Why talk of schism?  So cunning, so deceptive…so …



I was shocked when I heard it but I knew I shouldn’t have been. He knows what’s coming; what’s inevitable – people are waking up to him. He had to get his foot in first.

My initial thoughts were: What is he talking about? He is the one who is schismatic. Schism means to break away from Christ’s Church which holds all His Teachings. We (those faithful to Christ’s teachings ) are sticking to the Truth handed down by Christ and the apostles. They are creating the schism – in fact the false prophet (or anti -pope, imposter,) and his Freemason friends  are the ones who are slowly, brick by brick, dismantling the church – the structure and the doctrines/teachings – all that makes us Catholic. They are slowly building their own new church. But we, on the other hand are sticking to the original true Church – to Christ’s teachings. They are the schismatics.But you know, it is a very clever tactic. It is called  tu quoque.  

This means to  charge your accuser with whatever it is you’ve just been accused of rather than refuting the truth of the accusation made against you. In fact, FP/PF is a devious political opponent who commits many logical fallacies and straw man arguments.

It will come to the point where the faithful will have to choose to follow Christ’s teachings, not those of the Usurper’s church. This is already happening now but who knows what is in store for us after this next synod? When people speak with their feet and return to the safety of traditional priests, he will be able to say: ‘See? I told you so. They are leaving the Catholic faith.’ Many of  these poor souls will then be so confused. They don’t really know the correct teachings of the church anymore. They will want to STAY,  thinking they must remain loyal, but not realizing that to be Catholic they have to stay loyal to Christ’s teachings . If the pope isn’t true to Christ’s teachings, then he isn’t Catholic!

He reels them in with his twisted and forked tongue: “I pray that there be no schism” but “I am not afraid”. He said “I pray that there will be none, because what is at stake is people’s spiritual health”. He adds truth to lies. He is the one ruining the people’s spiritual health. 

And I think he is afraid. The more souls he loses to the Truth, the fewer that will be led in to the One World Religion and the fewer that will worship the Anti-Christ. He does not want people to see through this great deception.

He said: “Let there be dialogue, let there be correction if there is an error, but the schismatic path is not Christian,” he said. His critics were putting ideology over Catholic doctrine and deserved sympathy, not hostility.”

It is all upside down and back to front. There has been pointed out to him many errors by some very highly regarded and lettered bishops ( eg Dubia ) but he refuses to answer any of them, let alone correct them. He doesn’t accept correction and frequently ignores it!

“..ideology over Catholic Doctrine..” He means his critics (the conservative, traditionalist faithful Catholics who are loyal to the Truth) are ideologists and not Catholic. He is implying that he is being true to Catholic doctrine, when in actual fact, he is the one destroying it. It is again, upside down and back to front. And ideology and doctrine are not opposed to one another. And traditional Catholics always hold doctrine as vitally important in forming ideology. Whereas, PF tramples doctrine and destroys it, in order to espouse his own false ideologies.

He is very clever at deflecting anything negative. For example, “The social things that I say are the same things that John Paul II said, the same things. I copy him. But they say, ‘the Pope is a communist.’” We know how he twisted Pope John Paul II’s words by omitting parts of it and making it suit his own agenda in ‘Amoris Laetitia’. In his case, he actually is a communist  and focuses on humanism and other Marxist ideas.

The sad part is that people will fall for it!! Even if they don’t recognize how he is destroying Catholic doctrine and usurping God’s Commandments – why aren’t they horrified at his lack of charity when speaking of those who pose a threat to him and at his very coarse language at times??  St Francis of Assisi in his prophecy of the two popes called him ‘not a true pastor, but a destroyer”

We all know who fits this description of one who turns everything upside down and inside out, who deceives: it is the King of lies. This so-called pope’s actions are of a diabolical nature.

All this talk of schism. Where did this come from? It’s not all just getting his foot in first. Why mention it now? It’s not as if anyone is currently a real threat to him. There is too much fear amongst the clergy for anyone to move on anything, although there is plenty of evidence.

No, this is because of what he is about to launch!






*This post has been a joint effort by Remnant Survivor and Remnant child of Mary

Being Frank about Francis: A letter to a fellow Catholic about Pope Francis : Part 1


5 September 2015

Dear P,

 Like several other friends of mine, I am experiencing grave concerns about the present leadership of the Church. As mentioned during our phone conversation, my greatest misgivings are about the man who sits in the Chair of St Peter. To put it quite simply, I do not trust him.

