Crusader Will: a selection of bon mots


  1. The Pope is rumoured to be issuing a new Cateschism of the Catholic Church.
  2.  So many members of the Church of Rome  have dumped the Catechism of the Catholic Church that it’s become a cataclysm within the Catholic Church.
  1. I have moved so far right that soon I will have circled the globe and become far left.
  2. The new pagans want CHAOS not THEOS.
  3.  The new atheists have forfeited divine common sense and  now snap up a novelty doing the rounds so long as it’s total nonsense like transgenderism.
  4. I’m not afraid to call a spade a digging implement.
  5. Now is the time for all good priests to come to the aid of the laity.

Crusader Will

What is the Book of Truth? All you need to know.

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The Book of Truth itself was prophesied by Daniel in the Old Testament.  …

The Book of Truth is biblical and is comprised of 5 volumes with messages from …

The messages in the Book of Truth covers many themes…

They include: The Second Coming ;  Politics; False Prophets; Atheism; Satanic Groups;  the Warning; The New Paradise; The antichrist; the false prophet; the One World Government; the coming One World Church/Religion; the Mark of the Beast; the Great Apostasy; One World currency;  and Signs in the sky, chastisements and tribulations….

Where can I find the messages: … download free of charge….

The Purpose of the Book of Truth…

Fulfillment of the Prophecies will Validate the Messages

Themes in the Book of Truth and examples of messages: …

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