God teaches us about “Unconditional Love”


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I received an email this morning and thought I’d share it.

“RemnantchildofMary” commented:

Hey David! I absolutely loved the piece you wrote. A long time ago I was reflecting on why we grieve when we lose a dog who is our pet. I think it is because the dog’s love is unconditional or at least it feels so- is reminds us of the love of God the Father.

God created animals and particularly dogs as companions for men so that they may always feel His unconditional love and be reminded of it. Also there are people who do not marry or cannot marry and therefore, again, they are an example of unconditional love for them – a special reminder of God’s daily love. God’s Hand is in all creation and we should appreciate His Handiwork!

David wrote:

“Here is something I was inspired to write this morning after being awakened very early at 5:45! Our granddaughter has been staying with us this week with her so loving and devoted dog…Hope you enjoy it! Pass it along if you wish.

Why God Created Dogs

Perhaps you are one who no longer believes in God, or at least in a God who is personal and truly loves you. Perhaps you have suffered from so little love in your own personal life it has been difficult for you to believe that a loving God exists, at least for you. In that case it would be   difficult for you to believe what you have been told that “God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son” and that “whoever believes,” especially you, “shall not perish” as it has often seemed like was happening to you, “but have eternal life”?

One thing is certain, if that did happen as they say some 2,000 years ago then you and perhaps millions of others like you who have found love in this life so elusive are not alone in that experience as it was also the dreadful and sorrowful experience of the very Son of God Himself. He also found this world a very unloving place because He was crucified only because He loved us enough to tell us the truth about our need. We know He loved to the utmost degree because of what His stunned followers told us He said as He died while hanging upon His cross He willingly died upon to prove His point, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!” Could any of us have said that in His place?  Would you?

Could you not now agree that God, who created you, fully understands and feels what you know, that this world can be a very unloving place?  But can you not also see that God Himself has made the greatest possible sacrifice, the sacrifice of His own Son, to actually change things?  How could this change things, you ask?  By His followers practicing what He did in face of their unloving circumstances and promising them eternal reward for them doing so.

But had God abandoned us and any attempts to bring back this love and order into this world until He sent His Son into the world? Absolutely not! The whole of creation following its prescribed order, which was designed to serve man’s every need in this life, proves God’s love and His desire we be just as generous, and loving, requiring our own moral orderliness, toward those around us. The only exceptions in nature to its freely serving mankind are always those caused, or necessitated by man’s own unloving acts of disorder and sin towards one another. 

Now out of all of God’s orderly and self giving creation for man’s benefit and example, one creature seems to stands out. That creature stands out because he is commonly called “Man’s best friend.” There’s a lot in that perception! Perhaps at least a hint that our neighbor has not become what he should be to us! And almost certainly that a dog can be far superior to man in devotion, dedication and serving toward “his superior” than we often are to our Superior!  We could perhaps rightly reason that dogs are so only because they know where their next good meal or treat comes from or because simply that God made them that way, but we cannot escape the fact that dogs are smarter than most of us humans in respect to our Superior!

Does not that reveal so much that lacks within ourselves and mankind in general? And what would all this tell us about God’s never ending attempt and desire to restore us to His level of love and true human moral order?  This is indeed God’s real lesson, though perhaps in a “backwards way,” for what man should be in relation to his Superior and then to one another, and perhaps for that very reason, in God’s amazing providence, man named his best friend “dog” as spelled backwards is “God!”  –DJ Webster

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”  Romans 1:20″






JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 13th June 2019


Prayer Theme: Faith, Family, Nations

Prayers are Groups A & B: (See https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).


Bible: Genesis 38: 1- 26

Book of Truth: 24 Sept. 2013

Book of Truth: 3 March 2013

Bible Reading

Genesis 38: 1- 26

This reading is about Judah who left his brothers and while out, noticed a Canaanite woman whom he married and bore children with. This woman had 3 sons. The first 2 greatly offended God and the Lord took their lives. He promised the widow of the first son, Tamar, to the second son and then to the third son (in marriage) if she waited in her father’s house till he was fully grown.

However, Judah did not fulfil his promise, and while out to shear sheep, he passed Tamar sitting by the way. She veiled her identity and  mistaking her for a prostitute, he had intercourse with her, not realizing it was his daughter-in-law. She obtained from him his seal, cord and staff. When he went to give payment, he could not find the ‘prostitute’.

Three months later, Judah was told that his daughter-in-law had acted as a harlot and was pregnant. He resolved to kill and burn her. But then she presented to him his cord, staff and seal, showing him that it was by his own hand. his own wrongful deeds. He admitted that she was in the right because he had not kept his promise to her. Finally he could see how he had displeased God. In fact, Judah had been chastised by The Lord several times already, as his sons did what was wicked in the sight of The Lord. Now, he is brought to realize his own unrighteousness through Tamar, whom he recognizes is more righteous than he is, himself. If he formerly considered her as deserving of death, he now must see what he, himself, deserves. He does not lie with Tamar again.

In this reading, I can see  the offending of Goddeception and broken promises. The one thing that stands out to me is Judah’s staff, seal and cord – these seem to be items of identification and perhaps authority.

