41. Discerning Prophets: Messages from The Book of Truth


Many lay people will be elevated by My enemies and taught how to evangelise

September 14, 2014 @ 5:45pm

My dearly beloved daughter, come what may, the True Word of God will still be kept alive, although it will only be upheld by a remnant of My Church.

The false prophets, foretold, will rise in their multitudes to spread lies, through a deceitful global form of evangelism. They will be given authority by those who claim to represent Me, so as to entice millions into their new, so called, modernised version of My Holy Church on earthOh how they will mislead so many with their twisted version of My Word, which will disguise many heresies. Only the astute will recognise these untruths, for they will be carefully hidden within a false doctrine, which will be seen to be a breath of fresh air.

Much praise will be lavished upon those enemies of Mine, who have infiltrated My Church, to prepare it for the arrival of the antichrist. They will create much noise in their public gatherings and, while they will curse Me with their lies, untrue revelations will also be made about Me – Who I really Am; My Relationship with My Eternal Father; My Teachings and My Divinity. They will mix the Truth with lies in order to deceive Christians for fear that they will be seen for what they are.

Many lay people will be elevated by My enemies and taught how to evangelise.  Many will become willing vessels of the beast, who will fill them with the words of the doctrine from Hell. You, My beloved followers, must question everything you are told to listen to, which they, My enemies, will tell you is to give new life to the Word contained in Holy Scripture. You will be given new prayers by these false prophets, which insult Me and blaspheme against My Divinity. As millions will rise and recite these new prayers, so too, will those false prophets. They will teach God’s children how to idolise the beast, through a new form of religious ceremony. This new ceremony will lead all those who rise and follow the false prophets into the one world church, which will honour the beast.

Those of My sacred servants who will understand, fairly quickly, the devious plan in place to mislead My followers, will feel helpless. Many will fall for the deceit, because they will have so little faith that they will hardly bother to read the new false doctrine and so, therefore, it will be adapted into Churches without much opposition.

When My Word is desecrated,  nothing good will come from it and evil will thrive. I give you this warning for the good of your souls and to prepare you for the greatest apostasy in human history, which will devour the Word of God.

Your Jesus.


Key Points Regarding Discerning Prophets:
  • Eventually the Word of God will only be upheld by a remnant
  • False prophets will rise in their multitudes to spread lies
  • They will do this through a deceitful global form of evangelism
  • They will be endorsed by church representatives so as to entice millions into their new, so called, ‘modernised version’ of the Holy Church on earth
  • They will mislead so many with a twisted version of God’s Word, which will disguise many heresies
  • The untruths will be carefully hidden within a false doctrine, which will be seen to be a ‘breath of fresh air’
  • Much praise will be lavished upon the enemies of God, who have infiltrated the Church, to prepare it for the arrival of the antichrist
  • They will create much noise in their public gatherings and curse Jesus with their lies
  • Untrue revelations will also be made about Jesus – Who He really is; His Relationship with His Eternal Father; His Teachings and His Divinity.
  • They will mix the Truth with lies in order to deceive Christians- for fear that they will be seen for what they are
  • Many lay people will be elevated by My enemies and taught how to evangelise.  Many will become willing vessels of the beast, who will fill them with the words of the doctrine from Hell
  • Question everything you are told to listen to, which they will tell you is to give new life to the Word contained in Holy Scripture
  • You will be given new prayers by these false prophets, which will insult Jesus and blaspheme against His Divinity
  • Millions will rise and recite these new prayers, as well as the false prophets
  • God’s children will be taught how to idolise the beast, through a new form of religious ceremony
  • This new ceremony will lead all those who rise and follow the false prophets into the one world church
  • The one world church will honour the beast
  • Priests who understand what is happening will feel helpless
  • Many priests will fall for the deceit, because they will have so little faith that they will hardly bother to read the new false doctrine; so it will be adapted into Churches without much opposition.
  • When the Word of God is desecrated,  nothing good will come from it and evil will thrive
  • Prepare for the greatest apostasy in human history, which will devour the Word of God
  • Prepare for the good of your soul.

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thurs. 13th Feb. 2020


Prayer Theme:  Special Graces

Prayers are Groups A & D: (See https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).

(N.B. The prayer theme is chronological, and all the readings are chosen by volunteers and the books opened randomly after a prayer by the whole prayer group to the Holy Spirit (i.e. Crusade Prayer 51)


Bible:    Psalm 80                      

Book of Truth: 5 Aug. 2014

Book of Truth: 19 May 2011

Bible Reading

2 O Shepherd of Israel, lend an ear,you who guide Joseph like a flock! Seated upon the cherubim, shine forth- 3 upon Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh. Stir up your power, and come to save us. 4 O God, restore us; light up your face and we shall be saved.

II 5 LORD of hosts,how long will you smolder in anger while your people pray? 6 You have fed them the bread of tears, made them drink tears in great measure. 7 You have left us to be fought over by our neighbors; our enemies deride us. 8 O God of hosts, restore uslight up your face and we shall be saved.

