“Come, My little ones, do not fear My Love. Do not fear My Kingdom for it is your natural birthright.”


I need you just as you need Me

17  January 2015 @ 6:18pm; Message 1311
My dearly beloved daughter, it is I, your Jesus, your Redeemer who speaks. So many people who read these messages are fearful. Fear brings with it a form of hatred because so many do not want to acknowledge Me. Fear is understandable but must not be allowed to cloud your trust. I only call out to you so you will come to Me. I have no desire to cause you anguish. Your time on earth is short-lived but the time you will spend with Me is for eternity.

If I love you why then would I not warn you of the consequences of rejecting My Mercy?  All I need and desire is to bring all of you into My Kingdom. I do not tell you of things that are not contained in My Holy Book. No. Instead, I simply remind you of the Truth and of all things to come, so that you will come to Me.

Come, My little ones, do not fear My Love. Do not fear My Kingdom for it is your natural birthright. It was for this that I gave up My Life on earth. I need you just as you need Me. I Am humble in My wanting and simply desire to envelop you into a life of great glory where you will enjoy everlasting life. Why then do you fear My call? I Love you. I would never harm you. The only harm you face is from yourselves. I Am here always, awaiting with great expectation your love.

My world without end surpasses anything you could ever desire on this earth. Your life on earth pales when compared to the exquisiteness of My Kingdom. It was to ensure that you have eternal life your rightful inheritancethat I died for your sins. Do not forsake this great sacrifice for it was with great glory that I was crucified on your behalf.

Do not reject Me, the second time.

Your beloved Jesus

Fragmented and Fearful: Prophecy Fulfilled


Extract of Prophecy from the Book of Truth

 (Message 0955: November 1, 2013 @ 11:17pm.)

“…Soon, all those who have led My Church in the past, all those who provide God’s children with the True Word of God, within My Church, and all those who will remain loyal to the Truth, will be shoved to one side.

The Catholic Church will make a number of alarming statements, as to why it has to change and amend every part of its structure.

…All these changes will come about quickly, in the future, and the spread of these things will astonish many. Amidst it all, there will be confusion, fear, sadness and great distress.

My Church will become so fragmented that all trust within its walls will be broken. This will create a great fear and then, in a manner which will not seem clear at first, the Catholic Church will become a leading force in the new one world religion. This new abomination will declare a great love for the world’s poor and hungry. But it will not preach My Word, nor will it remain true to My Church. My Church, however, will continue to live.”

What struck me when I re-read this prophecy recently, is again how many prophetic details have been fulfilled already, since Nov 2013, given within these 10 lines. And this is only just one of many prophecies fulfilled in exact detail, found within the Book of Truth.

Firstly, not long after Jorge Bergoglio took over the chair of Peter, he began to make it clear that he was making changes whether people liked it or not, and whether consultations went ‘his way’ or not. This has included to structures which hitherto had helped the Church to remain “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic” and a sign of unity to the world. Catholics around the world have been dismayed at the lack of clarity and Truth from a man who claims to be ‘pope’. How can a pope teach heresy? Refuse to uphold Truth? Attack all that is dear within the Church? And cast aside her primary mission; to save souls?!

Among faithful Catholics there has undoubtedly been a great, great deal of confusion, deep cutting sadness and heartbreaking distress as popular petitions, Catholic news headlines, and news commentaries, from many groups of the Faithful, attest to.

At churches too, there is a division, depending on people’s understanding, over where PF is leading the Church. So much so that Catholics in Novus Ordo churches often do not discuss the current pontificate, or instead discuss the unfolding of events in secretive, little huddles outside Mass, or via blind cc emails.

Most priests avoid anything contentious in their homilies and let “The Catholic Outlook” do the talking on ‘official opinion’. Even our bishops and cardinals do not agree. There is definite fragmentation, although we are praying to avoid and mitigate the effects that a full-fledged schism would have.

Lastly what came out recently was the atmosphere of fear. Those in Rome report that every single priest and prelate in the Vatican is too scared to utter a single word which may be taken as a criticism against Francis because he runs a ruthless dictatorship. Priest and Cardinals are being spied on and ‘reported to’ Francis. They are terrified of him. He is not the benevolent father he makes out to be; clear in his many public, deriding sermons to clergy. All the traditional or conservative bishops and Cardinals either ‘shut up’ or are ‘shipped off’. Many lose their positions of leadership within the Church structure and are replaced by the most outrageous liberals, including heretics! The fullest summary of these observations of the “Climate of Fear’ in the Vatican are gathered together from various sources in the recently released book, “The Dictator Pope”, which itself had to be published under a pseudonym!

In case you haven’t been following the unfolding of events, we provide a quick catch up of some of the things which come to mind when reading the details of the above prophecy for you to think about. These will be provided, with links to examples and relevant articles, in the next few instalments of “Fearful and Fragmented: Prophecies Fulfilled.”

God bless+++