a powerfully charismatic figure who the author calls the Lord of the World. He is the antichrist, of course, but his name is Felsenburgh rather than Maitreya. However, the interesting touch in the story is that there is a Catholic priest who collaborates with Felsenburgh and his new religious system – and his name is Father Francis!


to be continued…

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(8) See 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12

(9) LORD OF THE WORLD: Robert Hugh Benson, first published 1907, reprinted 2016 Ave Maria Press Inc.

JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 14th January 2016

Prayer Theme:  Discipleship

Prayer themes are followed chronologically, but the readings are chosen by volunteers,opening the book at random, after a prayer to the Holy Spirit. Read the commentary (at the bottom of the post) about the impact on us of these readings.

It will only be the brave and courageous amongst you, who love Me the most, who will lead My army towards salvation

28 February 2013 @ 23:50

My dearly beloved daughter, these days, almost upon you, bring with them a terrible darkness and despair, the likes of which has never been witnessed in your lifetimes.
This darkness will be of the spirit and will be caused by the emptiness of those souls who follow the Antichrist and the False Prophet.The pain of the spirit, which they will inflict on Christians, who will refuse to listen to heresy, will be difficult to endure.

I only tell you this, so you will know in your hearts, that the pain of rejection you feel will be because you, by upholding my holy Word, will suffer in My Name.
You must never question the huge demands, which will be made upon you, or lose confidence, for it is I, your king, who has the power to ensure that you can bear this.
Nor, must you ever doubt that this remnant army, of which you will now become part of in order to remain true to me, Jesus Christ, has been foretold.

Do not listen to those who will try to tell you that you must not believe in these, my holy messages for the world, for they are being deceived. You must pray for those who will not have the strength or the spirit of discernment and who will choose the wrong fork in the road.

Many who will follow the False Prophet, will try to drag you down the same road.
Brother will fight brother and sister, Father against son, mother against daughter – all in their quest to follow the truth, but so many will fail to see the errors of the teachings of the False Prophet and will be lost to Me.
It will only be the brave and courageous amongst you, who love Me the most, who will lead my army towards salvation.They will bring with them billions of souls, under My guidance, to safety. This is why you must never give up.
Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: The True Church will become a Remnant

28 June 2014
My dearest child, the greatest deception, which will descend upon humanity, will come from within My Son’s Church on Earth and it will be instigated by his enemies, who have infiltrated it by devious means. Satan will enter My Son’s Church and the signs will be clearly seen by those who have the spirit of God firmly implanted in their souls.

The faith of My Son’s holy servants will be shattered, as many will feel compelled to desert him through acts of sacrilege. Many poor unfortunate servants will be asked to swear allegiance to a new oath and they will be too frightened to walk away, although many will know, deep within their hearts, that it will be wrong.

Many new rules will be introduced into My Son’s Church on Earth, as thousands of newcomers will be sworn into the Church and they will not be authentic, for they will not have the true spirit of Christ within their hearts.They will enter the Church and will bear witness to a new one world religion, which will not honour My Son, Jesus Christ.
Not only will they not serve Him, their duty will be to serve the needs of humanism, which will, at its very core, deny the existence of the supernatural state of God and all that He stands for.

The clergy, who once pledged their lives to God, will be drawn into this great deceit and as a consequence will lose the true faith. They will not promote the importance of the salvation of souls, which was made possible by My Son’s death on the cross.

The Cross is at the centre of Christianity. There is only one cross and it will be through the cross that the first visible signs of the betrayal of My Son will be seen.
New kinds of crosses will be introduced which will snub the sign of the cross and what it means in the hearts of man.

Non-believers, who up to now, had no interest in Christianity, will be drawn into the so-called new one world Church. Along with all other religions, which do not spring from the truth, they will scoff and sneer at the children of God, who will remain true to the word of God.

The true Church will become a remnant and this army will unite throughout the world to become the latter-day Saints and they will be empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to sustain the truth.They will be spat at; laughed at and accused of being radicals, just as My Son, Jesus Christ, was accused of heresy when he walked the Earth to preach the truth.
It will require tremendous courage to stay true to the word of God, for you will be accused of wrongdoing. Your crime they, the enemies of God, will say is that you spread untruths about this abomination.

Everything, which comes from God, will be declared to be a lie, while the truth, which they will say is represented by the new one world religion, will be a lie. The Holy Spirit will, however, cover those who continue to spread the holy gospels and My Son will cover you and protect you.

The future of the survival of the human race and the right to the eternal life, promised to every man, woman and child, will rest on your shoulders. It will be the remnant, which will keep the light of God aglow in a world, which will be plunged into darkness.