This pope:

You asked me why I think Francis is a Mason (and a Marxist for that matter), and, caught on the spot, I couldn’t marshal my thoughts to produce an immediate answer! To be honest, I didn’t quite know where to start. Since speaking to you, however, I have been thinking about that question and have now assembled and ordered some facts and data for your reflection.

 Right from the outset I was suspicious of the newly-elected Jorge Bergoglio when he first announced that the Church’s mission is a mission to the poor”. That is blatantly untrue and has never been challenged. While this may be his own personal mission, it isn’t the Church’s. Her mission is to spread the message of salvation to all souls, a message of “repentance and forgiveness of sins” (Luke 24: 47) which is directed, surely, at both rich and poor alike. In fact, the rich may be in more need of that message than the poor. When this man highlights “Blessed are the poor” he is quoting the Gospel out of context, which is a half-truth. The full scriptural text is “Blessed are the poor in spirit”, in other words, those who are aware of their insufficiency, their very need of dependency on God. It has nothing to do with material goods or the lack of them. In contrast, the saint whose name has been adopted by Jorge Bergoglio had quite a different attitude: Francis of Assisi extolled the virtues of “Lady Poverty” and embraced her, making himself poor like Christ.

Masons in the Vatican:

I think it was during the 1970s Pope Paul VI made his famous remark that the smoke of Satan had entered the Church. The Masonic infiltration is well documented and several high-ranking cardinals were actually exposed in the Italian newspapers at that time. One in particular, Cardinal Jean Villot, was Secretary of State, the Holy See’s equivalent of a Prime Minister, a position created to deal with diplomatic issues that has assumed more power and influence since Vatican II. When Villot died there were papers found in his suite from the upper echelons of the Masonic Order congratulating him on all he had achieved during his term of office, and these papers were witnessed by Fr Paul Kramer and detailed in his excellently-researched, insightful book, The Devil’s Final Battle.

Cardinal Villot has been succeeded by fellow Masons who, along with the Roman Curia, now exercise greater dominion than the pontiff. When first elected, Benedict XVI said of this administrative body of prelates, “Pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves”. Both he and John Paul II, for instance, have had their hands tied by the Secretary of State in the matter of specifically consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Apparently there are twenty Cardinals currently in key positions within the Vatican who are Masons. These quite possibly are the ones who can be seen in a well-aired piece of video footage where they refuse to shake hands with Benedict in his last days as Pope as he moves down the line of Cardinals. A number of bishops and cardinals in European states today now unashamedly admit their allegiance to Masonry.

Masons in the Church – conspiracy theory?

This infiltration by freemasonry is NOT some fantasy conspiracy theory. It must be taken seriously. Nearly 500 years ago, at the end of the 16th century, Our Lady appeared to a Conceptionist sister in Quito, Ecuador, under the title of Our Lady of Good Success. In a series of visions Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres was shown the sins and horrors of the coming twentieth century. Our Lady explained specifically how “the Masonic sect” (not even formed at that stage) would be ruling then, having invaded all the social classes, corrupting the innocence of children, enacting ubiquitous laws with regard to marriage, and making it easy for everyone to live in sin. With customs in decline and moral collapse everywhere, heresy would be propagated and dominating the Church as the workings of this “secret society” had penetrated the interior and upper strata of the Church causing her to suffer and be in darkness.

Masonry Objectives and tactics:

There is every indication that it has been freemasonry’s objective, ever since the 1700s, to destroy the Church from within. In a similar way the Communist infiltration is also a well-documented reality. The famous testimony of Bella Dodd gives credence to this. In School of Darkness published in 1963 she tells how, as a Communist agent in America in the 1930s and 1940s, one of her jobs was to encourage young radicals to enter the Roman Catholic seminaries. After her defection from the Communist Party in 1949, she converted to the Catholic faith and was baptized by Fulton Sheen in 1952 and testified that “I, myself, put 1,100 men into the priesthood with the idea that these men be ordained and then climb the ladder of influence to become bishops and monsignors to weaken the Church’s effectiveness against Communism.” Bella Dodd revealed that Communism is “perpetrated by financiers to control the common man and advance world tyranny”, and she warned that eventually, because of drastic changes, the “the Catholic Church would become unrecognizable” (the same words as used in recent locutions to a holy soul). One cannot help but wonder if some of these “plants” in the Church were responsible for bringing discredit to the clergy with the sex abuse scandals.

