Paul’s Story: God Imparts the Meaning of the Miracle Oil


Paul had just been to Mass on Friday before work and received Jesus in Holy Communion.jesus-and-eucharist

Normally afterwards is a time of deep prayer, & personal thanksgiving- of intimate union with Jesus.
This time, something special
He felt something he describes as “flames of gold” which felt like electricity, fill his body and mind and he felt in a type of ecstasy. He was so overcome that he thought his heart was going to (literally) fail him. Afterwards the rest of the day was a breeze. He was so joyful all day as he thought about Jesus as he went about his daily work. The whole day felt amazing! It was the tiniest infusion of a fraction of what he imagines heaven will feel like. It was so overwhelming that his body couldn’t take it, he thought, on this earth.h

He realised later that this was preparation for something else.

At the end of the day, he said his nightly prayers and went to sleep. That is until 1.09am on Saturday on the 11th June, 2016.

At that time, when he was asleep, he suddenly had an infusion of a sentence emblazoned in his mind, as if written by electricity or by a welder.
This experience was not euphoric as such, although it recalled to mind the earlier experience, but was more intentional and instructional in nature; as if to impart specific detailed information.

The messfullsizerenderage was about the miracle oil that Rita received as a sign on Easter Sunday. It immediately woke him up.(See link below for original story of the oil)
Paul immediately wrote down the message, in the middle of the night. He did so not because he felt he would forget the message, but that this was a directive from God which he had to immediately obey. (Afterall, you cannot argue with the Almighty Will of God!)

This is what he received:img_0550

The oil has three gifts (or functions):
  1. Healing of the Sick
2. Wisdom of the Word
3. Triumph of the Cross

His experience was profound and unmistakable. He then felt that he had to get up and pray the Rosary, although it was the middle of the night.

He prayed 10 decades. He felt fully submitted to the Will of God as he had been learning that you don’t argue with God over the past week, through a series of events that had been preparing

Paul explains that these miraculous gifts that accompany the oil are only obtainable through genuine faith and prayer. He said that if you believe and are in need of these gifts, which are freely offered by God for all believers, to contact him and he will ask Rita to send a small amount for you. It is not some sort of trick or magic. It is a gift offered by God to those who choose to pray and believe and you may be granted a request, such as a specific healing by God, only if it is within the Holy Will of God.

His story after the message continues…

After finishing 2 Rosaries, he felt the call to walk to his local Catholic church.. which didn’t make sense considering it was 2.50am in the morning! He arrived outside the church and sat down, looking towards the window, towards the tabernacle, which he could barely see and not knowing why he had been called there, he decided to continue to pray the Third set of Mysteries of the Rosary.

Within his intentions was a sick friend, Peter, for whom God had asked him to pray for healing earlier that night (when he received the message) and he also knew to give some of the oil to Peter for his healing.

He looked towards the True Presence Of Jesus in the Eucharist, reserved in the Tabernacle of that church. While he was there praying, wondering why he had been called there, he suddenly realised that Jesus, our loving God who had suffered and died to atone for our sins, was all alone in the Church, in the tabernacle; lonely and awaiting our love and company. No- one was there to honour Him. He was all alone –  sitting there, waiting in the tabernacle while people were out all night, drinking, partying, taking drugs and fornicating. They were doing all this sin, like there is no tomorrow or end to this life ever, and Jesus is there waiting for them, forgotten.
He was given to understand that Jesus’ Body, there in the Eucharist, is in agony, as if stretched on the Cross, waiting for them.jesus-agony
Paul felt in a very personal way then that Jesus had invited him there at that time because He was lonely and Paul felt all the loneliness of Our Lord come over him in a wave of emotion. And he cried.
He cried at Jesus’ loneliness, solitude, for His suffering on the cross for our sins so that we can be with him in heaven. He suffers so often alone…people don’t visit in the Church, people don’t think of Him during the day, people don’t treat each other well as He told us- ” To love one another as I have loved you…”
People forget about Him. So often He’s alone and He suffers for our sins. And He will continue to suffer for our sins and He will continue to provide the grace, so that we change.

But He won’t interfere with our free Will.

Because it would not be right for a God to impose His Will upon our human will. WE must freely choose Him, we must freely give ourselves to Him and offer our sins to Him, to be cleansed and have our sins washed away with His Blood.
And Paul also knew at that moment that Jesus, as a true Person, with true human emotions like any of us, was truly lonely and He had called Paul there because He was truly alone. And that’s when Paul cried, at His solitude, for His suffering, because He was forgotten by so many. So few people love Jesus. So few people give Him a single thought.

Don’t let yourself be that person who has forgotten Jesus and the Love He has for you.

He loves you so much that He will chase you down, hunt you and rescue you from the jaws of hell but He cannot do that without your consent.
That was the simple but profound message that Paul was given at the Church. The whole of it.

Then he also knew he was called to pray the Rosary continuously for the next 3 days in reparation for those who don’t know the Rosary, and for people who make jokes about it, and to fast for 3 days also. This was for the healing of people, including you.

Paul says that he will continue to make those sacrifices periodically for people who want the oil and healing. They should make a request, (he will do his best to get it to them) by writing to him at:

Finally Paul Says if you have faith, miracles are possible. What he was freely given he now passes on to us, because we then can have the opportunity to avail ourselves of this grace from God.