  • Many of you will be challenged and lies planted within your hearts, by the spirit of evil, to turn you away from the truth.Sadly, many of you will find it too difficult to remain true to your convictions and you will be tempted to turn your backs on My Son.
    To ensure that you remain strong, courageous, calm and at peace, as you take up the cross of My Son on your shoulders, you must recite this Crusade Prayer.
    For many of you who find it difficult to accept that these things are to come, there will come a day when you will recite this, Crusade Prayer (158) three times a day, because the pressures, which will be placed upon you to deny My Son, will be overwhelming.
    Crusade Prayer (158) protect me from the one world religion:
    Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the new one world religion, which does not come from you.
    Sustain me on my journey to freedom, along the path to your holy Kingdom.
    Keep me in union with you, whenever I am tormented and forced to swallow lies, which are spread by your enemies to destroy souls.
    Help me to withstand persecution, to remain firm to the true word of God against false doctrines and other sacrileges, which I may be forced to accept.
    Through the gift of my free will, take me into the domain of your Kingdom, to enable me to stand up and proclaim the truth, when it will be declared to be a lie.
    Never let me falter, hesitate or run away in fear, in the face of persecution.
    Help me to remain firm and steadfast to the truth for as long as I live.
    Go, my dear children, and accept that these things will happen, but know that if you remain loyal to My Son, you will help to save those souls who will be plunged into error.
    Your Beloved Mother
    Mother of Salvation

Why do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?

February 21st, 2012
My dearly beloved daughter how you suffer in My name and that of My beloved Father.
You must be strong as these messages will provoke outrage in some quarters although they will inspire and give strength to other souls.

My Holy Word was rejected by learned men during My time on earth.
I was dismissed as a fraud by the priests and those who claimed to be holy men.
Those of you who say that the treatment meted out to Me was barbaric would be right.
That people who lived in those days were uneducated, coarse and wicked. That they were cruel in their treatment of Me their beloved Saviour.

Some may say that they were ignorant and knew nothing of Holy Scriptures. But this is not true. Because those living in the world today, although they are more educated and knowledgeable, are no different.Those whom you would expect, fully versed in the Holy Bible to be alert to the teachings therein, are blind to the truth.

For all their understanding of My Father’s Holy Book they have failed to prepare for the time when I will come again.When did they think they would be accorded this time?
The time is drawing very close to My Second Coming on earth. Yet, mankind has not prepared themselves for My arrival.Even My sacred servants do not preach of the importance of this most glorious event. Why is this?

Have you learned nothing? What is it that I have to do? When did you think I might come and why do you think that the time is not near? What is it that blinds you and blocks your ears to the sound of My voice? Drop your cloak of gold, silver and riches and accept that you are nothing without Me. Without My graces you cannot prepare your souls for My glorious return.

My beloved Father always sends prophets to prepare His children. He has been doing this since time began. Why then do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?
I beg you to listen to Me. I cannot command you to listen for you have been given the gift of free will. I can never force you or give you the command to take action. For this is impossible. My Father will never interfere with your free will. But he will never hesitate to warn you, guide you and flood your souls with graces to make you strong.

For those with open hearts He will give them the gift of the Holy Spirit.Those guilty of pride, religious snobbery and arrogance will find it impossible to open their hearts because they lack the most important quality of all. Humility. Without humility and generosity of heart you cannot come close to My Sacred Heart.

Come to Me children. Let Me take you into My flock so like a good shepherd I can lead you to safety.
Your Jesus
Redeemer of Mankind


Bible (Douay Rheims ) Ezekiel 27:1-36

[1] And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: [2] Thou therefore, O son of man, take up a lamentation for Tyre: [3] And say to Tyre that dwelleth at the entry of the sea, being the mart of the people for many islands: Thus saith the Lord God: O Tyre, thou hast said: I am of perfect beauty, [4] And situate in the heart of the sea. Thy neighbours, that built thee, have perfected thy beauty: [5] With fir trees of Sanir they have built thee with all sea planks: they have taken cedars from Libanus to make thee masts.

[6] They have cut thy oars out of the oaks of Basan: and they have made thee benches of Indian ivory and cabins with things brought from the islands of Italy. [7] Fine broidered linen from Egypt was woven for thy sail, to be spread on thy mast: blue and purple from the islands of Elisa, were made thy covering.

[8] The inhabitants of Sidon, and the Arabians were thy rowers: thy wise men, O Tyre, were thy pilots. [9] The ancients of Gebal, and the wise men thereof furnished mariners for the service of thy various furniture: all the ships of the sea, and their mariners were thy factors. [10] The Persians, and Lydians, and the Libyans were thy soldiers in thy army: they hung up the buckler and the helmet in thee for thy ornament.

