The Seal Protects: a Little Testimony


“This morning saw a fair few of my family, with myself, venture to a parish further afield, in order to receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue- and additionally due to a visiting priest’s known sermon capabilities. We were not disappointed by the sermon, or the wonderful community, who seemed of one mind.

Afterwards while waiting to speak with the priest, my eldest daughter noticed that a lady was wearing the Seal of the Living God around her neck. The prayer was encapsulated in a resin rectangle and hung on her neck chain, along with a crucifix.

So I approached the lady to say that I had noticed the Seal and to show her that I also was wearing one (in Scapular form). She was friendly and welcoming. Her name was Jane.

Immediately and unsolicited she shared with me that the Seal offers ‘powerful protection’ to which I promptly agreed and then she told me a story. I think it’s also important to note that, as God the Father requested, she says she prays the Seal of the Living God prayer, every day and carries it on her person too.

Her story starts in Malta. She was on a trip overseas visiting Malta and was able to return home to Australia, despite restrictions, for which she thanks God. Upon arrival she was immediately put into quarantine for 2 weeks in an unknown hotel, with a whole lot of other people- all of whom were strangers. She was very afraid; especially as she said that she did not know what activities had gone on in that hotel -and what demonic spirits may be attached there.

However, as soon as she got out the “Seal of the Living God” and placed it on the table, she was suddenly overcome with a pervasive sense of peace and protection in that same place. In fact, so much so, that the same place, the room in which she stood, now felt like she was home. That unusual but reassuring, same peace remained with her throughout the quarantine period.

This sense of peace is not unlike the surprising feeling of protection which I also felt and experienced when first placing the Seal scapular over my shoulders. On more than one occasion, it has also protected me and/or my loved ones.

Many people share their amazing (or sometimes fairly ordinary) stories out of gratitude, connected to the Seal of the Living God.

***More testimonies about the Seal can be found under the menu items on our home page “Worldwide Miracles” and “Signs and Wonders”.

The Seal and the messages explaining it, in a variety of languages, are free to download and must always be freely distributed. Where possible, ask a priest to bless them, too and keep a copy on the wall of your home.

God bless+++”


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