God is My Search Engine, not Google: Part 2

Friday 31st March (evening) I opened on Zechariah 14 (16-21).

It is all about the eschatological battle!!
It explains how all will be made holy and The Lord’s sovereignty will be acknowledged and seen by all.

[16] And all who survive of all nations that have marched against Jerusalem, shall go up year by year, to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the feast of Tabernacles. [17] And it shall come to pass, that should one of the races of the world not go up to Jerusalem, to adore the King, the Lord of hosts, there shall be no rain for that one. [18] And if the family of Egypt should fail to go up and pay its visit, on it will fall the plague which the Lord will inflict on each one of those nations that fail to go up to keep the Feast of the Tabernacles.. [19] Such shall be the punishment for Egypt and for all those nations that fail to go up to keep the feast of Tabernacles. [20] When that day comes, the horse bells will be inscribed with the words “Sacred to the Lord” and in the Temple of the Lord the very cooking pots will be as fine as the sprinkling bowls at the altar. [21] And every cooking pot in Jerusalem and Judah shall become sacred to the Lord Saboath; all who want to offer sacrifice will come and help themselves from them for their cooking; there will be no more Traders in the Temple of the Lord Saboath, when that day comes.
*The last verses describe in the eschatological renewal, everything will be made holy.
(Bible verse taken from the CTS New Catholic Bible, 2007. The Incorporated Catholic Truth Society).

Explanations below are from The Douay-Rheims Bible:

[16] They that shall be left: That is, many of them that persecuted the church shall be converted to its faith and communion.– Ibid.
[16] To keep the feast of tabernacles: This feast was kept by the Jews in memory of their sojourning forty years in the desert, in their way to the land of promise. And in the spiritual sense is duly kept by all such Christians as in their earthly pilgrimage are continually advancing toward their true home, the heavenly Jerusalem; by the help of the sacraments and sacrifice of the church. And they that neglect this must not look for the kind showers of divine grace, to give fruitfulness to their souls.
[20] The bells or that which is upon the bridle: The golden ornaments of the bridles, etc., shall be turned into offerings in the house of God. And there shall be an abundance of caldrons and phials for the sacrifices of the temple; by which is meant, under a figure, the great resort there shall be to the temple, that is, to the church of Christ, and her sacrifice.
[21] The merchant shall be no more: Or, as some render it, The Chanaanite shall be no more, that is, the profane and unbelievers shall have no title, to be in the house of the Lord. Or there shall be no occasion for buyers or sellers of oxen, or sheep, or doves, in the house of God, such as Jesus Christ cast out of the temple.

All of the above fits with the our understanding of the future when all will be one.

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