III 9 You brought a vine out of Egypt; you drove out nations and planted it. 10 You cleared out what was before it; it took deep root and filled the land. 11 The mountains were covered by its shadow, the cedars of God by its branches. 12 It sent out its boughs as far as the sea, its shoots as far as the river. 13 Why have you broken down its walls, so that all who pass along the way pluck its fruit? 14 The boar from the forest strips the vine; the beast of the field feeds upon it. 15 Turn back again, God of hosts; look down from heaven and see; Visit this vine,16 the stock your right hand has planted, and the son whom you made strong for yourself. 17 Those who would burn or cut it down — may they perish at your rebuke. 18 May your hand be with the man on your right,with the son of man whom you made strong for yourself. 19 Then we will not withdraw from you; revive us, and we will call on your name. 20 LORD God of hosts, restore us; light up your face and we shall be saved.

Reflection on our Bible Reading:

Psalm 80 is a beautiful prayer crying out to God to rescue His Vineyard. We are that vineyard now; we are His People. But the Church also is the Lord’s Vineyard, planted and built up by His Hand. We are, indeed, His People crying bitter tears, as we watch the walls of His Vineyard broken down (which is the destruction of the Church) and as we hear of just anyone coming along and plucking its fruit; wild beasts grazing…we could not help but think of recent news articles where certain Bishops allow anyone and everyone in an apparent public state of grave sin; unrepentant and emboldened -to partake of the Body of The Lord unworthily; thereby profaning it. It grieves and pains us! We could relate to the psalmist’s pleas.
We also thought the psalm was extremely timely in regards to the release of the post-Amazonian Synod exhortation, which is likely to whip up into another frenzy it’s exhibitionism of Paganism, like the so much poison they drink -and seek to pour forth upon the world- to drown it like a flood!!
We cry with the psalmist, “O God of hosts restore us! Light up Your Face and we shall be saved.” (by Remnant Child of Mary)

Readings from the Book of Truth

Many people declare themselves to be Christians, but they do not love Me

5 August 2014 @ 2:16pm

My dearly beloved daughter, now that the Truth of what is to come has spread, conversion has followed Me everywhere My Prayers for humanity are recited. My Remnant will grow and multiply, as will My enemies. Where My Army goes, the enemies of this Work will follow, relentlessly. Fighting, kicking and spitting venom, you will know them by the evil, which spills from their mouths. You will know My own by the way in which they will be vilified in My Name.

You must never lose courage in the face of hatred. You must understand who is at work in these cases and not acknowledge him, for then you simply empower him. The evil one’s influence over God’s children is manifested and witnessed by the divisions which are separating nations; murders; persecution and the attempts made to wipe out Christianity.

Many people declare themselves to be Christians, but they do not love Me. They insult Me and cause Me great shame. They judge others harshly and feel no guilt or remorse when they slander others – only a burning desire to promote hatred. Cowards, all of those who hide behind a veil of religious piety and dare to declare whether  or not another human being is fit to serve Me. They dare to dictate to others their knowledge of what they think it means to be a Christian, when they are so full of hatred for Me. You must never engage with a man with hatred in his heart, when he says he speaks in My Name. Ignore him. Pray for him. For if you truly love Me, you will show compassion for everyone. You will not judge another; slander him; spread lies about him and then dare to say you are of Me. Away from Me. Soon you will come before Me and be asked to account for your actions.

Christianity is the life force, which sustains the world. I Am the Light, which divided night and day and without Me, you would grapple in the dark. Come with Me, as I called you – or not at all.

Your Jesus

Responsibility of Parents in the world today

19 May 2011 @ 6:15pm

My dearly beloved daughter, the world has now succumbed to the depths of utter despair in its lack of belief in the Existence of God the Father Almighty. Even little children now gleefully deny His Existence. Those empty, hardened souls insult not only My Eternal Father, but cause Me deep anguish.

So far have you fallen, children, that you have completely discarded all sense of the spirituality that you were born with. How far do you think your love of the world and its materialism will take you? For those of you engrossed in wealth and the comforts of all worldly attractions, you should know that they will soon be taken away from you as part of the Purification ahead.

Responsibility of parents
Why do you teach your children the importance of man-made materialism at the expense of their poor, little souls? Your primary aim is to teach your children the importance of creating and building wealth. You rarely teach them the morals they need to equip themselves with the responsibilities for adulthood, in relation to how they should show respect for others, to understand the importance of honesty and the need to show understanding towards their brothers and sisters. Unfortunately My children have completely lost their way on the spiritual path required for them to reach the ultimate destination. Have you no shame? When will you learn that your obsessive love of money and all that it offers will end in disaster? It will only be when you are stripped naked of these comforts you crave that you will realise how alone you are.

Listen to Me now while you can. Place your family’s needs first, for that is good. Provide for them. But please do not encourage your children to become slaves to wealth and a desire for fame, for you will be pushing them into the arms of Satan. Your children were born and given life by you physically, but they were Created by God the Eternal Father, when they were given their souls. By all means show responsibility as a parent by providing for your children’s physical needs. But remember that their souls need nourishment. Teach them the Truth of My Teachings and the importance of looking after their souls. Only then will you be giving your children the true nourishment in body and mind that they need to survive, so they can enjoy eternal life.

Your loving Divine Saviour
Jesus Christ