Masonic interest in Francis:

Coincidentally, while writing this letter, I have received an email has from Veritas Vincit with an article headed, “Why Does Freemasonry Openly Support Pope Francis?” This support is an unprecedented development, says the writer. For the first time in history an organization condemned by the Catholic Church and labeled by previous pontiffs as “the synagogue of Satan”, is openly welcoming and embracing a Roman Catholic Pontiff. As reported by the Masonic Press Agency, the pontiff’s election in 2013 sparked an almost

jubilant outpouring of support and welcome from Grand Lodges around the world, in Latin America, Europe and Asia. The Italian freemasons congratulated him immediately. In fact, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy expressed his joy regarding the election of Pope Francis. On March 14, 2013, the day after the pope’s inauguration, with

seemingly uncanny prophetic foresight, Italian Grand Master Gustavo Raffi said, “With Pope Francis nothing will be as it was before. When Francis visited the Philippines at the beginning of this year the Grand Lodge of Masons there bought a full page advert in the January 16 edition of the leading newspaper of the country, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, to welcome “Pope Francis I”. Why all this interest, I wonder?

With regard to the possibility of Francis himself being a Mason, there are photographs of him in circulation where he is shown making two of the secret hand gestures endemic to Masons. These symbolic signs are used publicly to inform other Masons of the person’s affiliations. First of these is the classic hand tucked in the buttoned front like Bonaparte and Stalin and other well-known Masons. There is a photo from the archives of an early Bergoglio assuming this pose. The second gesture is an elevated closed hand with the first and fourth fingers raised like the horns of the devil. Barack Obama has been caught by camera making this gesture to the crowds, along with numerous rock stars, and Francis when he was in the Philippines in January.

Francis as pope – his real agenda:

After he was made Pope, Francis made a great show of relinquishing various papal trimmings and said he preferred to be known as Bishop of Rome. A friend of mine commented that maybe this was because he was not truly chosen by God to wear these adornments of the papal office – an interesting thought and observation from someone outside the Church! Bishop Jorge Bergoglio certainly came “running” onto the world, at full speed, and he hasn’t stopped. By that I mean that he seemed well prepared, like he knew he was destined for the Chair of St Peter and had an agenda right from Day 1 which he has been implementing ever since, non-stop. There has been no time for quiet, unhurried contemplative forethought considering the high office he occupies, no hesitation, no reflective approach to initiate strategies before putting them into action. The first thing he did was call together all the world religious leaders for a meeting. Thereafter he has been busy making political calls worldwide and grabbing photographic opportunities by the score. Now he is calling for global government and joining hands with the United Nations, the most godless body on the planet whose aims are world control and depopulation.

The critics of this latest coalition with the UN are prolific, and the encyclical which has become a near-manifesto for global unity, Laudato Si’, has come under fire because it contains an integrated message of class war, which is a communist motive.  And have you noticed that Liberation Theology has made a comeback since this man took the helm of St Peter’s bark in 2013? Is this merely a coincidence? Pope Benedict, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, published a thorough and articulate condemnation of this heresy back in the 1980s; both he and John Paul II have written in unequivocal terms that it is “incompatible with the Christian faith”. The Lepanto Institute, a research and education organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as within, has just published a paper asking, “Why is the Vatican pushing Communist goals?” This article is an eye-opener and very thought-provoking.

 Prophecies from saints and holy souls:

Interestingly, in recent weeks, our Blessed Mother has told Luz de Maria (a holy Catholic mystic who lives in Argentina and whose credentials are impeccable) that “Communism has taken over the whole world, even the Church, but you do not recognize it!”

But then, hasn’t it been foretold by many saints, holy souls and visionaries down through Catholic history that a Red flag will fly over the dome of St Peter’s in the end-times? Whether that flag is meant literally, figuratively or spiritually is uncertain. However, we do know that we are going through that period known as “the end of time” because Conchita of Garabandal was told by Our Lady that after the papacy of John Paul II we would enter that moment in history. The full scriptural term is “the end of the time of the gentiles” which indicates the closing of the ages ruled by the gentiles, which also means the completion of Satan’s reign in the world, to be followed by the establishment of the Kingdom of God, the fulfillment of Scripture. It was revealed by Sister Lucia of Fatima that we are living through Chapters 8 to 13 of the Apocalypse, and significantly, she told Cardinal Carlo Caffara Archbishop of Bologna in a letter, that the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. “Anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family,” she wrote, “will always be contended and opposed in every way because this is the decisive issue.”

Before long, according to prophecy, the Catholic Church will be virtually unrecognizable, drawing into its interior unrepentant Protestants, atheists, communists, Buddhists, Moslems, adulterers, you name it – all for the sake of unity. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich witnessed this abhorrence in a vision back in 1820. Already the foundation stones for this “new church” are being laid and encouraged by a man who holds in contempt Catholics who maintain orthodoxy and who are traditional in their beliefs. This can be demonstrated by any number of recorded words which “Pope Francis” seems to delight in scattering into the public square.