[11] The men of Arad were with thy army upon thy walls round about: the Pygmeans also that were in thy towers, hung up their quivers on thy walls round about: they perfected thy beauty. [12] The Carthaginians thy merchants supplied thy fairs with a multitude of all kinds of riches, with silver, iron, tin, and lead. [13] Greece, Thubal, and Mosoch, they were thy merchants: they brought to thy people slaves and vessels of brass. [14] From the house of Thogorma they brought horses, and horsemen, and mules to thy market. [15] The men of Dedan were thy merchants: many islands were the traffic of thy hand, they exchanged for thy price teeth of ivory and ebony.

[16] The Syrian was thy merchant: by reason of the multitude of thy works, they set forth precious stones, and purple, and broidered works, and fine linen, and silk, and chodchod in thy market. [17] Juda and the land of Israel, they were thy merchants with the best corn: they set forth balm, and honey, and oil, and rosin in thy fairs. [18] The men of Damascus were thy merchants in the multitude of thy works, in the multitude of divers riches, in rich wine, in wool of the best colour. [19] Dan, and Greece, and Mosel have set forth in thy marts wrought iron: stacte, and calamus were in thy market. [20] The men of Dedan were thy merchants in tapestry for seats.

[21] Arabia, and all the princes of Cedar, they were the merchants of thy hand: thy merchants came to thee with lambs, and rams, and kids. [22] The sellers of Saba, and Reema, they were thy merchants: with all the best spices, and precious stones, and gold, which they set forth in thy market. [23] Haran, and Chene, and Eden were thy merchants; Saba, Assur, and Chelmad sold to thee. [24] They were thy merchants in divers manners, with bales of blue cloth, and of embroidered work, and of precious riches, which were wrapped up and bound with cords: they had cedars also in thy merchandise. [25] The ships of the sea, were thy chief in thy merchandise: and thou wast replenished, and glorified exceedingly in the heart of the sea.

[26] Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters: the south wind hath broken thee in the heart of the sea. [27] Thy riches, and thy treasures, and thy manifold furniture, thy mariners, and thy pilots, who kept thy goods, and were chief over thy people: thy men of war also, that were in thee, with all thy multitude that is in the midst of thee: shall fall in the heart of the sea in the day of thy ruin. [28] Thy fleets shall be troubled at the sound of the cry of thy pilots. [29] And all that handled the oar shall come down from their ships: the mariners, and all the pilots of the sea shall stand upon the land: [30] And they shall mourn over thee with a loud voice, and shall cry bitterly: and they shall cast up dust upon their heads, and shall be sprinkled with ashes.

[31] And they shall shave themselves bald for thee, and shall be girded with haircloth: and they shall weep for thee with bitterness of soul, with most bitter weeping. [32] And they shall take up a mournful song for thee, and shall lament thee: What city is like Tyre, which is become silent in the midst of the sea? [33] Which by thy merchandise that went from thee by sea didst fill many people: which by the multitude of thy riches, and of thy people didst enrich the kings of the earth. [34] Now thou art destroyed by the sea, thy riches are in the bottom of the waters, and all the multitude that was in the midst of thee is fallen. [35] All the inhabitants of the islands are astonished at thee: and all their kings being struck with the storm have changed their countenance.
[36] The merchants of people have hissed at thee: thou art brought to nothing, and thou shalt never be any more.


We were very animated today at our prayer meeting. The readings all – definitely – spoke of “discipleship” and our role in the fall of our beloved Church. The first message mentioned “new crosses” and we remembered the recent cross presented to Francis with communist emblems of hammer and sickle. We felt very grateful to Jesus for warning about the darkness of spirit which we will endure, so that we are ready for it. We felt a great responsibility – a huge load to carry on our shoulders – for to whom much is given, much is expected. We said, that if any of us (and our prayer group ranges from 14-20+ on any given day) ever dared to feel that it was all too much and that we couldn’t continue (or go to the wrong side) we all run to their aid  and bring them through and not let them give in. We discussed how we felt as a family – even though we were such a varied group – and how we found it very difficult not to come to a prayer meeting, or other things that were organized – even though we are all very busy. But we can’t say :”no” to God. (I mean, there are times when some can’t come due to various family commitments – but it is difficult for us.)

The bible reading was about a rich city and ship– but the meaning was obviously the Catholic Church – it was of perfect beauty and rich, and been built up by wise men (who were the pilots), and soldiers. These represent the good popes, saints and early Church Fathers who guided, fought, and guarded the Church.It speaks of the south wind which blew and “brought great waters” and eventually broke the ship. “all that handled the oar shall come down from their ships: the mariners, and all the pilots of the sea shall stand upon the land” – the leaders will desert the ship. There were those who were lamenting, and who wore “haircloth” (did penance and mourned).

The message of the day was very clear to us. Get ready Remnant army!!!