Sharp Stones and Boulders: an encounter after Mass

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At Mass last Sunday, we had an old, semi-retired priest fill in, at my local Novus Ordo Parish. He usually gives a sound sermon and sticks to ‘the script’. I think this is important as I have heard some strange and irreverent novelties over the years which detract from the meaning and focus of the Sacrifice of Holy Mass. He also announces which Eucharistic prayer he’ll use, etc.

Then after I finished  Mass I heard a mum, dad and young daughter (who is an altar girl) conversing with Father in the foyer. I usually say hello to the family as I know them and often to the priest as well –  so I stopped. Father said something about Vatican 2, and said a few disparaging words about Latin Mass; not very favourable. In fact, the dad was laughing at the fact that the priest faces the altar with their back to everyone, and Father said that his experience was that no-one knows the words/responses or can understand any/most of it and a few other things like that.

I interjected and said that I’ve been to Latin Mass and that I think it’s beautiful. Father said that it only works for people who are invested in it, and not for a parish Mass. Then he told stories about how people just turned up and didn’t know what they were doing; you only saw the backs of heads etc. he was a boy at the time. I replied that it was the same for any child today though as well; when everyone is standing, they can’t really see.

I waited for another chance to help them understand the beauty of the Mass but the way they kept talking and laughing about the ‘old Mass‘, I could tell my views weren’t really welcome and I wasn’t being heard. I was largely ignored or the priest overrode what I had to say. I felt disappointed in particular because the family themselves had never been to Latin Mass and were basing their opinion on what they had heard. So I just politely took my leave. 

It seemed a bizarre out of context conversation to come up! Nothing in the readings readily suggested the topic to me. The situation was odd and I felt uneasy. I also felt sad at the misunderstandings. I wondered why I’d overheard that? For what reason? Was it to teach me something? Or to get me to do something, such as help educate people?

Later that morning, when I read about the correction (**filial correction see below) in Rome on 24/9/17, I had a thought. Maybe it was actually Satan– just trying to provoke me, make me feel offended or impatient or something, lead me into sin…because I had certainly felt uncomfortable and a bit hurt at the misconceptions and assumptions. Especially, for example, when the priest said that the only people who didn’t want to see the Mass change were the altar boys because they knew the responses and felt superior. As I know several Latin Mass altar boys, I couldn’t imagine anything further from the Truth! I felt hurt for them.

But when I read what had happened in Rome, I thought Satan is mad!  I thought he’s not happy at the heresies being exposed! So he’s trying to get back at people who agree and have supported this to occur.  He’s just trying to poke me! So I chuckled at it then! He’s not going to get me that easy! And it was much easier to deal with when I thought of it like that!

The reading at our prayer group last Thursday was: The road to My Eternal Kingdom is riddled with sharp stones and boulders(November 4, 2012 @ 5:45pm)

Well this day, I  definitely felt like I was walking on “sharp stones and boulders”.

When I got home and had some Sunday rest time, I asked Jesus about the incident. I had no idea how He was going to reveal to me His intention or teaching. I opened The Book of Truth on a message at the bottom of a page which, by its heading, seemed completely unrelated… until I got to the second paragraph. I photographed the next two paragraphs to share with you below:

Part 1 of message Book of Truth

Part 2 of message Book of Truth

The words that stood out with particular clarity, were

“The most suffering is endured when a Mission…is succeeding.”

Even though this incident was but a little attack, I have been through some pretty bad ones in the past year; always bizarre and unexpected. And, to be honest, at times in reality, I have struggled to forgive or let go, in my human frailty…But this changed everything! The realisation that I don’t have to take it personally and that sometimes the people themselves don’t even know why they do or say something or even realise what they’ve said. The realisation that it might actually be just ‘ol’ Hairy legs’ trying to put me off, distract me, or lead me astray, was liberating.

Well, I’m ”wised up” a bit more to that tactic, now.

And one more thing, those sharp stones and boulders… it was Our Lord who helped me find the path around them. It doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt by the stones, but with His help, we can avoid another fall.

 I have shared this in the hope that it will help some of you who have also undergone attacks.

God bless you all, always,+++ Donna Liane.


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