A pope with a love affair for the world:

Have we ever before had such a successor to St Peter who had such an ongoing love affair with the secular media? How many popes in the past have given so many off-the-cuff interviews as he has? The world news agencies seem to be informed of events and opinions in advance of Catholics themselves and our own in-house news network. The world of secular humanism wholeheartedly accepts this man, reveres him as a celebrity, and applauds him as “Personality of the Year” in numerous magazines, even gay lifestyle publications. All of this should surely set off alarm bells with such scriptural warnings as “Whoever chooses to be the world’s friend becomes God’s enemy

” (James 4:4), and “Woe to you when the world speaks well of you. This is the way their ancestors treated the false prophets. (Luke 20:26)

History of causing havoc:

A superior in the Jesuit Order, where Jorge Bergoglio was once stationed, has spoken out about Bergoglio’s time there and how he caused so much division and destruction that the Order is still trying to recover from the chaos he created. The superior is utterly bewildered that this man has climbed to the loftiest of heights in the Church. In fact, this actually goes against the directives of the Jesuits’ founder St Ignatius Loyola who required members of his order to take a vow not to pursue higher office.

An American friend of mine who is a Master in Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley has written an article where she very competently analyses the press statements and confusing opinions expressed publicly by Francis and then compares them to the previous teachings of Church saints and popes. If you wish I can provide an internet link to this as it makes enlightening reading,

 Discerning the fruits:

While we cannot, must not, judge this man known as Pope Francis, we are permitted to judge his fruits. We must do that; we must be discerning. Jesus told us in Matthew 7:15

“Beware of false prophets who come to you disguised as sheep but are ravenous wolves underneath. You will be able to tell them by their fruits!” This instruction is again reinforced in verse 20, “I repeat, you will be able to tell them by their fruits.”

And what are the fruits of the pope we know as Francis? Well, he not only contradicts himself frequently but also indulges in double-speak. He states confusing half-truths, causing much division and concern, troubling Catholics all over the world, it seems. He has, in no uncertain terms, refuted previous teachings of his two learned predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict XVI and invariably rubbishes anyone who is a “conservative” Catholic. His preoccupation appears to be that of a socialist reformer who focuses predominantly on economic and social issues, not salvation. On Holy Thursday he has twice now broken the code of conduct through the centuries of following Christ’s model of washing the feet of his twelve apostles or priests, and unlike every other pope before him has instead washed the feet of women, prisoners, Muslims. His perspective on good and evil is relativist, while the existence of hell and future final judgment are viewed lightly or even dismissively. He is an admirer of Germany’s Cardinal Kasper (who, in books he has written, questions the Resurrection and rejects some of the Miracles of Christ) and Francis is greatly influenced by this wayward cardinal.

It is reported that Francis has a team of “spin doctors” who, in the style of a secular politician, compose for him much of his official addresses and written documents, and like a dictator, this man who wishes to be seen as simply the Bishop of Rome, reshuffles any bishop or cardinal who disagree with his opinions on faith, purging conservatives from prominent and influential positions, to promote in their place liberal leftists. Recently he sent a representative to Sydney to discredit Cardinal Pell publicly on secular television with allegations about his conduct over sexual abuse claims. While this may have been done in the name of transparency, it became a trial by media nonetheless, rather than a corrective measure taken within the walls of the Church.

Meanwhile, not a word has come from this pope with regard to the momentous events in the USA with the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, nor any pontifical comment on the political victory in Ireland over the same issue. Instead, at the time, Francis was seen willingly accepting from Bolivia’s president a Hammer & Sickle Crucifix (dubbed a Marxifix), which is an abomination to Christ, and to His Church which has lost untold martyrs to this most blood-soaked ideology in history. Francis’s own words about the Marxifix were, “I am not offended (by it)”. On the spiritual side of the ledger, it has been noted by both Catholic and secular press how he mocks and belittles the ongoing Medjugorje apparitions despite thirty four years of conversions, revival in faith, miracles and heavenly signs. He told newspaper reporters months ago that he believes in the possibility of evolution, that God set life into motion and has overseen the whole evolutionary process. He added, with the same cynicism he used for Medjugorje, “God is not a magician!” And just to add to the growing number of quotable quotes, there is that terrible interview where he discussed baptizing aliens if they appear on earth. In many instances he has made the papacy look ridiculous, posing for photos published globally, for example, where he is mobbed by overexcited nuns who are ‘going to eat him!” Honestly! The list could go on and on, ad nauseam.


 Watch out for Part 2 and conclusion to this letter.

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