Judah is one of the 12 tribes of Israel, so perhaps we could consider how this concerns the Church; especially in the large scale turning away from God. Also in regards to certain priests and bishops who have abused their authority, or in some cases, even did (or are doing) what is wicked in the sight of The Lord. May God grant them (and us) enlightenment in regards to their offences, contrition and spare us the ‘final burning’ we deserve.

It seems appropriate, somehow, to our Prayer Theme today – Faith, Family, Nations.

Read the Bible reading here: http://www.usccb.org/bible/genesis/38

Readings from the Book of Truth

Woe to those Christians who have deserted Me in favour of new age paganism

24 September 2013 @ 10:44pm

My dearly beloved daughter, every living soul has a powerful instinct to seek out God in their lives. Those who find the Love of God in its most pure form are given this Gift because of their humility and acceptance of the fact that all Glory belongs to God.

Pagans, on the other hand, in their quest for spiritual peace, seek out the Creation of the True God, rather than their Creator. Instead of laying themselves before God, My Father, the Almighty, Creator of all things, they lie prostrate before false idols, including the wonders He created for the world – the Earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. They idolize these great wonders and then believe that by doing so, this gives them great powers. What they are seeking is a form of spiritual enlightenment, which they hope will bring them pleasure and peace. Many then, through meditation and yoga, open their minds and souls to allow the spirit of evil to corrupt them. They mistakenly believe that some other power, other than that which comes from God the Most High, can bring them the peace, which they crave.

Know now that there is only one God. Any other form of adulation amounts to paganism. It does not matter what they say or how they justify their actions, they are inviting Satan to invade their souls and once he gains access, he and the demons he sends will not leave those souls alone. They will torment these souls, fill them with lies and have them believe that they possess a gift. Some believe they can heal others, through practices such as Reiki, when what they do instead is infest others including the innocent. When pagans chant, to attract spiritual gifts, they say that this brings them peace. While many believe this, know that within a short period of time once the spirit of evil has entered their minds – they will become agitated and no respite will they find. Every pleasure of the senses is constantly sought out by them and all they will receive in return will be a darkness of the soul.

Paganism brings a terrible disquiet and, in lands where the heathen cry out to the false gods, they incur the Wrath of My Father. Many such souls do not understand what they are doing, but recognise them by the ways in which they will adorn their bodies, as they consider themselves sacred vessels in the eyes of the false idols they claim to worship. Love, humility or personal sacrifice for the good of others, will be lacking, for they only worship the senses. They do not understand that their souls are a Gift from God and so they give them away in the pursuit of perfection, which can never be theirs.

During The Warning, I will awaken within these souls the Truth as to Who they belong to. Pray that they will accept My Hand of Mercy. Woe to those Christians who have deserted Me in favour of new age paganism. They are the ones who do not want My Mercy and would prefer to dabble in nonsense, because it feeds their egos when they believe that they have the power to control matters of spirituality. While they seek personal perfection in this way, they cut themselves completely from God. By doing so, they open the door to the evil one, who will seduce and hypnotise them through the appeal of superstitious promises, which lead to their souls becoming barren where the Love of God cannot thrive.

Your Jesus

My Church on earth is under attack and this means that My Body will be Crucified again, as foretold

March 3, 2013 @ 11:45am

My dearly beloved daughter, fear not the attacks, which are being mounted against you, for I Am with you every second to make you stronger. It saddens Me to tell you that you will suffer much verbal abuse, because of the timing of this, My Plan of Salvation.

For this is the time in which, not only will fervent Catholics be tested in their faith and their allegiance to Me, it will also be the greatest trial for all Christians in every part of the world. 

To those who accuse you of heresy, I say this. I, Jesus Christ, would never lie, for I Am the Truth. I could never deceive you, for that would not be possible. Remember, it is My Body, which is the Church. My Church on earth is under attack and this means that My Body will be Crucified again, as foretold. By this, I mean, that My Body will no longer be Present, the minute the Holy Eucharist is discarded by ministers in the Holy See of Rome. This will become a reality and you must turn your back. 

I ask you to pray for all of God’s children – all My sacred servants, including the misguided false prophets. However, I will never ask you to pray for the antichrist, for that is not possible. 

Wake up, all of you, and listen to what I must tell you. You must not panic, despair or lose hope, for this abomination will be the final torment, which all God’s children will have to witness and endure before I come again. 

That will be the day of Great Glory, Great Joy and My Coming will bring to an end the evil, which blights the earth.

Instead of fear, be joyful. You must look forward to My Second Coming, because I bring with Me, the New Paradise, promised to you.

When you carry My Cross it will always be difficult. The times in which you live now, bring with them a form of crucifixion, which most Christians will find very difficult to endure – so great will their pain be.

Those poor souls, who do not believe that I speak the Truth, through these Messages, must ask themselves this. Do you believe in the Holy Bible and the prophecies declared within its covers? Do you believe in the antichrist and the revelations about the false imposter who will take the Seat of Peter through devious means? If you do, then accept that this is the time for these events to unravel before your eyes. It is not for the future – it is now taking place. Accept this with courage and come to Me with complete trust, for I love you. I need you to keep your eyes wide open. You must not shy away from the Truth.

The abomination has now begun.  When you refuse My Cup, you prevent Me from salvaging the souls I need to complete the Covenant promised to My Father. 

I bless you. I long for your hearts to open, so that I can take you into My Glorious Kingdom.

Your Jesus