With God’s blessings +++

Paul also explains that earlier he had previously understood that the meaning of the oil is that all people have to be signs of Jesus’ presence like the oil in the lamp which burning alight points to Jesus presence in the sanctuary.
We have to be like that candle of the burning of the flame of the Holy Spirit which is the Love of God and also as that flame, we are the beacon of the light which tells people that Jesus is here, alive. That’s what we are! We are part of this whole mystery. We are the witness to everyone. Like that candle. This explains the sign of the miracle.

This grace of additional hidden knowledge was about the threefold gift is able to impart to believers. I found the gift “Wisdom of the Word” to be interesting because on the day of the miracle, Rita went up to the priest, smeared some on his forehead and said
“Always proclaim the true Word of God.!” I pray that priest then has the gift to always know what that is and to speak the truth with courage.

(The 2 part video by Paul was published on July 5th and 6th, 2016 on YouTube under the titles: Miracle Healing Oil- Part 1 and Miracle Healing Oil- Part 2. It was from here that the information was taken and summarised.)

Also see the story of the Easter miracle oil at:


The Easter Sunday Miracle

At the bottom of this article is the full video of  Rita’s story about the amazing miracle which The Lord gave in Darwin, Australia, on Easter Sunday, 2014.  It includes extracts from the Book of Truth messages which are very touching. Most of us are all amateurs in using technology, and the documentation of the account and witnesses was spontaneous, but any person who has been touched by the messages in The Book of Truth can relate to these emotions and knows the witnesses are very genuine in their reactions.

The post says that the miracle was seen by and approved by the Bishop. This is true. The oil which appeared all over Rita as she began to read the Sunday scripture, was scientifically tested and found to be parrafin oil, which is odourless and smokeless. It is traditionally used to light the Sanctuary lamp in Churches, which is lit to indicate the Lord’s Holy Presence. Only this miraculous oil (most people who have been in contact with it, say) exudes a beautiful inexplicable perfume, like exquisite Roses. It was what I, myself, immediately noticed upon opening a packet with Rosary beads that had been touched to the oil. Although the miracle itself was proven to be genuine, please realize that the bishop has no authority to make a decision approving the Book of Truth or The Seal of the Living God and, of course, has not done so. No bishop can, as they do not have the power to do so and there has been no proper or formal investigation by any bishop. What has been offered by some bishops so far are only opinions and they vary. Some even simply go off the opinions of others,  without having read the messages for themselves. However, as a private revelation, we can, and should, discern. If this is actually God’s prophet, speaking at His Command, sent to to prepare us for the reign of the Anti-Christ and His Second Coming, we must take this discernment very seriously. These are no small prophecies. They are of great and serious matter; most significant and most urgent; the most significant prophecies of this century.

Paul, who filmed Rita & the eye witnesses, adds his own witness about the video below:

“This amazing miracle occurred in a church on Easter Sunday and was witnessed by the congregation, four priests and the bishop, who approved the miracle.

To find the Messages from Jesus and His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Salvation, google search “the Book of Truth PDF” and for the special prayers dictated by Jesus especially for us in these difficult times, google search “Crusade Prayers PDF”.

When I heard about this miracle I knew that it was significant and needed to be documented and recorded so I spent two weekends with my smart phone video recorder and took the testimonials of Rita, followed by the some of the witnesses from this small rural church in the outback of Northern Australia.

All of the people I recorded for this production were not asked questions. I was just lead to a number of different people, pointed my camera and recorded what they had to say. This meant that I didn’t fully understand myself before I started filming the extent of what happened that day. All the testimonials you will see were made in one take.

In addition, I started to read the Book of Truth when I heard about this miracle was directly related to this Book. It was very moving for me to realise that these words were profound in a way that is difficult to explain. Its as if you are hearing the Voice of someone who knows you and understands you perfectly, the Voice of Jesus – and thats just what it is because Jesus is now reaching out to the world through the end times prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, of this I have no doubt.

Try it yourself, read the messages with an open heart, if you dare, and see how the words there come with a power that comes from the Holy Spirit.

We are reminded in the Bible about the risk of not listening to prophets- Always, God’s prophets were rejected and defamed. Why is this? How knows, but we do know that in the Bible we are told that there would be an end times prophet, a 7th Messenger.

Some of you may doubt that we are living in end times, that is the time before the Great Second Coming of Jesus to restore His magnificent Kingdom where we will be happy beyond our dreams forever. If you are in this camp, I encourage you to start with the Book of Revelations in the Bible, then look on the internet for videos about the end times, and signs that they are now upon us, and you will see that all the signs are there…

You may think that it is only ignorant people who have such a view but don’t be so sure. If you are correct in so thinking then it does not hurt to explore the possibility that there is more going on than you are aware of.

I was in that same mind frame until recently when I started studying events in the world not just as they are presented in the main stream media.

And read the Book of Truth with an open mind, remember that a number of things predicted in the Book of Truth have already happened in the last few years, but more changes are ahead of us in the very, very near future…

These changes are critical and we must be ready both spiritually and materially, not just for the Great Second Coming but for the difficult times ahead which are designed to purify us and prepare us so that we repent and are made worthy to enter those Glorious Gates, the Gates of pearl, as described in the Bible.
God bless.”


Music: Cantata No.147, ‘Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben’ BWV147: X “Jesu bleibet meine Freude” [Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring]” by Edward Higginbottom

The same original video can be viewed on youtube under the title: “Miracle- Woman sees Jesus, Jesus Speaks, Second Coming Imminent”.

Doubt no longer, but believe.